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- 4 -

At The Oโ€™Brienโ€™s house. MIDNIGHT

Martha, came and knocked on Ruthโ€™s room door, โ€œMay, I come in?โ€

Ruth unlocked the door.

โ€œSorry to interrupt you guys. But the party is about to start.โ€ Martha said.

โ€œParty?โ€ Ruth asked.

โ€œYeah, a midnight party with all our closed relatives. You both just change into some kind of part wear and be there in ten minutes. Bye,โ€ Saying this Martha left in a hurry.

โ€œYou looked gorgeous today in the wedding gown,โ€ Leandro said with a smile.

โ€œIs it? So, what would you say if I wear any other dress rather than the gown?โ€ Ruth asked.

โ€œThe same, dear,โ€ Leandro said.

Just then Someone knocked on the door.

โ€œComing,โ€ Said Ruth, opening the door.

It was Susanne, โ€œSorry, I know I might have disturbed you both.โ€

โ€œWhat is it, Suse?โ€ Ruth asked.

Susanne handed over a package, โ€œI came to bring you guys, the dress for the midnight party.โ€

โ€œIs the party started yet?โ€ Leandro asked.

โ€œNot, without you two,โ€ Susanne smiled at Leandro. โ€œGuys please make it fast. Okay, I swear we wonโ€™t disturb you from tomorrow onwards unnecessarily.โ€

โ€œOkay,โ€ Ruth said.

Ruth was wearing a pink trumpet gown for the midnight party, while Leandro was in a suit.

On seeing the Bride and Groom coming, Martha said, โ€œPlease make way for the newlywed.โ€

Everyone stood and clapped for the couple.

They both came and took their seats.

โ€œI welcome all the dearest cousins and our family members of the Bride and Groom to the midnight party.โ€ Said Mariya, Leandroโ€™s first cousin. โ€œNow we call upon the Bride and the Groom to call and introduce their family members to everyone. Ladies first.โ€ She said

Ruth stood from her chair, โ€œFirst of all, I would like to call my parents.โ€

โ€œDonโ€™t they have a name?โ€ Asked Susanne.

โ€œYeah, they do. Jackson and Elizabeth.โ€

Jackson and Elizabeth approached Ruth.

โ€œThen, I would like to call my big brother, Lorenzo,โ€

Lorenzo came and hugged Ruth, โ€œHappy Married life, Ruth.โ€

โ€œIt was already over in the morning, and it is midnight, now,โ€ Ruth told Lorenzo jokingly.

Lorenzo smiled.

โ€œThen, I would love to call upon the Joanna - Martha combination, and Drake - Susanne combination,โ€ Ruth said.

Everyone laughed on hearing the combinations.

The four approached her.

Joanna hugged Ruth โ€œCombination?โ€ She asked in a half angry and half-joking manner while hugging her.

โ€œYep,โ€ Ruth replied with a smile.

Joanna said nothing but beamed.

โ€œAnd, last but not least, I call my cute little Henzel.โ€

Henzel came and stood near Lorenzo.

โ€œNow, I call upon Leandro.โ€ Said Mariya.

Leandro said, โ€œFirst of all, I call upon my blood. My little sister, Bridgette.โ€

Bridgette came and stood near Leandro.

โ€œThen my dearest parents, James Austin and Helen Austin.โ€ They both approached Leandro, as he called them.

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