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What happens when fate or rather a dog brings two similar souls together. Will they fall in love. Or is it just hate at it's worst. Read to find out 🖤

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This book is a about two college student ,Josie and Caleb (protagonists).Caleb loves dogs,Josie doesn't, but apart from that they're two very similar souls.but despite the similarities will they get along??...why don't you read to find out🤗.

So here are the characters (apparently i can't add pictures 😒).oh well we can't all be winners.

JOSIE WOODS- 19 yrs old, first year in college, quiet but crazy when she wants, hates dogs, introvert,fell in love at the age of 9.... with“a book”.

CALEB HART-21 yrs old, second year in college, loves dogs, owner of sniper, quiet.

BETHANY HOWARD- nickname-Beth-19 yrs old, first year in college, best friend/roommate to Josie,crazy, hippie, extrovert, Loves dogs,worst enemy..“a book”.

ANDREW JOHNSON- 21 yrs old, second year in college, best friend to Caleb, loves dogs, friendly, he'll probably marry a cake if you let him...that's how much he loves cake.

MADDIE JONES- 20 yrs old, second year in college, allergic to dogs,loves Caleb, hates Josie,a total brat.

SNIPER- a friendly but vicious dog,loves Josie,his owner-caleb,a total cutie pie.

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