Not my cup of tea

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A story about what you get when you lack patience

Humor / Fantasy
Wang RU
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Not my cup of tea

I always wondered why many people jumped into relationships just to feel among. Like my friend Celine who felt so lonely she dated the first guy who asked her out in her life. She seemed extremely desperate , well she wasn't so beautiful and many guys didn't approach her. So the first that did , She leaped into it. She would always rub it to my face whenever she returned from her dates And I would just laugh
You might die alone,if you keep turning down Guy's advances ,she will say to me anytime I turn a guy down. Babe, I don't need a man, if you do, please carry on,don't force relationship on me. Two month's into her relationship she told me she was tired. But why? I asked her. She couldn't give me any good reason, she was just tired. Her guy wasn't her spec ,she only dated him just to feel among.
The day she wanted to dump him,he proposed and my friend screamed a loud Yes. I just laughed. What a twist of event. She looked at me and shook her head.
On her wedding day I caught her feeling a bit moody in the hotel room. Why are you moody? I Asked her. I don't know if I am making the right choice. She cries out. Look Celine you could just back out I warn her. She looks at me and shakes her her. No, I must see this through besides you aren't in a relationship, you won't know my pain. I laughed, yeah I won't.
Two months into her marriage Celine meets a new guy named Charles at the mall. He is so nice and everything she ever wanted in a man. Now she's conflicted, her husband is nice but her new friend is nicer, cuter, and funnier. She cries to me about her dilemma , I just laughed. Celine as you see me so , I can't advice you about marriage or relationship. I am not the right person to ask such advice from. IT'S NOT MY CUP OF TEA. HAPPY MARRIED LIFE.
A year later I married Charles. 🙈
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