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What loves itself, that teases itself says one nevertheless so beautifully. Annoying only when someone gets in your way, which you can not stand at all and would like to kill yourself sometimes. But because of all the teasing, the two don't notice that they are falling in love. Aurora moves to Greece, where she has bought a nice house and found a job as soon as possible. For a longer time, she stays here. But at that time she did not know what will come to her.

Humor / Romance
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My intention when I came here to Greece was simply to escape from my family. After I drove here with my car, because I definitely need some time off from my parents, I decided to buy a house here. How long I’m going to stay is still unclear. But as long as I’m away from my special family, I’m just happy.

And now I’m sitting on my balcony, drinking chilled iced tea and sucking in that view. The weather is great, unlike in my hometown you can walk around in shorts. The sun turns into a pungent orange and I take the last sip out of my glass. For a while I’m sitting here just listening to the background music playing from the radio and closing my eyes.
Deep in and out of breathing I smell the salty smell of the sea.

After the sun goes down, I decide to go inside and unpack my remaining suitcases. However, I leave the balcony doors open, as the fresh breeze on the burning skin is good. Dancing around, I unpack my suitcases and bags, look at my books and films that I brought with me. While looking for my house this morning, I found a small, cozy cafe right down the street.

And luckily for me, they were looking for help, which I asked directly. Finally, they asked me for the job, which I took right away. A little pocket money is always a good thing.

When I bought this house, I was very careful about what the rooms were supposed to look like. The bedroom with balcony and bathroom, absolutely down a staircase that leads directly into an open kitchen with living room and of course again a large balcony. I can’t get enough of this sight. In addition, there is a connection between my balcony and the beach so there is a staircase on which I can walk from my balcony directly to the beach. Pretty handy. Everything here is very nice in general and I liked it right away.

Maybe I should talk to the employer tomorrow about my schedule. I can’t miss the sunset. Unfortunately I haven’t found a supermarket yet, but tomorrow I’ll find everything. While I get my bedding on my double bed, my favorite song is playing and after fifteen minutes I manage to get that bed.

With my airy pajamas, I get a bottle of water and run into the living room. There is still a lot to be done here. I definitely want a picture wall. Pillow, table and shelf would still fit in. Yawning, I put down my water bottle, turn down the music and turn on the alarm. Satisfied, I lie down with a smile.

At the same time; Asher

» Asher we were going to the café, what’s going on?”Carter asks me.

I had a thing going on with Amber at the moment, but since she always has these mood swings, she spoils my mood. She’s always trying to tell me that I’m not good enough and that her parents would never like me with this behavior.

From that point on, I know I have to break up because she’s more imaginative and I think I’d like her too.

“No more desire, tomorrow?”I just answer.

“Oh come on, is this about one of your one night stands again? Get your act together! Ever since Claire broke up with you, you’ve been trying to clear up every girl. Just let it get to you. It happens when you’re not expecting it. «

My ex-girlfriend Claire left me for a rich dick who’s ten years her senior. After the breakup, I was so excited to take off so many women just to push my ego. I still can’t figure it out.

I don’t answer anymore because I know he’s right. I’m still very attached to her.

“Good night”. That’s my answer.

Totally confused, I ride over my face. My head and heart is going crazy. I’m looking at the picture of me and Claire that we took with our one-year-old. It’s still on my wall, which she gave me. Tense, I take off my T-shirt, lie down in my bed and turn on my stomach.

I stay awake for a long time, roll in bed and think about Claire and Amber until I finally fall asleep.
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