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A Bunch Of Idiots (Lesbian Shorts)

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Six high school weird girls in a weird polyamorous relationship. Short, light, cute, and generally happy stories of six teenagers. (Also based off of close friends and a Webtoon named Boyfriends) Enjoy!

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Mei x Pam

“I am simply simping once again.” Mei said, closing her eyes to emphasize her point.

“For..” Pam pointed at the screen. “That?”

“Okay, he is not a ‘that.’” Mei said. “He is, undoubtedly, beautiful.”

Pam squinted, but shrugged. “I guess…”

Mei turned to look at the other girl. “What is it?” She asked. “Do you not like the show? It’s really good though…”

Pam shook her head. “No no, it’s good.”

Mei resumed the episode, her eyes trained on the TV once again. Pam, however, decided to take an overwhelming amount of Mei’s pictures. She adored the filters and she loved them even more on Mei. Actually, there were quite a few unflattering filters, so Pam took a few and quickly skipped the rest, deciding to show them to her friends, knowing they would take the blackmail. Did she feel any remorse in potentially giving blackmail of her girlfriend to other people? No.

When Pam looked up from editing, Mei was not enhanced by the on-screen world anymore. Instead, she just stared at Pam. The long haired girl blinked in confusion. Was there something on her face? “I simp for you too, y’know.” Mei told her.

It took a few seconds for Pam to register what Mei said. Then it took another few seconds for her to understand what Mei said. “Oh…” Pam said slowly. “Oh. Oh! OH!!” “‘Oh’ what?” Mei asked, scrunching up her face.

“Omigosh you’re so cute.” Pam fawned over the other girl. Mei was still confused.

She thought Pam would be more like: “I was not jealous!” With a red face. This was pretty much the opposite of what Mei predicted, but she didn’t mind.

“You are suffocating me.” Mei mumbled under a pile of stuffed animals. “Where did the stuffed animals come from anyway…?!”

“From your room.” Pam replied. “Can you believe how many there are? I found them all in the closet and I wasn’t sure if your mom put it in there or-”

“It was my mom.” Mei interrupted quickly. She did not want to tell the other girl that she had stuffed them in there when she got bored of them. Pam was kind to all. Which included stuffed animals.

“They are really cute.” Pam complimented, although it was more realistic to say that Pam complimented the stuffed animals, rather than Mei.

“You can keep them if you want.” Mei offered.

“Really? You won’t miss them?” Pam asked. Her onyx eyes pierced Mei’s own.

“Nooooo…!” Mei over-exaggerated. She forced a smile. “I won’t miss them. I’d feel better if you had them.”

“You’re so nice.” Pam squished Mei again.

“Am I allowed to finish the episode? With you paying attention please?” Mei asked, her voice muffled.

“I took many blackmail pictures.” Pam confessed.


“I wanted to!”

“Just let me simp.” Mei broke free of the stuffed animals and struggled to find the remote. When she realized it wasn’t where she had left it, she turned towards Pam. “It’s under there isn’t it.”

“It might be in the clutches of Mr. Bobby Billy Joe.” Pam admitted guiltily.

“Who’s Mr. Bobby Billy Joe?!” Mei asked, not believing that Pam had named one of the many stuffed animals already.

“He had some relationship problems.” Pam explained. “His wife cheated on him.”


“I don’t know.” She shrugged.

“Let me guess.” Mei said. “Mr. Bobby Billy Joe is in a new relationship and the remote is a gift for his step-son.”

“Yes, how did you know?”

Mei sighed. “Well, can Mr. Bobby Billy Joe’s step-son get three quarters for a gift instead?”

“Fine.” Pam pouted and went back to taking selfies and drawing smiley faces.

“I can not deal with Mr. Bobby Billy Joe today.” Mei grumbled.

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