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BOND (✔)

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The journey of a couple in a joint family. They have a really caring and supporting family. Then why do they hide their love from them? A secret love story with extra possessive fathers and a special BONDING between the two families.

Humor / Romance
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The most wanted Munda of the town. Girls go gaga over him. single or precisely I say LOVE someone special only known to him. She is his everything. Very very possessive for her. Businessman and a lead singer of India’s famous band FAB5. CEO OF MALHOTRA INDUSTRIES but owns his own company named “SHINE INDUSTRIES”. Loves his friends and family a lot. Although he is a stubborn and a very short-tempered man, ruthless boss for his employees. But a simple loveable person for his family and friends. Can die for his family. He is just like a coconut, hard from outside, soft from inside.


A cute, hot, bubbly, little girl. Away from every evilness and a daddy’s girl. The youngest child in the family. Right now she is in LONDON for her medical degree and is all ready to come back to India and start her career as a cardiologist. Loves her MONSTU ( monster ) MANI a lot. It’s her deepest secret. Loves her family and friends.

And not to forget a very good singer because of her amms ( grandmother ). Music is not her career, it’s her passion. A babydoll for her brothers and a princess for her father.


Raj Malhotra is a successful businessman. Owner of the MALHOTRA GROUP OF INDUSTRIES. Father of Alya and Manik. A strict, ruthless person only for outsiders but for his family he is the coolest dad ever. A love-sick puppy in front of his wife. Loves his kids a lot but loved his girlfriend more than his own kids. His girlfriend is none other than Nandini Murthy, his best friend’s daughter. Treats her as his own daughter.

Nyonika Malhotra is a simple lady with a class. A homemaker but sometimes helps her husband in business and owns 51% of shares in Malhotra industries. Mother of Alya and Manik. Loves her kids more than her husband. Loves to cook for her family. Has a best friend named Ishita Murthy shares a sister bond with her.


Hot and sexy girl. Ready to get married to the love of her life. A fashion designer by profession owned a fashion studio named STYLO and a pianist in the band FAB5. Eldest sister of Manik Malhotra. Loves him like a mother. We can say that she is his second mother in the form of a sister.


Raman Murthy is a businessman. Owns a firm named MURTHY INDUSTRIES. Father of Abhimanyu, cabir, and Nandini. Loves all his children but Nandini has a different corner in his heart. Hell possessive for her. Misses her a lot and wants her to come back as soon as possible. Disciplined and a strict man for outsiders. Loves his wife deeply.

Ishita Murthy, a lovely lady. A sweet lady. Housewife but runs an NGO. Mother of Abhimanyu,cabir, and Nandini. Loves her all kids but Manik has a special place in her heart. Loves to cook for her family. Fed up because of her husband’s open romance.


Reserved person, married to his love Mukti. He loves her a lot. He has to bear her cooking skills which are quite dangerous for his health. A very protective brother of his babydoll. Elder one in the family among all the siblings. CEO of Murthy Industries. And not to forget a best friend of Manik Malhotra.


A fun-loving person. Can convert any emotional situation into the funny one. A personal joker for both the families. Drummer in the band FAB5. Crime partner of his cute little sister. Very protective towards her. Loves Navya and in a relationship with her known to everyone. Runs a radio station with his love.


Fierce woman. Loving and caring too. Loves her family and friends both equally. Treat her in-laws as her family only. Nandini is just like her first baby. Don’t know cooking but now trying hard to learn it for her family. Runs a fashion house with her solie Alya ”STYLO” and a member of the band FAB5.


Only shy boy in the band FAB5. An orphan loves Alya a lot because she is the only family of his after his friends. Met FAB5 through Alya at school. Treat Nandini as a little sister. Now going to propose to Alya for marriage.


A childhood friend of Nandini. Treat her as a sister. Girlfriend of the great Cabir Murthy. An RJ by profession doing a job in the same radio station which cabir owns. Meet cabir through Nandini, from there their love story begins. Have a family who lives in Pune, Navya’s native place. Everyone knows about their relationship in both families. And they are cool with it.


Businessman, Owns a SAXENA PVT LTD CO. Rival of both MURTHY’S and MALHOTRA’S industries. Hates the band FAB5 because of Manik. He doesn’t like Manik because of his past which is known to only both of them. Lusts Nandini but can’t do anything because of her protective brothers and friends.


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