Her last words

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I was doing my work when mom came to my room and gave an envelope. It was a white plain envelope with my name beautifully written on it.

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Her last word

I was doing my work when mom came to my room and gave an envelope. It was a white plain envelope with my name beautifully written on it. I was surprised who on earth us letters now a days when we have phones to call and text. It is comparatively easy to communicate. Without any wastage of time. Still, I open the envelope. It had a letter inside it . I opened the letter . It had my name beautifully written on it.

Dear Illa

The name seems somewhat familiar to me but I don’t remember exactly who use to call me that. Irea further when I read the name of the person who sent me this letter then I realized that it was from my childhood best friend. But the question was why did she wrote me this letter she could have called me but then I would have taken time to remember but still should have called. it would have felt great to talk too her and listen her voice after 10 years. I remembered we had even promised that we would meet at our favorite cafe at her 26th birthday. It was on October 20th

I think it’s October. I hurriedly checked today’s date and realized it is tomorrow. I have to prepare for tomorrow but first I will read this letter.

I don’t know how to start this letter but hey you of all people should know that how poor I am in terms of writing a letter and still I am writing this to letter to you. You should feel special I can only imagine you smiling while reading the above lines. Remember our promise of meeting in our favorite café where we use to have hot chocolate after school. Those were golden days. I know it’s tomorrow but don’t go there I won’t meet you. Illa I will tell you a serious news. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with fourth stage blood cancer and then I immediately started the treatments. But chemo can only make me last longer but can’t prevent my death. Last year, he informed me that chemo has stopped working and I only have a year to live and it was best to fulfilled my bucket list and spent time with my family and friends. after hearing tis my first thought was you. Illa, I wanted to tell you, call you, text you, but I didn’t had strength. I can’t let you see me so weak. Trust me, there were times when I wrote the sentence and just stared at the sent, thinking that will you remember me. But at the end I use to delete the text. That’s why I wrote this letter. Illa when you receive this letter it will mean that I am no longer there to irritate you, disturb you while you are studying. I will not insult you and embarrass you publicly. But hey! don’t cry and please try to understand me and don’t you dare guilt yourself by thinking about ‘what if’. Don’t be depressed instead promise me to celebrate. Eat thousands of chocolates, ice cream and all the junk. Watch Friends and remember I am always there with you. My ghost will keep an eye on you 24*7 and irritate you to no end and make sure I have a good funeral. There should be no black instead wear yellow dresses and bring sunflowers to my grave. I don’t want to hear how great I was instead remember the happy memories. Make sure my mom and dad are ok. Take care of yourself and don’t you dare lock yourself and cry river. Be strong

Your irritating best friend


Tears were pouring down from my eyes after finishing the letters. I felt so empty as if some part of me was taken away from. After sometime my phone rang it was Alina’s mom. Turns out he expected me to do preparation of her funeral. Funeral went as she wanted. I promised myself to only cry once that was on the day of funeral. After that I never cried. Sure, there were days when it was difficult to go through the day without my best friend but I accepted her death and visit cemetery frequently and sat their ranting my problems to her and it always felt as if she was there with me listening to my problems.

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