Wrong Number Lover

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Chapter two

Mimi POV,
My first work is nothing but texting my freaking best cousin.
Text message to
Number: **********

"Aria are you ready for the biggest fun in our whole life. You know I always wished that I can talk dirty and do hot things in the phone and my wish has finally come true." I said excitedly and she is looking at me with the look "are you kidding me."

"Oh my God, what am I doing here. You really want to text dirty messages to your cousin. But whatever its sound fun. I am ready girl, go for it." She said.
I quickly started typing...

Hey sexy.

You know I am always craving for you touch. The way you kiss my lips and lick my boobs it always sends me to the moon.
"You will traumatise Tanu and I am absolutely sure he is terrified right now." Aria said while trying hard to not to laugh but I am seriously laughing like maniac while thinking his reaction.

Oh daddy, when will you come again and chain me to your bed and fuck me senselessly, huh come na daddy.

"Seriously, I didn't knew that Google has this amazing fucking sentence. I am surely learning this all words." I said.
"Yeah, but why he is not replying to any messages? " Aria asked.
"I am sure he will reply with three or four messages." I said.

Daddy your babygirl is so wet thinking about you. Please daddy I need you.
I need your big dick in my pussy daddy. I need it again. I need to hear your animalistic groans and I know you want to hear my moans too.😻

"Oh my God I think he will not reply. I am going to sleep. If he reply than tell me tomorrow. Good night." Aria said and stand up from sitting position.
"Okay, good night. I hope you get sweet dreams of my cutie pie." I said and she shook her head while walking away to her room.
I opened my phone to see that it is from Tanu.

Mimi messages (this system letter.)
Phone number ********** (this system letter)
Who are you?
Your babygirl.

How did you get these phone number?

You gave me this number daddy.

No. I don't and never ever give my personal number to anyone.

As far as I know daddy you have only one phone and this is the number.
Oh babygirl, I think you have the wrong number because I have 3 mobile phones.

Wait wait you are not tanu? Are you not a software engineer?

Oh my, did I fucking send messages to wrong number. Shit.

No, I am not Tanu.

Are you serious?

I am damn serious.

Oh, shit. I am so sorry. I didn't know that it's wrong number.

It's okay but I think your dirty messages were meant for him.

Yeah it was for him. So what's your name stranger?

For you it's daddy.

Yeah I think it really suits you.

Really? But you don't know me. How can you call me daddy.

So, tell me your name.

Santiago Russo. Your name?

Oh, fucking hot name. I love it. My name is Mimi Banarjee. Byee, ttyl.

I thought it was supposed to be one time conversation as its wrong number.

No I don't think so.
(Sent at 10 pm)
(Seen at 10:30 pm)

Oh what a day. I have to call mom again for right number. But I need sleep right now.
Good night to me and my dream cutie pie....

(Ttyl: Talk to you later)

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