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A Bunch Of Idiots (Lesbian Shorts)

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Ami x Nix

“Here,” Ami lifted her small parrot for Nix to hold. Nix stared at the bird warily. Ami furrowed her brows. “Is something wrong with Duckie?” She asked, worried.

“Yes. One: her claws-!” Nix exclaimed.

“They’re nails.” Ami replied flatly.

“Two, her killer beak-!” Nix shrieked.

“Her beak is not even that sharp.” Ami stared at her blankly.

“And three, her name! Who names their parrot: Duckie anyway?”

“Me.” Ami stated.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Nix protested.

“Like what?” Ami asked, continuing to stare at Nix weirdly.

“Like you’re about to ground me.” Nix said defensively.

“I am not going to ground you.” Ami said in amusement, but also agreement, despite her words.

“Then stop looking so disappointed!” Nix told her, waving in her face.

“You’re scared of my bird.” Ami stated, arching an eyebrow.

“No reason to be a bully.” Nix sniffed.

“You drew voodoo dolls on my whiteboard.”

“They’re beautiful.” Nix agreed.

“And you drew purple accessories on my drawing.” Ami accused.

“I said sorry! Besides, they made your drawing very amazing.” Nix said. “And emo.” She added, and smirked.

Ami sighed. “Sure, I guess.” She relented, deciding not to argue anymore and she continued to draw and Nix leaned on her, pulling out her phone.

When Ami finished fixing her “emo dog,” she sketched a very chibi version of her girlfriend. Making Nix’s head huge, as well as her eyes, but drew no nose and a very small mouth. Then, Ami included a dress, which she made a point to color very vibrantly. When Ami finished, it no longer looked like chibi Nix. Instead, it looked like a Walmart Jojo Siwa. Ami cracked up at her drawing.

“Look,” Ami showed Nix her drawing.

“Aw, that’s really cute.” Nix said. “Is that Jojo Siwa?” She went back to scrolling through her phone.

“No. It’s you.”

Nix coughed. “Thanks…” She mumbled, staring at her girlfriend remorsefully.

Apparently at some point when Ami was enhanced by her favorite TV show, Nix had gotten up, and Ami didn’t notice. A few moments later after Nix came back, Ami came to realize that Nix actually had boba in her hand. “Where did you get that?” She demanded.

“Where did I get what?” Nix asked, still staring at the screen of her phone.

“Boba.” Ami said, wrinkling her nose. “Where did you get the boba? And more importantly, why didn’t you give me boba?”

“You want some?” Nix asked, raising her cup, insinuating for Ami to take it.

“What do you think?” Ami crossed her arms.

Nix smiled and offered her drink to Ami. She took a sip and squinted. “Next time, get me boba.”

“Only if you give me a voodoo doll.” Nix countered, smiling evilly.

“Where am I supposed to find a voodoo doll?!”

Nix hesitated. “Amazon.” She decided.

“No.” Ami snorted.

“Then buy me some chains.” Nix compromised.

Ami raised an eyebrow. “What kind-?” She started to ask, her mind elsewhere of what Nix's mind was.

“NOT THAT KIND. Decorative kinds.” Nix covered her face in embarrassment. Not for herself, but for Ami.

“Okay okay, I get it.” Ami laughed. “Decorative kinds.”

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