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Henzelโ€™s POV

Two months ago, on a Sunday everyone in our family was busy in the kitchen. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. All the family members spent time together. I always love it.

Oops! Forgot to introduce my family. Ours is a pure Christian and a traditional family in aspects of our father and mother. My mother Elizabeth Williams was married, to my father, Jackson Oโ€™Brien, and thus she became Elizabeth Oโ€™Brien. They had seven beautiful children. And the youngest of them was very cute. Lorenzo, the eldest. He always roams around the street with Benno. Then comes Ruth, the eldest of the three daughters. Then, Joanna, the studious girl studying MBBS in Rosario, Argentina. Martha, Joannaโ€™s Twin studying event management in Bangalore, India. Both Joanna and Martha are identical in behavior but not in looks. Next, we have a twin, Drake, and Susanne. Both of them study abroad, In Rosto On Don in Russia and Queensland in Australia, respectively. Then the last one is me, Henzel, Iโ€™m in twelfth grade in Beverly itself.

Talking about my parents, my mother was twenty-one, and my father was twenty-six when they were married after two years of love. Their love story is the best story Iโ€™ve ever heard of. My father was a street-rat at the age of twenty-six, while my mother belonged to a reputed Christian family. Due to this reason, my motherโ€™s father did not approve of their affair. But, their relationship was so strong to break apart. My mother pleaded so much but her father did not agree, as my father was an orphan and street-rat at that time. He was not completely an orphan. He had many relatives for him. The thing is my dad was parent-less and was too poor. My grandfather said that my dad is not worth a girl like my mom. And he also said that whenever my father becomes an independent and responsible man, then my grandfather would hand over my mother to my dad. To win my mother, my dad left the town. Everyone had no knowledge of him, though my mother expected him to return. After two years, my father returned as a wealthy, responsible man, and so my motherโ€™s long wait was paid off. My grandfather knowing the fact that Jackson Oโ€™Brien is now independent, and matured, agreed to the marriage. And the most romantic couple Iโ€™ve ever seen was together. It was my mother who told me about their affair. My mom loves going back to that old love affair of theirs. When I was little, I used to hear their love story frequently. My mom is never bored when speaking about it, and Iโ€™m never bored in listening to it.

As my mother is very beautiful, Suse, Ruth, Jo, and Martha are so pretty. And as my father is so handsome even at the age of fifty-two, Lorenzo, Drake, and I are so handsome and good-looking. By the way, Iโ€™m not so handsome like Drake and Lorenzo. Iโ€™m more of a cute kind.

So, where were we? Yes! On a Sunday, Everyone except me was busy cooking. I was walking all around the kitchen eating candy.

Just then, someone rang the bell outside.

Mom asked me to go get the door.

I walked over to the entrance, and opened the door, and saw a man standing outside. I asked him whatโ€™s the matter and he asked me to call dad.

I called out for dad and within two minutes dad came and greeted the man. I heard dad calling that man Joseph.

The man smiled at my dad.

At first, I did not understand who he was, or why he came.

Dad asked him whether he found an appropriate guy.

And he informed dad about a good proposal.

That was when I realized that it was the matchmaker, Uncle Joseph. He was speaking about Ruthโ€™s marriage.

Joseph also gave us the information about their arrival. They were arriving on the next Sunday. After informing it Uncle Joseph left.

The Next Sunday arrived.

We all waited for them to come. At 10:30 AM the guy and his parents arrived.

Dad welcomed them happily.

The guy was good-looking. They had tea, and then Ruth and Leandro went out to the garden to have a talk. Ruth liked Leandro, and the same goes for Leandro. And thatโ€™s it, the marriage is fixed.

It was one week before the Wedding. The Arrangements had already started. I was sitting in the hall with dad. He was busy talking to some of our relatives. I was getting bored. I went over to Ruthโ€™s room.

She was busy talking to her friend on the phone. Just then, our Trimline telephone cried.

I attended the call, and it was Drake. He said that he will be coming home within two days.

I waited so gladly for all of them to arrive. The next day, I woke up hearing Joannaโ€™s sound. She is here!

Gradually all our relatives were home.

โ€œHenzel!โ€ I heard someone shouting my name on my back.

I suddenly woke up from memories. It was dad who called me.

โ€œHenzel, what are you doing there? Are you daydreaming?โ€ He asked Me.

โ€œNo dad, Iโ€™m not,โ€ I answered.

โ€œGo, get ready. Itโ€™s time to go.โ€ He said and left.

Alas, didnโ€™t notice the time passed. Itโ€™s Ruthโ€™s wedding today. How can I even forget it.

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