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Prettmuch Rugglish And The Case Of The Painting Lady

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A irreverent journey through psychedelic realms with the worlds first virtually-licensed Sacred Space Investigator, Prettymuch Rugglish.

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Prettymuch Rugglish by Richard Russell


What you are about to read is the first known recorded example of the work of sacred space investigator, Prettymuch Rugglish.

Legendary or imaginary ? Real, or just realistic ? Who can tell.

So who is Prettymuch Rugglish ? Well there exists a myth that he was once human, but fell out of love with this reality after his government made nostalgia for the sixties a custodial offence. There is some evidence to back this story up, but clearly not enough hard facts to prove it beyond a doubt, like there is to support the resurrection of Christ, for example, or the existence of God.

What is Prettymuch Rugglish ? A benevolent spirit ? A misguided demon ? To some he is salvation, but for others he is a reckoning. But mostly, by all accounts, he’s a bit of a dick.

Little or nothing was known about the existence of Rugglish until 2019, when during his research for the bestseller Acceptance, author Richard Russell stumbled onto the work of an obscure Dutch ethno-botanist and paranormal researcher named Hans Van Rental.

Van Rental first detailed his own encounters with a mysterious humanoid Being during Ayahuasca ceremonies he’d attended, then after digging deeper, he began to see similarities between not only his own experiences, but also those of other people under the influence of Ayahuasca and a variety of other psychedelic substances.

Unfortunately, Van Rental died in strange circumstances in 1971, a terrible accident involving a large Moose, an ice patch and a can of soup claimed him in June of that year. Luckily, after a brief period of grieving, and an even shorter criminal investigation, Van Rental’s work was eventually published online by his son, Karana Van Rental, in the hope of bringing his research back into the public eye.

It was this confusing collection of Van Rentals notes and observations that Russell stumbled upon in 2018, leading to him researching the phenomenon full time and publishing his initial findings in the following year.

The second part of Russell’s research is still clouded in mystery, it is due to be published in late 2021 and rumours abound that he intends to publish a more extensive study of Prettymuch Rugglish and his background, which begs the question, just what has Russell discovered in his research ?

Until recently, the true Rugglish history was mere guesswork. A conundrum wrapped in a riddle, shrouded in mystery, wrapped in a sheet of vagueness, then hidden in a big box of what-the-fuck and stored in a house of ambiguity.

Russell claims to know more about the Rugglish enigma than anyone else, but then again, he would say that wouldn’t he ?

After completing Acceptance, Russell then turned his considerable intellect and handsomeness to full-time research of the Rugglish mystery, uncovering endless examples of what he could possibly turn into a book, or two.

The case study that follows details one of the most recent events said to involve Rugglish, it happened in early 2019 and Russell claims that it shows Rugglish is still active. However, Russell also claims to have case studies going as far back as the late 18th Century, but as of yet there is no evidence to back this claim up. So is this a new phenomenon or has Russell uncovered an ancient spirit ?

Russell himself is also something of an enigma. Leaving no discernable mark on the world in his first fifty years of life, he suddenly sprung into the public eye in 2020 after releasing the seminal work Acceptance, a book that, by general consensus, ‘’wasn’t too bad’’.

Apart from the occasional email, however, the last known contact with Russell was during the final lockdown of 2020 when I tried to contact him myself and was politely told to fuck off.

So, dear reader, I present to you the first ever transcribed case of Prettymuch Rugglish, Sacred Space Detective.

Please enjoy and share…………………..

Elron A Hubbard


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