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Consumed by offence

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I a curious shopper and supporter of the consumer age have declared myself a woman who has done to submerge myself in it. I have eaten the whole concourse and come back to make some complaints. Giving examples which might give offence it is a bit of a joke it is a sally towards what we deem as really serious.

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Chapter 1

This is about the sales on line to be precise eventually one comes a capper the way forward is take the money. Get on do the wrong thing take the money and run. Or do your worse the best is never good enough but when you do the worse that makes it okay. Dad? Never mind take heed B and do it right by yourself.
"Do be quiet we are listening to what dad is saying."
"How to earn while the rest of the world burns."
"Why what is wrong with it?"
"Just do the right job at the right time be always able and do it not tardy. Destroy then come back with solutions."
"Customers are always right dad?" I say.
"Indeed who gives them the right?"
"Their money."
"Well when they exchange hands it is your money. Now remember that. Never give back a change."
"Right it is the packet we are after or the whole cargo."
"Daddy you are wonderful."
"I know."

Do the deed and if it is not right. Run for it. Taken care of you and us and what else do you want? We are now off to some holiday and when we come back we do not want to hear a word about it. Well love we were saying that it is your fault.

Customer services are out this is out of hours and it is not our fault the size is too small it is for a baby what right do you say that come we will come and collect it. The thing is sent the wrong man to collect the parcel still waiting for the refund.
"We will break even?"
"We will break free of this dungeon of a place with the dragon interning us."
I am very hurt. The thing hurts me more than them they do not see me as anything but a control freak and they think I am their enemy. I feel their growing tensions they want to release themselves and they do fear me. How long how much longer will they be semi honest innocent?
Past times were ugly times and now the present is times for the rosy pickings. They will pluck the world dry if they can. They have become full time crooks.
Our intentions are to rob honestly take your money and make nothing work.
"We are worthy so we will take what we like and no one will interfere."
"Job done."
"But the roof will leak."
"But why do this to me?"
"Because we have glazers who will do the job efficiently. I am a someone else and cannot do that job. Besides we sense money and until we bled you dry we will see nothing but how to bleed you."
"This is day light robbery?"
"Prove it."
We do not trust you and we want the money before we give anything back it is like taking flesh from my bones. So painful. When you want it back you have to go to the small claims department. There you might take some money from us but by then we won't feel the pain.
"What this sofa? On line it did not look like a midget would sit on it."
Well the one who came did not know the parcel man had come so who had collected the parcel? It was a driver and he came in a white van and he said nothing? Nothing he glowed in the rage of carrying the parcel a small sofa which was meant for a infant.
"Not the red van."
He took no photos so no money back which said the whole established orders that without a receipt which he did leave without a number add to that another driver came and he found nothing. Because the parcel had been taken he looked at a loss to ask and then shrugged and left. I had been robbed. I must have sold the repast the whole jewelled sofa armchair. It was the apple of their eye.
The thing is when one is inhuman and there is no trust amongst the salesman. He or she is always in the right when a purchase is made prudence is gone. It is your fault for being foolish did not you see it was a fraud?
Many times I do not but sometimes manage to make a killing because see a huge bargain and run for it. I am like a drugged addict who sees the drug the little thing which will make my eye or the big thing which turns out to be little. Sometimes it is in reverse like a mirror is. Something which is supposed to come as small comes as large. What is that I wonder must find some place to put it in.
I am a addicted to this?
I fear so.
My house is remarked as a sea saw of junk and sometimes not so. The family come just to be able to get their bearings on what had been done and many things had become obsolete. I am certain if it was not for the number on the door they say they would not recognise the place.
I dislike this notion it is a home. I am in a house it is my own place. But the neighbours have developed a allergy towards the noise. It seems they have become curious. The sounds are driving them mad. I am so sorry but cannot help it. The house had been derelict. Must mend and skimp no more because it is going to be some people who will want to live in it happily.
They are always on the phone even when I flush the toilet the flush does not work properly. When I put bleach it does. A simple solution but I worry about the fish. The environment and everything then the con after con come to mind.
Look it is the old doing the work of the young?
The young do not think of their own selves but the thing which is nothing to do with their fortunes or futures.
"Nerd." sighs the siblings as they are happily into not doing any "Decoration as they have husbands".
"What does that have to do with anything?"
"Well everything."
"We do not like to discuss it."
It is the new market that in the old days mother would not let me get into. The markets which she said were closed to kids. The thing is every time I entertain myself by going to some shops which are about paint the same thing happens the ring tone startles and they say kids must be supervised.
I am so ashamed to be called a kid at sixty and run for cover what else can I do and then come back from the paint area and get what I need another paint.
He is one of our best furniture and we must appease him he does the best furniture lines and many people are satisfied. I was not.
The one still best remembered was the centre meter from China. In China rooms must be so small they have to have a window screen or something smaller to divide the room in. In what way? It sits as pleased on the small window and it is still not noticeable. I had been done but beautifully. It came as a screen a room screen and was so good it was so small it flowed it floated my instincts to protect the thing.
The endurance of the seller is that he or she must sell something anything. Because sales means money and income support is for the nerd. If one did nothing but feel the stings of being the bearer of such shameless sales craft. Barter if you dare they put the prices up instead of down. You want to watch your mouth how dare you speak to us like that? We have a jobs we are well to do,
"So you sit in the corner and see how work is done."
"Blessed is the monied."
"And we have to take as much as we can and give the least offence."
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