The Confessions Of A Crazy-Ass Workaholic

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When Life gives you lemon , make lemon juice. But who the fuck gives a shit right?. Like seriously people only care about themselves right? Wrong they not only care about themselves but are also manipulative and selfish as fuck. With a world full of wolves and vipers what else can one do as a lamb but to expose the truth to bring some sort of consolation to one's self.

Humor / Drama
Nikki Starlight
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Introductory to the World Of Manipulators

I guess life isn’t what you always expect it to be…

One day the people you thought were close to you are actually the people that treat you like crap.

Laugh out loud, what can be done by this injustice done to you?

Nothing, nothing at all, just learn from it .Every put down, every insulting words against you, just ignore it. They ego may be as big as a baboons butt , but that does not in any way means that you have to stoop to their ignorant, insignificant level.

Yeah, yeah, I know they talk about you but let them talk. Let them say what they want to say, let them say that you are not good enough, you are not pretty enough, you will amount to nothing.

Yes I know they pretend to be your friend or good ally in front of your face. But behind your back they laugh at you, mock you, insult you, spread rumors about you and make your very life a living hell.

So rule number one, don’t trust those shitty people. Don’t reveal you dreams to them, your future plans and goal. Because the planet of the apes come out to take out the human and the life of your dreams.

Now I hope you please forgive me and mind my language, but I am going to call a spade, a spade. People are full of shit and that just how life is. So stop asking why me, why can’t I fit in, cause even if you did fit into their crew they will never really accept you for who you are.

Let be honest here, you will always, always get shit-heads that don’t like you and who use you completely. So the big question is how do you out smart a shit- head (dumb ass)?

Well first all you got to be more quiet don’t take the word of a foolish man to heart cause his a jackass wanting to seek attention and be a part of the “Get-A-Long Gang “, because the words of a foolish man will always lead to his own demise. But the words of a wise man will always lead him to life. You know what they say ‘ the blind leads , the blind’ well in this case it’s the jackass leading the pack of hyena’s the can’t stand alone so they try to fit in and make the lives of the pure , and untarnished person lives a living hell.

Darling don’t you worry his got more evil deeds done on his rap sheet than a murder on death row. Human nature it is called, more like the children of Lucifer. They behave like satanic individual awaiting for queen be to come and promote them.

Can you believe these demonic species they actually think and believe that their gossiping will actually get them promoted or become the boss’s favorite .My Gosh, what a joke? In some cases they do become the boss’s favorite and may be come promoted but the higher they go with their wicked ways the more people see the evilness revealed because they now have the spotlight that they always wanted.

So my darlings, if someone wants the lime light give it to them honey. Because the joker always like the spotlight to entertain people. And entertainment they shall provide. Hahaha….

A continuation of evilness cannot compare to the kindness of your soul my lovelies. So stay light and stay bright cause darling not even the darkest night can put out the light in your shining star.

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