The Confessions Of A Crazy-Ass Workaholic

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Atelophobia? Phonaphobia Disorder…

Atelophobia? Phonaphobia Disorder…


“What are you doing? Put that Goddam phone away!”

In my head I’m like, “What the fudge?”. Why the hell do I have to put my phone away because not even time to clock-in for work. I turn my head to the direction of the voice that just grated on my sanity and replied calmly :“I still have ten more minutes before work starts”.

“No you don’t , I don’t want to seeyou with that phone in your hand”. What the fudge is happening? Why the hell am I being told to put my phone down when it wasn’t even the designated time to start work?. What the hell is wrong with this woman now. Thoughts were running through my mind, wheels turning my emotions. I told her calmly that I still have ten minutes more before work starts and that crazy bish tells me no I don’t. In my mind I’m like what the hell are you talking about I do. So I wait for her to explain what ever the hell she was going about. And she tells me no when I come to work as soon as I step in the premises I’m on duty, (Me: What the fudge?), if you come early you do it voluntary and have to start work even though you don’t get paid for extra hours.

My reply was that I don’t choose to come early but was forced to as a travel with someone else and have to leave home early and arrive at work early due to this reason. She tells me it does matter. Wait hold up. It doesn’t matter she really had the audacity to tell me it doesn’t matter. As I try to gather and push every ouch of respect from my body to the surface of my mouth and expression I try to investigate the matter and asked her why was that so.

Please note, here is a brief description of “The Wicked Witch 2.0 “. Like every story you hear about the villainous people who would want you to alter your destiny and personality, people who get on your nerves and people who are just born to make other lives miserable cause it gives them that sick satisfaction of knowing that they are better or high than you. Ok, so now getting back to “The Wicked Witch 2.0”,she is the type of person that loves to manipulate others, enjoys feeding on the pain and suffering of others, acts like she is concerned for your well being when in actual fact she is not. Miss Bennett loves to make the lives of those under her like dust and ashes after a volcanic storm.

Getting back to this malicious intentional crime committed against good ,honest hardworking individuals. I had just been notified that I can not use my cellphone when I enter the work premises ,not because of security reasons , not because it may affect my work but because of a simple reason. And that is that when I enter work whether I am earlier that the time a ought to clock in , I automatically become a prisoner to the business entrapped in not a magical palace but a dark ,stingy dungeon.

I tried to reason with Miss Bennett as to ask why this was so , she simply replied as long as you are in the premises you will be at the boss’s disposal and the company’s’. I was notified that if I wanted to use my device i would have to do it in the kitchen , that was the only exception. Easy right ?.No she had left her little intendo that did not need much reading into, she told me if I choose the latter option ,one day it will come to bit me in the ass.

FYI , I choose the latter, I ain’t no push over , and I won’t back down . I had decided to take my silent protest to the kitchen and enjoy the little time I have extra in the morning to9 just relax and brace myself for the day. And them be damn , anyone who has the guts to tell me a damn thing about it.


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