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*Now On Wattpad & Dreame* ~All Chapters Will Be Properly Edited Once The Book Is Completed~ Every year, Radha Aashi Kavya and her family would celebrate Deepavali at their house with a few friends and close relatives. This year, Radha's father decided that they'll be celebrating Deepavali with a distant relative. Radha's father said that it has been a very long time since they've celebrated the Festival of Lights together and it's time to pay them a visit. Radha was truly against about the idea of meeting her relatives as she has never met them before. Little does she know, her relatives has a hot son and a young daughter who had just turned 5-years-old. What happens when Radha finds out that their hot son is her long-term high school crush? Find out together with Radha on this unexpected journey of hers. After all, Radha isn't an ordinary cousin to have just like the others. โ˜ฏโ˜ฏโ˜ฏ All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form by all means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying,recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright holder. If you don't prefer reading my works because they're related to mental health illness, click off. Thank you for your cooperation. ยฉFebruary 2022, Kookie

Humor / Romance
T. Kookie
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Chapter 1: A Serious Meeting With Radha's Family

"Radha, get up! It's 8 o'clock. Go and shower", I heard my mum say from the kitchen but I didn't budge. I'm still under my covers with my eyes closed, ready to go back to dreaming.

"Radha, if you don't get up, I'll call your father", she shouted. My eyes shoot open. There's no way that I'm letting my father to wake me up. The last time he woke me up is still clear in my mind. He had poured a pail of cold water on me to wish me good morning.

"I'm up, ma", I said.

"After showering, come to the dining table. Your father has something he wants to say to everyone", she told. I rubbed my eyes and stretched my body before entering the bathroom with a new pair of black jeans which reaches my knees and a white shirt.

Later, I comb my hair into a ponytail and went downstairs, feeling fresh. Everyone were already sitting around at the dining table so, I sat on the last chair available and joined them. All of them seemed serious and that made me worried.

Did I forgot to do a house chore?

That can't be. I remember doing all of the house chores that my mum had assigned me.

Did I get a bad grade?

That's not possible either considering I've gotten my marks a month ago and my marks were enough to put a smile on my father's face.

So, what's the reason for the quiet and tensed atmosphere around us? As if reading the questions in my mind, my father sighed then started to speak.

"This year, Deepavali day will be different", he said.

"What? Why? Are our relatives not coming to celebrate with us?", my elder brother ask, eager to know the reason for the sudden change.

"Yes because we are celebrating Deepavali somewhere else", he answered fluently in Tamil.

"I don't get it, appa. We'd always celebrate the Festival of Lights in our house. Why should this year be different?", I ask, not catching on.

"This is because it has been a long time since we have celebrated this special day with them. I think it's time we pay them a visit", he said with a warm smile. My lips curved into a frown after hearing his words.

No, I don't want to meet them! What if they're serial killers?! They could also be a part of the Mafia! I should definitely look around their house for guns. What if they're more dangerous than Gru? Wait a minute...isn't Gru the hero of the movie?

Oh my god!

What if they're bad people disguised as good? No no. I shouldn't be negative-minded. However, it would be awesome if I could find an underground basement in the house.

Dang, I can't even think positive because I haven't met these people. This must be the side effects of having trust issues.

I might need a therapist. Can therapist even help me? What if the therapist I'm seeing just robs me for money? That'll simply increase my level of trust issues.

In short, I want to meet them but at the same time, I don't want to. To summarize everything up, I'm overthinking to a whole new level. Wow, a new record!

"Radha, why are you smiling like a maniac?", my brother snickered. I scoffed at him.

Why does he want to know?

Suddenly, an evil idea came to my mind and I smirked. He's so going to regret for calling me a maniac. Time to initiate my extraordinary plan.

"Amma, Viraj anna is disturbing me", I said with a pout.

"Viraj, don't disturb your sister or you'll be sleeping on the roadside", my mum scolded which sent a big shock to my big brother. I laughed at his reaction.

"Appa! Do something!", he said with hope that our father would stand up for him but sadly, our father isn't the boss of this house.

So, our father replied, "Viraj, listen to your mum". I bite down my lips to not let out another laugh for my brother's foolishness and looked away while smiling. Viraj hung his head low in defeat.

Radha, one and Viraj, zero.

"Please start packing your luggages as we will move tommorow. We will be staying at their house for two weeks. Therefore, double-check your luggages in case you've forgotten to pack something important like your toothbrush", my father advised and we all nodded. He then gestured all of us to eat our delicious breakfast, chapatti and chicken curry.

As I was eating, my mind felt disturbed. I wonder how my distant relatives will be.

Argh, whatever!

I'd rather savor my mouthwatering breakfast than to think about strangers. I just hope that they're nice and not some people who actually owns dangerous weapons. If they truly are villains, I wouldn't hesitate to call the police

No mercy!
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