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Meanwhile, Inside...

Jackson was so angry. Just then Lorenzo came down searching for Benno.

Elizabeth told him that Benno just left. Lorenzo stayed there just to know why Jackson looks so angry.

โ€œHenzel, who is the master brain behind this? I know itโ€™s neither in your head nor Bennoโ€™s, where this idea popped up. Tell me who gave you the idea of taking Benno to school?โ€ Jackson asked.

Henzel looked at Lorenzo who was standing there. On hearing Jacksonโ€™s inquiry, Lorenzo without grabbing anyoneโ€™s attention went upstairs.

โ€œIt was Lorenzoโ€™s idea.โ€ Henzel confessed.

โ€œLorenzo.. come back!โ€ Jackson called,

โ€œYes, dad?โ€ Lorenzo approached Jackson.

โ€œYou asked him to take Benno to school?โ€

โ€œWhat? Me? No way!โ€

Henzel was shocked to hear Lorenzo saying that. โ€œLorenzo, donโ€™t you remember? It was you who told me that Benno can help me,โ€ He said.

Lorenzo suddenly laughed. โ€œOh my! I was just joking. I never thought that you would really ask Bennoโ€™s favor.โ€ He lied.

Poor Henzel felt helpless. His eyes and mouth went wide open on realizing that Lorenzo betrayed him.

He burst out of tears and cried like a baby.

Lorenzo was very sad to see his little brother crying, but he was helpless.

โ€œYou may stop shedding those crocodile tears,โ€ Jackson said.

Still, Henzel kept on crying.

โ€œLeave it, dad. He is a little child. Poor Henzel, I promise that heโ€™ll not get into troubles like these anymore.โ€ Lorenzo said in order to save Henzel.

โ€œOkay, if he ever runs into troubles anymore, itโ€™ll be you whoโ€™ll get caught.โ€ Saying this, Jackson left

โ€œHenzel, are you hurt?โ€ Lorenzo asked approaching him.

โ€œGo away, I donโ€™t want to see you. You liar,โ€ Henzel cried very badly and walked upstairs.

Lorenzo followed Henzel. โ€œHenzel, I am sorry. I at least saved you from further problems.โ€

โ€œOh, thank you so much. Okay? Just leave me.โ€ He shouted.

Hearing some noises, Drake opened his room door. โ€œWhatโ€™s going on here? Any problem?โ€ He saw Henzelโ€™s eyes red, not out of anger but because he was crying. โ€œHenzel, what happened? Why are you crying?โ€ He asked.

Drake took him inside his room and Lorenzo followed them. Henzel explained everything to Drake.

โ€œLeave it, it is not a problem.โ€ Drake comforted Henzel.

โ€œBut it hurts that this Lorenzo betrayed me,โ€ Henzel said.

โ€œI am so sorry, Henzel. Iโ€™ll tell dad that I was the mastermind behind this and that I told you to take Benno with you to your school for the meeting.โ€ Lorenzo said.

โ€œWill you?โ€ He asked happily wiping his tears.

โ€œYeah, I will.โ€ Lorenzo smiled.

โ€œNo, the problem is all over now, donโ€™t go and talk about it again,โ€ Drake said.

โ€œSo, in front of dad, I am a fool who wonโ€™t study and do some mischief like this. Huh?โ€ Henzel asked.

โ€œOkay, then itโ€™s better you go admit all your mistakes, Lorenzo,โ€ Drake said.

Lorenzo walked out of Drakeโ€™s room, while both Drake and Henzel waited for him to return. After minutes, Lorenzo came back.

โ€œWhat happened? You told dad?โ€ Henzel asked with eagerness in his eyes.

โ€œYes,โ€ He replied

โ€œWhat did dad said?โ€ Drake asked,

โ€œHe said nothing much. He looked very angry and asked me to leave before he slaps me.โ€ Lorenzo smiled.

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