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Define happiness

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Old friends collide. She wants to unpack happiness, he's discovering its curves and edges. Her husband is amused, his wife is insecure and jealous. Will Cait succeed in making Mark see happiness her way, or will his hesitation influence her to redefine happiness?

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Karen took a tentative sip from her giant mug. Her lips tingled from the sting of heat, but she blew imperceptibly and took a braver sip of her coffee.

“Cheers on a successful first year,”

Cait laughed, “It was murder and mayhem,”

“The grizzlier the better. Well done. Besides, you raked in a truckload for the station. Who knew people were drawn to tragedy like a moth to the flame?”

“The right audience is always an enigma. I’m glad we managed to snag and retain a sizeable followership,”

“Have you thought of a follow up topic?”

Cait paced herself. Her old self would have pounced with a ready reply. But she had home advantage here, her boss, the station manager, had visited her office. She could afford a small reflective smile. She could extend the silence and make Karen wait, just a hint of suspense and mystery.

For her final year journalism project, Cait had flirted with a one-worded topic on campus. It had bloomed and breached the point of untameable had it not been for good old Time and Distraction. College kids were in endless supply of both. If Karen prodded, Cait was ready to spill. But she’d be coy for now.

“I’m mulling on something,”

“Great. Pitch it to Timmy. He’s more objective and he can tell if it’s production quality or not,”

“He’ll be brutal,”

“He’ll be fair,”

“Ok. So, why are you really here?”


“Karen,” Cait raised one eyebrow and grinned.

Karen sighed.

“Where are you headed? I said I’m mulling, and you deflected to Timmy... you’re not Karen unless you’re curious,”

Karen bought some time with a swig from her cup. The beverage had lost a lot of its original venom.

“I’ve been offered Station Manager at Triple M,”

Cait sucked in air through her teeth, raising a high-pitched hiss.

“You’re thinking of?”

“Taking it... bigger station, bigger personalities, bigger audience,”

“Bigger desk, bigger parking space, bigger everything really,” Cait cut in.

“So, yes, not as cosy as the family we’ve become here,”

“That’s the beauty of the telephone,”

Karen laughed, “I didn’t know who else to pitch this to who wouldn’t hesitate to push me forward,”

“But honey, you didn’t want to be talked out of this opportunity. It’s too awesome to pass up,”

Triple M was the holy grail of all broadcasting stations. Karen’s holy city for all the aspiration and ginger that flowed in her veins. She’d be awesome at it too, Cait knew. She was made for the big league.

“Scary,” Karen admitted.

“It wouldn’t be if it wasn’t worth it,”

“So, you’ll take over from me?”

“Whoa momma!” Cait laughed. “I’m a backing vocalist for life. But I’ll talk to my husband for you. I wouldn’t mind being under Timmy’s command but if the husband says go, I’ll take a shot at it.”

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