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For days, Henzel was not seen out of the room often. He came out only to go to Abelโ€™s house or to school.

โ€œWhy isnโ€™t he talking to us?โ€ Asked Drake. The Oโ€™Brien children (Drake, Lorenzo, Joanna, Martha, Susanne) have all gone for a walk. But Henzel was not with them. It was then Drake raised this question.

โ€œDidnโ€™t we really ignored him? It made him very sad. Poor Henzelโ€ Susanne said.

โ€œWe canโ€™t leave it like this. We are the cause of Henzelโ€™s grief. We got to solve this problem.โ€ Martha said.

Their dog Rufus was accompanying them in the walk. Joanna was controlling him by the chain tied around his neck.

โ€œBut how?โ€ Joanna asked.

โ€œWhat is his favorite thing?โ€ Lorenzo asked.

โ€œCandy and chocolates,โ€ Susanne said.

โ€œI am talking about his wish. Like, he has been longing to do something. So, if he has any kind of wishes like that weโ€™ll let it happen. Weโ€™ll make his dream come true.โ€ Lorenzo smiled.

โ€œWow! Itโ€™s a good idea bro,โ€ Susanne said.

โ€œBut we need to find out what his ambition or wish is,โ€ Drake said.

They continued to walk thinking about Henzelโ€™s wish.

โ€œHe Loves Saudi Arabia. Also, he watches too many Arab cinemas. Maybe we can arrange a trip for him to Arabia.โ€ Martha said.

โ€œImpossible!โ€ Drake said.

โ€œWhy?โ€ Susanne asked.

โ€œYou know, he is still a little child for mom and dad. They would never agree to this idea of sending him to Arabia just to make him happy. They would rather prefer Henzel staying here with his grief instead of going to Arabia all alone to be happy.โ€ Drake said.

After a whileโ€™s thinking, Joanna came up with an idea, โ€œWhat if he is going to Arabia on a study visa instead of visiting visa?โ€

โ€œYou mean?โ€ Lorenzo asked.

โ€œWhat if heโ€™s going to Arabia for his further studies? Weโ€™ll have to arrange food and accommodation for him plus admission to a college.โ€ Joanna said.

โ€œYou are so brilliant!โ€ Martha remarked.

They walked over to a nearby net cafe.

โ€œRufus, stay here. Donโ€™t go anywhere. Okay, sit, sit.โ€ Joanna instructed and Rufus obeyed her. โ€œGood doggy,โ€ Joanna patted on his head and walked in with the others.

They seated themselves around a computer. As Drake was sitting in the center he was the one who operated the computer.

He searched for five-star colleges in Arabia and found several. All five chose five different colleges for Henzel. Joanna took out her phone and dialed the number of the college which Martha chose.

The authorities said that they are a complete Arab school that functions only for the education of Arab citizens.

At last, they went with the college chosen by Lorenzo. King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University.

Joanna contacted them and had a conversation with the vice-principal of the University.

Joanna : (In Phone) Okay sir. Yeah, weโ€™ll contact you later. Okay, thank you, sir.

She hung the call.

โ€œWhat is it? Do they have a vacancy?โ€ Lorenzo asked.

โ€œThere is a vacancy. But since Henzelโ€™s result is not announced, they asked us to contact them later when his result is out.โ€, Joanna said.

โ€œBut we will not be here when the result is announced. Not only that, dad will take care of his admission soon after his result comes out. Then our efforts will be in vain.โ€ Martha said.

โ€œThey will give us admission before the announcement of the result if we really want, but on one condition. We have to pay them, twice as much as the donation that everyone normally gives there.โ€ Joanna said.

They all thought for a while whether this is a right decision. Then Lorenzo spoke, โ€œJo, call them and tell them we need admission and that we will give the enrollment fee they ask.โ€

The siblings together arranged admission to the university for Henzel and kept it a surprise for him. They kept it a secret.

Gradually, Martha, Susanne, Drake, and Joanna left Beverly back to their colleges.

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