when life gives you lemons you make a fresh start

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Just Peachy

I Finally got all my stuff situated in my new room and was wanting to explore around the place so I asked my mom and she said yes, as long as my 4 brothers go with me. let me giver you some back ground on them. lets start with Kingston, my eldest brother, my second biggest protective brother, he graduated high school last year and decided that he wants to be here through out my whole high school year's and make sure i'm fine, I know so sweet , but he still is a jerk, when he want's to be, then there is Kole and Kolt, also twins, there also protective like a lot, but not as, there in there last year of high school and were very popular, but i don't know now. last but not lease my twin Kalv, ever since i got cancer he hasen't asked for a lot but he always makes sure i'm healthy but don't over due my self, he doesn't talk to nobody but me, my siblings and my parents, but he is very bright, and way over protective, but I still love him. so know were exploring the new town we call home, and there is a lot. " I'm hungry, can we please find a place to eat." Kole says. " I'm hungry to and I need to rest" I say. they all turn to look at me with concern on there faces. " are you okay, do you feel sick, are you hot, are you cold, you don't feel hot, should we call mom and dad, should we call the docto-" i cut Kalv off befor he runs out off breath " Kalv, i'm fine i meant rest my legs, we've been walking for an hour" i say iratated. they all make an o shape with there lips. " That place looks good". Kolt says " Then lets try there"I say willing to eat anything. we walk in and as soon as we do everyone turns and looks at us like we have two heads. I was distracted by other people when i walk in to some one. he turns and looks at me with forest green eyes and dirty blond hair, he has an anoyed expression on his face. " Oh my gosh i'm sorry i wasen't paying attention." I say trying not to blush from embaressment. " Watch where your going clutz." he said, that kinda hurt what jerk. "What did you just call my sister" Kole says while Kolt looks more angry than him. Kingston was talking to some girl until he heard Kole yell and i'm just standing here like an idiot. three of the most hottest boys i'v ever seen turn around to face us with fighting faces on. " I called her a clutz she needs to watch where she is going" the jerk said, Kingston goes to throw a punch when I step in front of him he stops immediantly an says, " what the heck Kat, I could'v hit you." Look, hes not worth it lets just go some where else, okay." i say saving the jerk I look at kolt grab his arm and say " come on lets just go home instead" and with that me Kolt, Kole, and Kalv were out of the place while Kingston gave them a death glare whe he got out he said " you okay"? " Just P

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