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With You

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Olivia Payson, a simple girl who just want to achieve her dreams and ambitions in life forgets to seek happiness and connection with others. Levi Smith, a man with everything but doesn't seem happy nor satisfied in his life. If they meet, will they be happy?

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1 - The Encounter

The best part of life is falling in love

They say..

Well, let's find out !

Its been six months - day 26th

I was busy with all the paperwork that I forgot my own happiness. Minding my families future and repaying them. Well, that's normal and I'm not complaining or anything.

Let me share you this story - of a woman who never sees love

Liv!!! wait ...

Yes, hahha sorry - I think we're so late tho

hahah yeah

What's that?

You forgot about this do you?

Uhmm kindaaaa


You're cute..


Nothing, I think we should hurry


Mr. Levi Smith and Ms. Olivia Payson right

- looking at each other -

Y.yess Ms (slowly uttering)

And why are you late? the two of you?

Traffic Ms. (Levi's answer)


Oh I hope she don't get that

Really? and you Ms. Payson? what's your acceptable reason?

Uhm.. I i sleep late Ms.

You sleep late when you know you have a class early in the morning?

I'm sorry Ms.

- silence-

You both sit down ! uh uh not there here! in front, so that I could see what you two are doing

Hey! why didn't you tell her the reason?

I did

I mean the real reason?

That's okay, she'll forget me soon


Since this is our first meeting I want to make some rules and regulations in this room. Besides I'll be staying here for just a couple of months so bare with me for that. First rule!!!


If late don't try to attend the class

You better not be caught by me, once I see your tiny hair in that door that means you're already absent


Second, I want you all to participate in every activity. Much better if you volunteer- I like that BUT I don't want to call someone just to ask answers understood?


Third, You'll be graded based on your performance in oral, quizzes, activity, projects and etc. As usual, the more activity you do the more grades you'll have.


Oh Nooo she's a tough one


- hayssssttt thanks God-


She's really a tough one, I hope we get along.

Hey you're up


Hi! Olivia Payson, 22, 2nd yr Business Student. I hope we all get along, thanks



He's hot!

My type!

Those biceps!

Levi Smith here! 22, Accounting

He's definitely my type!

Yeahh me tooo

- to be continued-

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