Living Through The Days

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A Note From Me to You

I’d say that the time is about 1pm give or take a few minutes. Seeing as the place is rather clear (the few stranglers were not worth the waste of energy though keeping an eye on them is a must in case they make their way over here….) a breather is in order I think. Traveling for seven hours straight can be rather tiring, especially if you’re trying to sneak around. (It’s not as easy as it was on the TV’s)

So, considering that you’re reading this, I’m betting you’re wondering what’s going on. (While I’m thinking how you got this in the first place…) Well, to put it bluntly. The dead are walking the Earth.

How it came to be, well no one really knows. Though most state it was a sickness that people got from those already infected. Like a cold almost, though this one came with a hunger that would never be sedated and not the sniffles. Others think it was caused by some animal, almost like a plague. My personal favorite however would have to be the one in where someone ate a bad burger. (Man I miss Fast Food… )

Well, whatever cause it it’s hear and most are living in the hell it created. And if you’re reading this, well you must as well be as well. So I hope that you enjoy the ride as you go along.

You turn the page.

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