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Consumed by offence

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Chapter 2

May we help you? Mean and more meanness to follow. Its as if they do not understand that being a customer help desk is to help you. They titter because may we help you is a mean term and they know one is disabled because they are there to know all about you.

It is their instinct to rob the weak and the vulnerable. One is stranded in there within their customer service musical comedy as they are rolling round laughing at how much you can hold on.

But the thing is if you are not buying they are a little unsure. It is nothing to it they would rather be selling something and getting more money.

"What use is it that you have the hands on and that the sounds of the Strauss is getting you down and you wonder why you liked it half an hour ago?"

The cheeky thoughts come sometimes would a different music have been more helpful to their good cause? Sometimes it is perish the thought you want to throw them to the wolves like complain that they are not doing a job but torturing you. In this instance why should a pigeon save me from being burnt alive and not my home care contractor? It is most unusual that the pigeon went on the flu and then did a dance and when it finished it broke a faulty flu!

The engineer who came was most upset with the pigeon. I knew he was upset because he said he came from the main company and he worked for the company I am insured with. He is getting extra money for doing the same job. Two double takes.

Now on the job this is serious flaw in the system. Well why is it? I am with practically a insurance who does not believe that I need help with certain criminal activities and will not budge and says needs a psychologist.

The thing is sorry for this but when a insurance company can judge if the person is out of their minds on a phone call. The woman we kept waiting all night for the engineer to come and see why the gas was smelling. Well the thought was she is lonely and must be in need of romance and the engineer is a man who has a wife.

And when they take money it is they in the right? when the thing was a matter of reassurance if not urgency. Then went and had another insurance because of that and that was even worse.

"If they had done their job properly."

"If they did their work in the first place."

"We are fucked if we know what to do with this difficult woman."

Return is it what reasonable excuse?

"Did not arrive."

"Well have you waited?"

"Yes since 24 6 and I am now finished."

"Sorry madam but that is no way to say that it is such an ordeal having to part with money and why you have caused such distress is not understandable."

"Look dear just sit it out."

"I want to go out and buy food."

"Buy it on line."

"No thank you. I want something nice."

"So sorry for you such a selfish woman."

"Well it is not my fault I want to go out because have to do something important."

"But we are more important than anyone else our worthy work and all that you must stay and wait."

"I am not doing any such thing demand my money back."

"Well stay and sign the bed out."

"If I did that there would be no point would there?"

"But we are coming from China."

"I can see that ?"

"How dare you we do not speak only English we are bred more nicely."

"Look it is over rated service."

"We do our best."

The days drag by waiting for this parcel and that. It is so unusual this because we are not used to waiting normally. What is this new interest this torture slowly it dawns on me. The thing all began at the Black Friday sales and the Christmas sales and all that bargain hunting. Then this happened this shameless endless wait. I disliked that it kind of made me somewhat slow. Look dear.

"Never mind I am not going to waste anymore and anybody's time I have an important meeting and I must be there."

"But dear the bed is a bargain."

"I can hop it and buy something from somewhere else as long as I have the money."

"But we are in sound minds."

"So I am too."

"You wouldn't want to be annoying us?"

"The whole lot of you can and do something else for all I care."

"She said we must lose our jobs."

"Did I?"


"Look if I do nothing but wait I might lose my livelihood." I am a very reasoning person. The thing is most likely they would never think that as important. They did not even blink their whole enjoyment is to sell.

But when you sell something you agree to offer a service. When the service does not follow. The customer then is in the process of firing you all. Man and woman always think in they are not being observed when in the office. The office parties continue when the joke is there in front of them someone expecting serious service when they did not intend any such thing. Because someone in the office is being a woman of wisdom and displeasure. If a service is offered then it makes a mockery of the system.

"Customer service hold on."

"I want to go."


"Well hello is it the right thing to ask when the flu is to be sorted or the bed to arrive?"

"We do not do beds."

"Well what they do is serious it is their way of life."

"We just play pranks on customers."

"Sorry I am still on hold."

How can they all be as incompetent as each other?

They are in the wrong job because if they were in the right jobs they would not be having to do this extras.

"Who is it you are saying is scamming you?"

I am not naming names it is against the policy of this novel to be discussing things in the courts. I am just giving the basics of how fraud is being done. And done like a kebab over and over again until the food is cooked in a fine delicacy.

And there it was the sale has been in jitters because someone in their employ gave the bed to someone else. Wrong address they say and that salesman is not angry with them but with me. That is known as moonlighting and they think I am stuck to the chair or the house while they do the wonderment at the selfishness of everyone but themselves.

But you promised."

"I changed my mind." This is more binding than any agreement I have been through. It is most unfortunate for both of us. The worm would not go away.

What have you got to lose?"

"My job. My standing and everything."

"Same with me but in China it would mean a disaster and I have to jump from the window."

"I can help you."

"What to jump down from the window?"

"No that would be a disaster for me at the moment."


"Because the person who I am meeting is involved in preventing suicide."

"Well that is interesting if I jumped?"

"I would have to shut this conversation and pretend it did not happen. But the thing was I just wanted to tell you relocate if you were unsuccessful in another country you do not have to jump from the window."

"No." He snarled."

"Why not?"

"I am a good communist and believe in Mao."

"Well that is nasty for me."

"Yes will you now buy that bed?"

"No I have gone off it."

"This is most unfortuante."

"Life is more than selling."

"Not for us we make more cheap stuff in order to sell it in medium pay and then we pay off the workers and buy ourselves more and more."

"Well that is a right way of headlong disaster."

"We believe in production and more of the factory system."

"No time for this nonsense."

"So buy what we are selling okay?"

I closed the window.

"Such a prejudice against the greatness of our visionary."

"Well you cannot sell everything."

"How many have jumped today?"

"No one that was all in the past now we know better."

"Yes our training has showed blackmail will sell but nothing less than that."

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