College Crush

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Nate is just an average humble college student who is on a first-class with a 4.0 GPA until he meets a girl who is on his level. At first, he sees her as a rival but later gets to enjoy her other side.

Humor / Romance
Mimidoo Chen
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' Yeah I rather am a lover than a fighter, cause all my life I've been fighting'


I could only hear the sound of the heart monitor. It felt like I was asleep but I was also in pain too. I didn't understand this feeling cause I couldn't get up either. I wanted to open my eyes but it felt as though my eyelids decided not to have the intention of opening again.

I wanted to get up but all I could feel was pain...excreting pain! That was the only feeling I was having at that point in my time. It's already bad enough that I can't open my eyes right now and I'm going through the pain of something I can't even recognize or interpret.

'I shouldn't have gotten him involved in my business. Oh lord! It's all my fault. It's so funny how we are rivals but yet you still had the mind to protect me from thugs.' spoke a voice.

This voice. This particular voice sounded so familiar as if I have it before. Maybe it's one of the nurses but it couldn't cause it sounded like a young girl. I protected someone from thugs. I, Nate Thompson, protected someone who is a female and turns out to also be my rival. I protected my rival. This piece of information sounds wrong and does not fit at all. Nothing is clicking to my head.

I couldn't even protect myself from the evil hands of my older sister, Julie, but I could protect another person. My rival to be exact. This has to be some misunderstanding. I'm pretty sure she's talking about someone else.

''I was even shocked myself that you of all people could do that for me. I do appreciate Nate.'' spoke the same voice again but this time with a softer tone.

Okay, that is it, I need to wake up and find out who the heck this person is. Without even thinking twice ( I honestly had no idea whether I was gonna wake up or not but it's good anyway) my eyes just opened and I couldn't even believe my eyes with what I saw or to be more precise with who I saw in front of me. It's...


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