when life gives you lemons you make a fresh start

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sorry not a real chpt, more like info about Characters

so, lets start with her family.....

Kinsey (Mom)- Lawyer, high-school sweet heart, Pregnant at 18, 43 years old, 6 children (never at home)

Danny (Dad)- also lawyer, High school sweet heart with Kinsey, 44 years old, (Also never at home)

Karson (eldest brother) Living on his own in North Carolina, he was a twin but Keygen died in a car crash when he was 18, since thin Karson has distant himself from us out of guilt but no idea why, he is 26 years old and only come around on holidays and sometimes b-days and special events. he is my favorite brother of all.

now outside the family, their neighbor's.....

Hayden- Kind-heart, golden boy, Hopes twin, lives with his grams, only sibling is his twin.

Hope- Also kind heart, Rebel like, Hayden's twin

Now for the 4 most annoying most gorges boys in her life......

Elisa (Eli)- Biggest jerk, Has one little sister, and lives with his mother.

Jackson (Jax)- cocky, Small minded, no sibling's Lives with his uncle and big heart.

Nickolas (Nick)- Smart, Kind, A follower, Lives with his dad, No siblings

Alexander (Alex)- Cocky, Jerk, Player, lives with his mom and dad, Has an older Brother and Younger brother, ( Also he is the leader of their group.)

hope this helps to under stand them better and know them a little bit, Thx:)

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