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Love meets it's destiny

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Running late for our interview

Rose POV:-
“Ohh God! I'm going to be late"I groaned banging my head against my breakfast table
“Star!!Come on wake up.We are going to be late for our interview and its all because of you idiot girl"I yelled loudly.
As you are wondering what in the love of colours is going on,let me tell you today is our(by which I mean is me and Star) interview and we are going to be late for it all because of my sweet as strawberry 🍓 ice cream best friend Scarlet Adrell (Star for short because I don't like Scar as in who in the world would liked to be called as Scar) and by the way I hate Strawberry ice cream ...so see what I did there ..see
“Oh my God! Just shut up Rose.What in the world are you blaming me for it, You are the one that forgot to wake me up and I told you to wake me up but you didn't" she countered me placing my cup of milk chocolate on the table.
“By the way how am I looking"she asked me like seriously she is asking me uhhh! She is defination of beauty to me.She has this gorgeous long red hair cute but little curvy body and on the top that she is wearing cute white crop top and skinny jeans
“Like girl you are seriously asking me that.Damn! You look beautiful but most importantly very cute"I replied smilingly towards her.
“You are also looking beautiful and sweetly cute"she said with that cute smile of her.Don't get me wrong it's not like I'm into her or something she is like my sister for another mother and she is so adorably cute like a baby I just can't help it. So I did the only thing that we do to cute babies pinched their cheeks.
“Ouch ouch ouch!! Stop that no no nooo.Have mercy on my cheeks please the godness of sarcasm please I,Scarlett Adrell begs you to have mercy on my cheeks for the love of ice cream and chocolate."She said while giving me those puppy eyes.Umm okay I'm a sucker for those puppy eyes.Wish granted!!
“Come on,let's go before we get more late for our interview"She groaned as if suddenly remembering that we have an interview to give.

Uhhh...Sitting in the car is so boring when you have nothing to do.Specially when you're bestfriend is silently driving the car.I am losing my god damn mind .Ice-cream ice-cream yes..yes..yes!! I need ice cream now!
“Stop the car! Star stop the car"I yelled as Star suddenly stopped the car slamming the breaks to hard making my head almost got hit
“What the hell Rose! What happened? Is our car being followed? Are we being chased by goons? Is the police following us?"
Uhh...Star and her imagination...
“No Star we are not being followed by goons or police or anyone" I replied interrupting her trail of thoughts
“Then why in the hell did you asked me to stop the car?" She asked in an frustrating tone
“I wanted ice cream" I explained to which she stared at me as if I have grown two heads
“You suddenly asked me to stop the car cause' you wanted ice cream.Great! Just freaking great.If you forgot we have freaking interview to give"She scolded me as if I'm her two year old child who wanted his favourite toy.Which is okay as it's a normal reaction from her.
“Mom! Come on I want it don't be so rude.And for your kind information we are already last so it won't mattered if we are few more minutes late.Plus ice cream is for good luck" I replied giving her my best puppy eyes.After glaring a minute she sigh in defeat and we took the road to my favourite ice cream shop.Yup! Ice cream I'm coming for you...

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