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One shots (class red)

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My characters doing random shit I love writing and wish to get better so enjoy this random book warning will have boy x boy so hero penitentiary is my canon thing we’re all my characters are actually from it’ll come out eventually so stay tuned Art is not mine I made it on picrew if original owner comes I will take it down if you ask

Humor / Action
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Song - wasting all these tears Cassadee Pope

Mayhem stood out on the stage holding a guitar striker stood behind the Curtains both were wearing a microphone mayhem felt his breath leave him he was standing in front of the school he wasn’t nervous no he never was but his ex girlfriend stood there this song was for her but mayhems voice couldn’t match to it his friend striker could however striker had planned just to sing the song and have mayhem mouth To it after all mayhem had wrote it but mayhems voice suited rock better strikers voice could hold sadness and emotion He had a voice that matched sadder or more upbeat songs could hit high notes but he wasn’t very confident

Mayhem found himself froze this didn’t feel right striker was the one singing he should be standing beside him mayhems ex looked up at him her eyes widened she was in the front row mayhem walked over to the Curtain and grabbed strikers hand leading him over gently striker stood stiff as everyone in the crowd laughed striker looked up and saw his father mayhem smiled at him and lifted his arm striker raised his both hit their forearms together it was something they’d do if they were nervous

Mayhem rarely was nervous and he had a hard time admitting it striker was the only person he could trust to help him only person who didn’t see him as a different person after all everyone got nervous mayhem began strumming the guitar and fires smile widened when striker opened his mouth

‘I tried to find you at the bottom of a bottle
Laying down on the bathroom floor’

Mayhem found himself lost in thought old memories intruding in his head He looked at striker who was shaking clearly out of his element but standing their for his friend he raised the Mike to his mouth

‘My loneliness was rattling in the windows
You said you don't want me anymore’

Mayhem looked at his girlfriend who looked up at him he clenched his eyes shut unwanted memories intruding in his head he gritted his teeth

‘And you left me standing on a corner crying’

She had taken him to a corner a date of theirs holding hands everything was perfect nothing felt wrong his heart was still skipping a beat every time she was around but nonetheless it wasn’t enough his love wasn’t enough He had asked her why his tears had spilled from his eyes she had said she wasn’t ready for this commitment he had felt his heart shatter it was like a joke a rather cruel one and for A time he wished it had only been one

‘Feeling like a fool for trying’

He didn’t feel embarrassment it didn’t even cross his mind standing in the pavement sobbing but now as he looked back he could feel it he had let her break his heart it still hurt obviously It did

‘I don't even remember
Why I'm wasting all these tears on you’

He could feel his eyes stinging just thinking about her her black beautiful hair and shiny blue eyes her tan scarless skin her soft hands how her eyes would shine when she saw a poster of a band he could even tell what band it was he had fell hard

‘I wish I could erase our memory
'Cause you didn't give a damn about me’

He looked up and saw striker who was struggling to sing the song striker was gripping the microphone tightly but he looked at him and offered a warm smile for some reason that calmed him and mayhem found himself smiling in those short instance that was him and striker nothing else

‘Oh, finally I'm through, wasting all these tears on you
These tears on you’

Mayhem closed his eyes remembering how long he had stayed up sobbing over her pushing everyone away and snapping easier he was a wreck she was the one he had thought

‘You ain't worth another sleepless night’

Mayhem hadn’t slept his sleep tainted with her he just wanted to hold her in his arms she was his everything

‘And I'll do everything I gotta do to get you off my mind’

He couldn’t forget it getting drunk to ease his pain he had hit rock bottom trying to numb the feeling of pain that had manifested into something a physical scar couldn’t hope to accomplish

‘'Cause what you wanted, I couldn't give
What you did, girl, I'll never forget’

She always wanted the most expensive rings the most expensive bags he couldn’t afford that his family couldn’t afford to give a few hundred for a bag heck half the time they couldn’t afford to feed themselves but she would always insist the best he had worked evenings as a bouncer for a bar to buy her her expensive dinners flowers And chocolates she insisted

‘And you left me standing on a corner crying
Feeling like a fool for trying’

However then their was striker his old childhood best friend striker was amazing however he couldn’t see it striker was always running on his mind what was striker doing now what was strikers favourite type of flower all these random questions centred around him when no one could put sense into him striker could say the same and he’d always listen

‘I don't even remember
Why I'm wasting all these tears on you’

Striker had stayed up with him the entire night even after mayhem had kissed him then claimed to love another woman after everything he had done to him he was still there striker was a better person then anyone had ever gave him credit for A smile crossed its way to mayhems face

“I wish I could erase our memory
'Cause you didn't give a damn about me’

He opened his eyes and saw the black haired boy standing staring out at the crowd his eyes framed his face despite the fact he’d never forget it strikers messy black hair to his lightly tanned skin striker had a large scar on the side of his face slight freckles and cat like eyes with cat flicks they were natural mayhem grew up with him mayhems eyes went to his lips and he nearly stopped playing but turned away a slight blush coating his face

‘Oh, finally I'm through, wasting all these tears on you
These tears on you’

The more he thought about it did he even love her? Sure at the time he felt head over heels but what was love?

‘And you left me standing on a corner crying’

Love was when you could fully trust someone their was no secrets

‘Feeling like a fool for trying
I don't even remember’

Love was caring for another person more then you care for yourself love was when your guard could go down love was when your mind was always on another person when you couldn’t get bored of them you could hear their voice go on love was when everyday was a new adventure

‘Why I'm wasting all these tears on you
I wish I could erase our memory’

Love was when you could argue and still come back together love was when you still had the energy to make the effort to make it work because parting from them would be worse then any argument love was when despite it all you made it work and still enjoyed it

‘Cause you didn't give a damn about me
Oh, finally I'm through, wasting all these tears on you’

Love was when you still saw their flaws their everything you knew them inside and out and yet theyd never get boring to you love was when you could face the world with them by your side love was when you could see their flaws see their traits see everything and still go to the ends of the earth for them love was effort but it was enjoyment not every second had to be happy but as long as they were still there life was complete

‘Oh, these tears on you’

He hadn’t felt that way with her at first he did but he ran headfirst into it he didn’t know her he only fell for the inside that he thought existed

‘I tried to find you at the bottom of a bottle’

But the feeling was no stranger to him in fact he could feel it the more he thought about but who was it? He had never felt that way for any girl but Who did he feel that way for he looked up and his breath froze

‘Laying down on the bathroom floor’

Striker finished the song and turned his head to him mayhem felt himself go speechless as butterflies fluttered in his stomach strikers smile was something not many saw but it was the best sight he had ever seen it left him breathless every time it was striker who made him feel this way strikers head was tilted a smile of pure innocence on his face mayhem knew by tomorrow he’d be having a crisis but for now he had to enjoy the moment a smile crossed his face his ex girlfriend was spluttering angry words now saying how he needed her no he didn’t he never did all he needed was his childhood friend
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