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Local egg suffers through life and college while coming to terms with suppressed dysphoria (MTF). This story is told in a series of journal entries and flip-flops from present to past. Also features the finest in millennial humor.

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~CRK (Sands)
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(n) A person who doesn’t realize they are transgender yet, or is in denial;

-Urban Dictionary

A/N: This novella is an unapologetic account of an egg in denial. It includes self-transphobic language and self-hatred talk. While the main character is MTF, I included a lot of my own experiences as a questioning FTM and feel like the experiences can be translated across experiences. That being said, just realize there are specific instances of body dysphoria, etc. that are MTF and can be unsettling for people who are dysphoric about female genitalia, etc.

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