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A Weird Family (Lesbian Moms)

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A family of only females... how will this work? Weird romances, interesting conversations, short arguments, and flirty exchanges. Let's see the daily life of two mothers and 5 daughters as well as their babysitter, neighbors, school crushes, and creepy stalkers!

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Everly's Math Homework

“MOMMMMM!!!” Symphony screamed. “SAM IS SIMPING FOR SOMEBODY!!!”

“Well first off all, you’re the last one to know. And second of all, you’re the simp, hon.” Rosalie called from downstairs.

“I was the first.” Liana commented snidely.

“Are you sure you’re our mama, mama?” Cecily asked with suspicion. “Maybe you’re an evil pretend mom who is actually going to feed us to demons outside of our neighborhood and-”

“Stop watching anime.” Samantha quipped.

“YOU WATCH IT TOO!” Cecily screeched, chasing after the older sibling.

“Somebody notice me!” Everly cried, shaking her homework furiously.

“Mommy!!! Can I please watch some TV?” Melody shouted from the bathroom.

“After you’ve done your business!” Rosalie yelled.



“I thought you aced math, Ev-er-ly.” Liana said, peeking over her daughter’s shoulder, then twirling around, heading back into the kitchen.

“I DID!!” Everly protested loudly. “BUT NOW I NEED HELP!!!” “Who’s yelling?!?!” Rosalie’s voice yelled.

“Evie needs help!!” Melody told her mom, still in the bathroom.


“MEANIE!” The 9th grader groaned. “Somebody just help me!” “I’ll help you!” Melody volunteered. Her skirt was messed up and she seemed to have not washed her hands. She took a look at her sister’s paper and announced, “The answer is 69.”

“Now who taught her that?!” Liana asked.

“Mama it’s not that type of 69!” Samantha zipped by, poking Everly in the face and running on with Cecily still ranting about anime.

“My bad.” Liana rolled her eyes. “But hey, she’ll learn someday.”“No… no she won’t.” She scrunched up her face.

“It’s 69! The answer is 69!” Melody insisted.

“How do you know?” Everly demanded. “This is literally like college math, give and take-”

“Give and take…?”

“Since I am, of course, oh so smart to be learning 11th grade math already!”

“But you said-” Melody began again.

“I said 10th grade math because I was being modest!”

“What’s going on?” Symphony skipped down the stairs and walked towards the crowd.

“She doesn’t know the answer.” Melody explained. “Oh.” Symphony also took a look. “Um…”

“It’s 69!” Melody continued to say.

Liana looked over at the math sheet again and snorted. “The mistake is so simple, it’s really no wonder you missed it.”

“What do you mean?!” Everly scanned her work. “There’s nothing wrong with it.”

Melody pointed. “You copied the question wrong.”

“Wha- Oh…” Everly erased her equation which had been: 3(2 - x) = -4(x - 5) into what it should have been: 3(2 + x) = -4(x - 5). (A/N: I did actually copy this from a highschool textbook)

“Simple, simple. And dumb.” Liana said. “It’s just writing the equation. That’s where you went wrong.”

Everly groaned loudly. “UGHH! So stupid.”

“But Melody, you were still wrong.” Everly realized happily. “It’s not 69!”

“It’s {2}.” Liana admitted. “But still, Lody’s answer was closer than yours.”

“I got a close answer!”

“Of course you did.” Symphony scoffed.

“Shut up!”


“I’m 100% sure she is…” Liana said in exasperation. “And I’m sure Evie is going to borrow the websites her younger sister, who she SHOULD be setting a GOOD example for, uses for those fanfics…”

Everly avoided her mother’s cold suspicious glare. “Who’s that Evie girl..?” She tried to laugh it off. “Couldn’t be me…”

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