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Taking a Chance...

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How can something so wrong can make you feel good? Is it because you chose to commit a mistake? But what if you don't have any choice at all. Will you let fate take you where want to be? Love can be deceiving at times but it can also heal you. After sometime it will always be your choice. At the end of the day who will you choose.

Humor / Mystery
Nina Coronel
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Chapter 1 First Impression

Everyday we make choices that can make us happy. But sometimes we never knew really where this choices lead us. We will just be astonished by how the people we meet will leave a mark in our ever day life. Who will you choose some you love or someone who loves you in ways you never expect.

"Come now we will be late for our exam today if you kept wasting our time", Mia said we've been friends since elementary days. I am so lucky to have her and yet I never tire of her ranting at me everytime. I am Larissa an average student yearning for a love so unconditional like what my parents have. One day it will come, I am willing to wait for him.

"Day dreaming again" my friend uttered with a laugh.
"Mia no that is not the case but I do sometimes but not at the moment", I just simply say.

Life was simple but at a time when I didn't notice it you'll never until you meet someone that can change your perspective in everything. My quiet days were numbered the day I met him. He was arrogant and selfish without with anything or anyone at all. But not everyone knows there is a soft side to his character. His name is Henry Gonzalez, popular among students and professors. Known for his exquisite talents in the arts and also in the field of science and mathematics.

I must say I am annoyed by anyone who doesn't know the word respect. Then it happened, Mia and I decided to go to the library to have our research. Lost in my thoughts and apparently I wasn't looking really. Suddenly I hit something hard in front of one of the shelves and an angry voice saying, "What is wrong with you?"
I gasp for air and said sorry but he just sneered at me and walk away.

Oh, my God my days are numbered. I have just met the devil himself. I thought that was the end of it but it wasn't. For the whole week it seems everywhere I go he suddenly just appeared out of nowhere and to my dismay he kept on teasing me to no avail.

I don't know if he likes to torment people but this has got to stop. I can't take it anymore. I focused myself more on my studies and impressed my professors with my grades and dedication. Until I ended up as our departments representative.

"Hey, Larissa Martinez you seem to be so much busy lately that you don't have time for me", Mia said. Little did she know I am dying to tell her everything that kept on happening lately.

"...uhm, Larissa someone asked me if you liked to hang out this weekend".

And I just laughed and ask who would be so interested about certain things about me.

After my encounter with Henry he never bothered me again and I kept my distance also.

But one day, I started to receive small notes and letters every afternoon. I didn't know who it was from because all of it were unsigned and I just kept wondering who it may be?!

I have a lot of friends but somehow the letters I got brings me certain certain happiness I cannot explain. I have someone I can rely and I feel we can be friends even if I don't know anything about him. It feels like he knows me more than my best friend Mia.

Yesterday, Mia noticed how excited I am to see if there is another letter in my locker. And I wasn't disappointed because it was beside my books for my next class.

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