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Wrong Number Lover

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A love story between an Italian cold hearted billionaire and a Bengali bold, bubbly girl which started from giving five crazy text messages. Mimi Banarjee is a bengali girl who is independent, bold, cheerful, smart, clumsy and crazy. And also note that.. ..She likes to cuss a lot... Santiago Russo, a billionaire who has everything a person would ask for looks money,power, women but a loving family. Arrogent, workaholic, cold hearted, handsome Greek God. Join the journey by becoming a 3rd person in their life and meddling in their business.. Happy reading...

Humor / Romance
Cutie Moumita
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Chapter One

Mimi Banerjee POV ,

My cutie pie, I am fucking coming for you. I won't let you die easily. I can swim in the river full of fucking water only for you, my fucking pie..


"Oh my God, I am fucking drowning right now.” I shouted while trying to stand up in the bed but falling miserably. I looked at the culprit who is none other than my roommate aka best friend. She fucking pour water on me and separated me from my dreamy dog. I glared at her but her glare was more scary. I am feeling scared right now. Help me foga (idiot)..Uff why the hell I am telling foga. Have I finally gone mad. I thought while poking my head.
“Have you finally lost your mind? We are getting late for class. If you don't come out in 10 minutes I will leave and you can come walking.” She said extra sickly sweetly and to add a cherry on top she added a scary glare. Wow, what a combination. I quickly run in the washroom. I think here is the right place to introduce myself.
Hello, I am Mimi Banerjee. I am 20 years old. It has been 2 months since I shifted in America from Bangladesh. I got scholarship in university business course so why should I miss the chance. Ha, I am so smart. Every one should learn from me.
"Mimi stop daydreaming and introducing yourself and come fast or I will leave." My best friend Aria said or more like shouted from outside.
“How did you know that I was introducing myself?” I asked while searching for camera in my head and brain. But there is none. I think she has superpower. Wow I am living with super girl.
“You were introducing yourself by shouting loudly and not in your head you dumbass.” She said.
Did I said that fucking loudly. Dhur halar hala( Bengali slang word). I quickly did my shower. I wore a black and white simple salwar kameez (a traditional combination dress worn by women in south Asia and central Asia).
I ran out from my room and took 3 pancakes in my mouth. Hmm so yummy.
'Come fast Mimi." Aria said and I went outside from our apartment while following her.
We sat in aria's car and started listening to music.
Soon we reached and got out of the car. In front of me there was my another best friend standing.
"Hey, my lovely besties." Shawn said while giving us flying kiss. I took the kiss and threw it in the other side. I gave him my kiss and he also threw it in other side. It is our way of greeting each other. I know genius and unique right..
"Heyy shanny, I want to tell you many fucking things but I need to fucking go to class or I will be dead" I said and started to walk away.
"Geez girl how many times do you use the F word.." He said.
"You know me asshole and you also know I love cursing." I said and walked to my class.
Suddenly my phone started ringing and it was my mom. I send a massage by promising to call back later. Than I switched off the phone.
After a long day I finally went home. Than I called my mom.
(Conversation started)
Me: Hello ma. How are you everyone?
Mom: hey Mumu, you finally decided to call me. Everyone is good.
Me: Oh. Ma I just came home and the first thing I did was called you.
Mom: Yeah whatever. So how are you? Is everything okay there? Do you eat food time to time?
Me: Yeah ma everything is fine and I am also fine. I will be more fine if you buy a cute dog you know.
Mom: No I don't have any wish clean poop right now. I am already tired of cleaning two gadha (donkey) pee and poop.
Me: What the Fu..
Mom Language. I don't have any wish to clean my ears with holy water now.
Me: You know you are calling me and my small brother gadha my lovely savage ma.
Mom: I know and I am damn right. Oh I forgot to tell you that you favourite cousin brother has changed his number and I called you to give his number. The number is **********
Me: Ok, thanks for giving me the number. I will call him and visit soon.
Mom: Bye Shona and call me if anything happens. Take care.
Me: Bye ma.
(Conversation ended).
In my whole family I love my cousin brother Tanu the most. He is the one with whom I curse unlimited and also sometimes did some dirty talk. We are the most craziest in our family. I freshen up and cooked noodles.
Soon Aria came from class and we sat in the living room.
We watched some TV shows and I was feeling board right now.
"Aru I am feeling board. Entertain me please." I said to her.
"Yeah you always become bored at the same time and I still didn't find any medicine for you. So you can go and die." She said and sarcasm is dripping like milkshake from her voice.
After some whining and trying to think what to do, I finally got the most amazing idea in the whole world.
Which is ......
Dirty talking with my only cousin brother..
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