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Forever and a day

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"When life gives you lemons, eat cake and try again". NO!! NO!! NO!!!!!!!! I swore that I wouldn't fall in love again. I never wanted to feel this so called love this world gives , cause every type of love that I have experienced turned out to be an epic fail dressed like a charming dick. The plan was to drink my meds , attend all my doctor appointments and graduate from high school , until he came along and now I'm losing it. HELP!!!!!!!!!

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Chapter 1

"Wait ,wait , Ocean come here. I didn't mean so say it. It's just... sometimes this anxiety of you causes me to stress to you know."

I turn around and stare at her blank caramel face. Abby is my best friend since last year. I can't stay mad at her but how can I talk to someone who just betrayed me.

"YEAH , so I have anxiety problems , and I'm a bit autistic; but was it nessasary to rad me out like that back there huh! I didn't ask to be like this...I didn't ask to be so awkward around people and I most certainly didn't deserve that nasty comments you said back there."

I feel a pain in my chest as I remember what she said.



Crazy ass bitch.....

The words swirl in my head. Every single letter killing me from the inside....

I turn around and walk away. I think I just lost my best friend

Hii!! This chapter isn't much but it gives us an idea of how our main caracter is.
Hope you enjoyed the chapter:-)

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