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- 11 -

The next morning Benno came to Lorenzoโ€™s house.

โ€œLorenzo, are you in there?โ€ Benno asked from outside.

โ€œBenno, Iโ€™m up in my room,โ€ Lorenzo called back.

Benno walked in and as he climbed the stairs he saw Elizabeth setting the dining table and getting everything ready for breakfast.

โ€œHi Benno, You had food?โ€ Elizabeth asked.


โ€œWanna eat Mac And Cheese?โ€ Elizabeth asked.

โ€œWow! Sure,โ€ Benno said clapping his hands excitedly.

โ€œMartha, can you grab one more plate from the kitchen?โ€ Elizabeth asked Martha who was in the kitchen. Martha came with an empty plate and placed it with the other ones.

Just then Jackson came downstairs to the dining area.

โ€œHi Jackson,โ€ Benno smiled.

Jackson smiled back at Benno.

After they all were done with the breakfast, everyone went on their own way. Martha and Joanna were helping Elizabeth with the dishes, while Susanne went out to walk Rufus, their dog. Drake just shut his room and stayed in. Lorenzo went out, and Henzel was getting ready for school.

Just then Benno approached Jackson,

โ€œJackson, I have something to tell youโ€

โ€œWhat is it?โ€ Jackson asked.

โ€œToday in the evening I wonโ€™t be here.โ€

Jackson looked confusingly at Benno, because, even if Benno isnโ€™t here things are gonna run smoothly as usual.

Benno continued, โ€œYou know why because I am going to Henzelโ€™s school with him.โ€

โ€œHenzelโ€™s school? For what?โ€ Jackson asked.

โ€œYes! He asked me to come to his school as his father.โ€

โ€œFather?โ€ Jackson didnโ€™t understand whatโ€™s going on with Benno. โ€œBenno, make it clear.โ€

โ€œHenzel asked me to act as his father for a meeting with his teacher!โ€œ, Benno said jumping out of excitement.

โ€œOkay, you may go with Lorenzo,โ€ Jackson said with a smile.

Benno walked over to Lorenzo who was waiting in his Jeep. As soon as Benno got in, Lorenzo set off to wander around the street.

Jackson was so angry to know what Benno said. He walked inside.

โ€œWhere is Henzel?โ€ Jackson asked, his voice a little louder.

From his voice itself, Elizabeth understood that something is not right. โ€œWhat happened?โ€ She asked.

โ€œWhere is Henzel?โ€ Jackson shouted.

โ€œHenzel, dad is calling you.โ€ Shouted Martha, so that Henzel who is upstairs can hear her.

โ€œComing,โ€ Henzel said while running down the stairs. โ€œWhat is it, dad?โ€ He asked with a bright smile.

โ€œDid you asked Bennoโ€™s favor for anything?โ€ Jackson asked.

โ€œN-No, dad. But why?โ€ Henzel was tensed.

โ€œNothing just asked, because he is very helpful for kids like you.โ€, Jackson said.

Henzel stayed confused but with fear.

Jackson continued, โ€œWhere are you heading to, for now?โ€.

โ€œTo school, dad.โ€, Henzel replied.

โ€œOkay. You may leave then.โ€, Jackson said with a smile.

Henzel went relieved thinking Jackson didnโ€™t caught him.

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