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Chapter 1

Alaina Castillo - Pocket Locket

Of all people in the world to hate [I really hate] Mackenzie West ,l am sorry Mackenzie West the beloved. A lot of people would look at crazy if I ever said that out loud that’s why I only told my two best friends Paige Holland [my current favorite ] and Marco Tait. Marco is so ridiculously whipped with Mackenzie it isn’t even funny like it used to be back in middle school . He once said Mackenzie is the only reason he comes to school which is pretty corny . Plus he lied . Its his mother and her cooking . I mean , that lady is a wizard in the kitchen. She is the best cook I have ever come across not that I would ever say that in front of my mom of course. My mom is necessarily a bad cook its just my mom’s cooking doesn’t make you feel like a morsel of heaven fell into your mouth. You would do anything she asked when you have her food in your mouth because it seems like this haze settles over you

Now I’m sure you are wondering why would I open with a statement like that . It probably makes it seem like I am a really negative person when I say I feel nothing but pure hatred for that girl . She is like the devil reincarnated into my life so It would be kind of hard not to despise her . It all started into the second grade when she told everyone I was a vampire . Everyone believed her because , come on , Its the second grade . Someone once told the whole stream that touching boys got you infected with AIDS. No girl would go anywhere near a boy for an entire week . From second grade it only got worse . She was surely out to get me for sure .

When I have mentioned this to my friends they just think I am misinterpreting all my encounters with Mac . But excuse me if I feel a little bitter about once having to spend 6 hours shampooing my hair on my birthday ( yeah I’m one of those poor souls who have their birthdays during the school term ) because she somehow found out it was my birthday and told everyone that rubbing fudge into my hair would be good luck . No its isn’t good luck more like the total opposite because I couldn’t get the damn smell out of mu hair for two weeks and bees followed me whenever I went anywhere near the park .

I am snapped out of my thoughts by Mrs. Connor shrieking in her awful voice for me to enter the office . I had been waiting in a line outside the admin to get my class schedule for at least twenty minutes really . There was a long line of people behind me who were waiting to get their own schedule . It was a given that the first day up to the third day only half of the class made it to class because they were the only ones who actually knew where they were supposed to be . The other ones were still waiting to get their schedules . I was kind of an early bird so I always got to school early enough to be the first to get their timetables every start of term . At this point you would think they would just learnt to email people their schedules but my school considers those from less privileged households who probably wouldn’t have that kind of technology at their houses .

Although Mrs. Connor is astonishingly rude for someone who is supposed to work with children and be hospitable , she is really efficient so before I know it I am already outside with my schedule looking through it to see my assigned locker . I’m totally engrossed in my current task that I almost jump a foot of the ground when I feel fingers wrap around my wrist . My head whips up so fast I could get whiplash from it . My heart is racing and I laugh when I finally see its just Paige. I didn’t recognize her at first because well , the last time I saw her she was blonde now she has purple hair .

" Don’t do that to me , don’t you know I panic easily ! Oh my God , you look great !! I see Hawaii did you some good , you’re back with a tan and I can’t believe you’re parents let you dye your hair purple ” I say excitedly leading her away from the line of people outside the admin toward my locker. Paige usually gets her schedule at the last possible minute meaning she just skips most of the first week’s lessons.

" My parents didn’t actually let me dye my hair and they don’t know about it yet . I have been wearing hats for three days and they are starting to get suspicious . I missed you so much , you wouldn’t believe how boring Hawaii was” Paige answered .I widen my eyes at her because come on , there are just too many things wrong with what she just said .

" Sooner or later your parents are going to find out , I just hope its before the school rings them up about you breaking the hair code. The hell you saying about Hawaii being boring ? ” I ask disbelievingly.

" My parents wouldn’t let me go shark riding or anything fun really ” she whined . That is Paige for you . I love her but even I have to admit that sometimes she doesn’t always she how lucky she is .

" They were worried about your safety , at least you went surfing . I was just holed up at my house doing what I love most ” I say cheerfully.

" Oh no , don’t tell me you spent all summer with your head buried in one of your books ” she said her voice indicating the horror she felt at the thought of reading anything during summer .

" What’s to be horrified about , its like being in a whole other world were you don’t have to deal with everyday problems and micro aggressions ” I say earnestly. Paige like normal doesn’t understand what I am justifying but doesn’t get the chance to retort differently to my statement because I catch a flash of long bleached blonde hair in the opposite end of the hallway and immediately grab a hold of her arm to hide before Mac sees me and decides she would like to trample all over me before fist period deviating from the usual .

Coincidentally the nearest room happens to be the school library which isn’t really all that daunting but Paige however looks like she would rather lick the end of her shoe than be caught dead in the library like some oldie like me. Paige looks at me like I have finally went off the deep end. I mean she isn’t completely wrong because the amount of energy I put into avoiding Mac and socializing in general certainly can be viewed as absolute insanity.

" What the hell was that ?” Paige hisses quietly not wanting to earn one of Mrs., Duncan’ famous glares on the very first day.

" I saw Mac coming our way ” I say bracing myself for the sigh.

" I really don’t get why you don’t like her , I mean she has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met ” .The web she has woven around these guys is actually really impressive . I mean if there was some secret government organization that needed liars to recruit she would be a shoo in .

" I am not even going to waste anytime trying to convince you that that girl is the devil’s incarnate, but don’t go and expect me to voluntarily initiate conversation so I can be tortured ” I say dryly but stating facts as facts.

Paige just rolls her eyes and gives up the matter . My schedule happens to have a list of books each teacher demanded so I decide to get these books checked out of he library for the term before Friday. If you delay getting your textbooks you always end up with the crappy ripped ones.

The whole process takes a few minutes and I decide its probably safe to come out of the library. Paige leads the way out of the library and I immediately wish I had led the way because when I exit , I somehow bump into a really warm wall and I I stumble losing hold of my books and almost crushing to the ground myself but a large arm snakes around me catching me and crushing me against its really impressive chest.

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