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Trullli Wilson, 17 year old teenager, Tom boy, hater of unnecessary affection, living the perfect life until a Hispanic family moves beside her home. she's now faced with their troublesome son. he tries to get her to loosen up her defences, what happens when they start lessons.

Humor / Romance
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Hola means hello

"Table dress?!"





"Check!" I screamed again, when I didn't hear my mum's voice anymore, I looked up from my laptop screen, my brown eyes met furious ones

"There aren't any flowers smart one, were you even paying attention"

"What if I say yes?" I shot her a nervous smile and shrugged my shoulders up. She rolled her eyes

"This is serious Tru, you know we haven't had a neighbour since Mr Wilkins"

I shot one eyebrow up in confusion
"Uh, who's Mr Wilkins again"

"Oh, he was our neighbour, That moved out," she replied smiling,Then her face turned angry, "from 10 years ago!" She glared at me as she grabbed a purple bouquet from the shelves

I rolled my eyes and groaned, "Mum!, why are you making it such a big deal,they're just neighbours"

She stopped her movements and looked at me, she chuckled humorlessly
"Oh,they are, aren't they"

I nod, "well,Tru, our 'just neighbours' are coming over for dinner and they're gonna enjoy themselves, you know why?"


"Because, you're going to sit your ass on your seat,and act polite to our visitors and you're going to relate with everyone"

She finished and smiled innocently at me, now I know where I got my attitude from. I groaned inwardly and trudged up the stairs and into my room.

The room was just perfect,although the first time it was painted pink, I kept complaining, but no one listened, but when they realized I was gonna kill someone, they changed it into the beautiful turquoise color that it is. In fact almost everything was turquoise, if not turquoise, it had to be green or blue.

I shrieked as I sighted something in my bed, it was a box, but not just any box, box of shoes,not just any shoes, they were heels.

I shuddered and picked the box, it had a note on it

To match your green gown

Oh the green gown, I remember it. I walked to my closet and it was the first thing I saw, I held its hanger and examined it.

The green gown,
So beautiful
So delicate
So eye-catching
So...not wearing this shit

I pushed the hanger sideways and pulled out my white crop top hoodie and ripped boyfriend jeans. After donning my clothes, I pack my afro above my head, making sure the puff was giant.

I looked towards my shoe rack,the first thing that caught my eye, was my Nike slides.

I mean, we're staying home right, our 'just neighbours' won't see my feet anyway.

I don my slides and pocket my phone, then head out the door. As I approach the head of the stairs, I could already hear voices from downstairs, it was my mum's laugh,followed by a woman's voice. I noticed that the woman had an accent,Spanish accent.

As I descended down the stairs,my mum heard me, she turned with a smile on her face, as soon as her eyes saw my clothes she frowned.

"And who's this beautiful young lady, to Grace us with her presence"

"Dear, this is Mrs Montero" my mum introduced

I broke the staring contest between my mum and I, then turned and smiled sweetly at the golden skinned woman in front of me, I held my hand out to her,
"Trullli" instead of shaking it,She pulled me roughly against her and hugged me, just then I felt bile rise up my throat, I felt like barfing.

The fuck!, she's hugging me

After some time,She pulled back and looked at me with concern

"What's wrong dear,you didn't hug back, you don't feel it?, no worries,my hugs will get you in the mood in no time"

She braced to hug me again, I widened my eyes

"No,No really, just had a snack,I don't wanna barf on you"

"Nonsense child, c'mere,I'll giv--"

"Found them!" She turned back as I looked over her shoulder at the person who had saved me from Mrs Montero' s attack.

He was definitely her son, he had her golden skin, in fact he looked like his mum a lot, their only difference was his accent, he had mastered American accent so well, he didn't even sound Spanish, I studied him as he gave his mum a bag, brown hair, hazel eyes, athletic build, buff but not too buff, moderate.

"Trullli, dear this is my son,Saphe, my husband is still in Madrid, he will be coming tomorrow"

I almost laughed,What kind of name was Saphe, I bit back my cackle and shook his outstretched hand, for a second I thought the hugging gene passed around his family,but he didn't look like he was going to be a hug threat.

We took our seats and after the Grace,dinner commenced, I sat there just staring at my food, but the soft pinging of my phone didn't go unnoticed , I looked at my mum and she glared at me

I cleared my throat and stood, I smiled at Mrs Montero "excuse me,I need to go take care of something"

I left the table to the stairs, when I reached the floor, I didn't even bother to go to my room, I just stood there and opened the 65 messages sent to me from my best Friend, Rochelle, they were all angry messages,I tried to read all of them fast and reply with the same speed.

"Hola" I shrieked and threw my phone, I caught it and composed myself then turned and met Saphe in front of me biting back a laugh

I raised an eyebrow in confusion

"Hola means hello"

I rolled my eyes then clicked my tongue and nodded
"Okay, okay,hola back to you...the fuck do you want"

He smiled at my response," I don't think that's the right way to speak to your visitors, Tru"

I rolled my eyes and folded my arms

"What kind of name is Tru anyway"

"What kind of name is Saphe"

He nodded, "well,okay, we both have weird names,but you have serious problems"

"S'cuse me?"

"Like, I mean, your face when you were hugging my mum,not the kind of face you want to walk in to"

"Look, I'm not a fan of xoxo, or whatever, Kay?, i don't like hugs, or kisses or unnecessary affection"

He nodded " that's makes so much sense"

I Was surprised, this was the first person that understood my shit, I like him already

"It does?"

"Yeah, Tru,to you and the man in your head,but not to me"

And, just like that, hatred follows

I rolled my eyes
" please G, if you don't have anything reasonable to say,please kindly use the stairs"

He chuckled and went down the stairs, I followed, the mums were already In the living room,guess they already found what they had in common, that means I was stuck with two options

Wash the dishes?


Talk to Saphe?

"Mum!, where did you keep the dishwashing soap"

"It's in the cabinet dear"

No way In hell, am I sitting to talk with that guy.

As I do the dishes, I think about what Saphe said

"You need help"

I scoffed

"G,you need to have your face punched,and you need help...from me" I muttered to myself,or actually the dish I had drawn eyes, nose and a mouth on, the resemblance to Saphe was uncanny.
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