An Awful Energy.

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The life of a teenager is transformed when she and one of her older brothers move in with their estranged father and his new family. A new school, new family and a whole bunch of new problems could lead to this girl going crazy but with her fun loving brother, weed and alcohol with her; Luna manages to make it through this unbearable and rather trying year.

Humor / Romance
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Who Am I?

“I don’t belong to anyone but everybody knows my name.” An iconic line used in my favourite artist, Billie Eilish’s song; CopyCat. I love it because it basically describes me. I’m Luna Jackson, the youngest of 4 and literally the ONLY girl!!!! Well, let me give you the lowdown of my pretty shitty life. I lost my mother at the tender age of 6 so naturally you’d think my jackass of a father would consider taking care of me and my brothers but unfortunately, thinking things through isn’t his strong suit and we ended up being sent to live with our grandparents on a farm in Belfast for a couple of shitty years. During this time and long after, my brothers and I became very close. Inseparable, to say the least: First, there’s Logan (Named after my father’s favourite superhero Wolverine); his six years older than me so that makes him 23 when the events of this book took place. His the typical older brother; Responsible, Charming, Witty and literally, the best at EVERYTHING!! Including, studying Criminal Law at Harvard. Secondly there’s, Lance AKA Mr. Preppy; born two years after Logan (21 when the story took place). He is the bloody definition of perfect; Neat, Knowledgeable and Wise beyond his years so when he became the Mayor’s Right Hand Man, I wasn’t shocked at all. Then there’s, Lucian AKA The Family Favourite because of his athletic achievements. Though his two years older than me, he failed a couple of grades so we basically attended school together. And last but definitely not least, me (Luna). Being born last did not have any perks and being a girl didn’t help either but coming out as lesbian at 14 did boost my relationship with my brothers. I’m basically the Troublemker, the Experimenter, the Manipulator and the Golden Child; in basic terms, I can cause as much trouble as I want and not give a Fuck about consequences because I’m UNTOUCHABLE!! Or so I thought until my father decided to relocate me and Lucian to a city called Wayhaven.

And so this story takes place...
"I can't actually believe we're doing this, Luna... It doesn't make sense." Whined Lucian as he grabbed my suitcase off the airport's conveyor belt while I arranged our bags. When our father, Oliver Jackson decided to leave us with our grandparents, he moved miles away and practically started a new life; a new wife, a new job, new home and of course, new offspring. After vanishing for 11 years, Oliver's wife forced him to reach out and build a better bond with his children for the sake of their children. So after paying for our flight tickets and getting my aunt to convince me, Lucian and I agreed to the move. I heavily sighed as I watched my older brother drop my suitcase onto the white tiles below us and I couldn't help but roll my eyes at his sheepish grin. My brothers and I look really, really similar. The main features we share is our intense jawline, midnight black hair that's pretty coily and tall build. However, Logan and I share these bluish/greenish eyes while Lucian and Logan have these plain sky blue eyes that they inherited from our father. What sets me apart from my brothers other than my female features and long hair, is my tattoos and my swag. I have a full blown Tribecan tattoo on my right arm, a sword with a rose wrapped around it on the back of my neck and a the small AK-47 in between my tiny breasts.
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