Together, Apart

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This is a comedy about a crime that shouldn't have taken place. A crazy (desperate) man turns bank robbery turns kidnapper who vanishes into thin air. A crazy (in love) senator son who becomes his hostage. A crazy (sad) girl who can't leave the boy behind, and so she becomes hostage number two. Going to the bank is usually not a life-or-death situation unless if you happen to lose your wallet on your date with a girl you've fallen head over heels with since you were a kid and happen to meet a desperate stupid man with a gun five minutes after. The stupid man is stupid enough to know that he doesn't know how to shoot people, and so he brings a toy gun. He would scare the people, get the money, and be gone forever. That's the plan. But life never goes according to the plan, doesn't it? Because now he has hostages and those hostages stubbornly don't want to be released. They follow him like lost puppies and the trio becomes the Three Musketeers. Or three criminals, according to BBC news. Their lives surely have never been this crazy.[]

Humor / Romance
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Do you know how hard it is to just keep living day by day?

Buying stuff to eat, paying rent, paying never-ending bills, dealing with an asshole boss who complaints about how shitty and unfair her life was when you’re the one who’s scrubbing the toilet could make someone go crazy.


And this is what this story is about.


A crazy girl, a crazy boy, a crazy past, a crazy road trip, a crazy fate that leads them to a jail, a crazy kidnapping, a crazy misunderstanding which led them to a crazy reporter telling the whole wide world that they are both crazy criminals.

This is what the story is about. But let’s get back to a week before the crazy girl and the crazy boy’s fate finally collided. This is how it all began. []

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