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The mafia and his lost queen excerpts

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I started this mini book you can call it, because people loved the mini excerpts I made last time and many on discord too appreciated it, so I decided to upload these separately and not in between the book as it was messing it up and it was irritating me. I want the book and these fun, mini excerpts to be separate. I'm going to try my level best to make it as awesome for you guys as possible so I really do hope you will like it. I hope u guys will love Ashton, Sophia and all the characters. Cheers! And yes, please read The mafia and his lost queen before this to understand the character of every character lol. Thank you.

Humor / Romance
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Emotional and beautiful Sashton excerpt


Sophia smacked the pillow at my face when I looked back at her getting irritated, “What?”

“I. Am. Hungryyyyyyyy.”

I went back to working on my laptop, “Drink my blood.”

“I. Am. Not. Thirstyyyyyyyy. I. Am. Hungryyyyyyyy.”

I rolled my eyes, “Sof. Ssshhh. Shush my baby shush.”

She huffed and took my laptop away and placed her head in my lap lying on the bed when I smiled running my hands through her hair when I bent forward and kissed her head, giving it a massage, “What do you want to eat?”


“Sof can you stop this eeeeeeingggg, it’s annoying me-”

“Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-” and I pulled her up into a sitting position and harshly pecked her to shut her up.

She looked at me with her eyes wide open, “Ash-Ashton.........” and then she scowled like an angry cat when she placed her hands on her hips like an angry mom, “You-”

“You speak too much gattina.” and I smashed my lips onto hers, taking her into an unforgettable kiss. She immediately cupped my face and kissed me back when grabbing her from under her armpits I placed her on my lap till she was straddling me as I deepened the kiss. She held onto me never letting me go, making me feel loved and making me feel happy that atleast after all those damn long, hurtful and painful years, I finally had someone that loved me and was there for me. And I was very grateful for that person to be my annoying pigeon. I’d rather it be her than anyone else. I pulled her closer to my chest by her waist and poured out all of the love I could offer her when later I smacked her ass, making her get up to go since she wanted to buy Dunkin Doughnuts.

Period cravings.


I entered the room to see it all dark and Sophia lying inside the covers. First I assumed that she was sleeping but then it went into a huge suspicion as her body was shaking when I heard her strained cries coming from under the sheets. Alarmed I ran towards her and sat behind her, looping my arm around her waist pulling her closer when I kissed her head, “Amore, get up my love.”

She grabbed the sheets closer to herself refusing to let go when I sighed and tried to tug down the sheets lightly. She denied first but slowly gave up when I slid the sheets down and saw that Sophia was a mess. A huge, fucking mess. Her ears, nose and eyes were red from crying, the rest of her whole face was pale and what alarmed me the most was to see how swollen her eyes were. Yes, Sophia used to cry a lot as she used to feel emotions too deeply but she had never cried THIS much to a point I could see her eyes pretty much swollen and puffed out. I grabbed her from under her armpits and pulled her in my lap when she suddenly grabbed my shirt in her fist strongly and burying her head against my chest she started crying more harshly till her body shook.

I had no idea what was going on and that what had happened when I grew more scared and rubbed her thighs, shoulders and back, “Sophie tell me what happened darling, why are you crying so much my love?”

She didn’t say anything and just rocked her head back and forth indicating that it was nothing and started crying more. She placed her closed fist in front of her mouth and kept on crying till I heard pained screams accidentally leaving her mouth. Okay, now I was petrified since this had never happened before when I cupped her cheeks and brought her face up so that she could look into my eyes. My girl was a crying mess when I removed the tears and just laid my lips harshly against hers. Her breathing staggered for a bit, shocked at my sudden action but after a few seconds she melted into my embrace and clung onto me kissing me back. I started it off as as low and a loving kiss when Sophia started to rub hers harshly against mine, taking out some sort of built up frustration or anger, I don’t know. But I let her. I let her do whatever she wanted when I suddenly wrapped my left hand around her open hair, twisted it around and pulled them back exposing her neck for me to ravish on.

Our lips parted when we both breathed heavily for air and I started laying wet kisses along her neck. She moaned when I took a piece of skin inside my teeth, rolled it around and bit her skin leaving my mark there when she hissed in pain and quickly moaned in pleasure. Rubbing her back with my fingertips, I then ran my tongue over that patch of skin to lessen the ache. Her breathing slowed down a bit when I strengthened my grip on her hair wounded around my fist and kissed up her neck till her chin. She sighed and brought her head down till we both were looking into each other’s eyes. I pecked her, keeping my eyes open looking at her when I asked, knowing that she was a bit stable now, “What happened? Talk to me.”

She removed the tears from her eyes and shook her head, “No no nothing.”


“It’s just my period Ashton, don’t worry about it.”

Yes I knew Sophia was on her period and yes I knew her hormones used to mess up bad and yes countless times, she just used to start crying stating that she didn’t know why she is crying but she is. But I also knew that despite her period hormones, she wouldn’t cry this much, the badly swollen eyes and the painful screams which left her mouth were fucking proof. I knew something was deeply hurting her from the inside and the muffled screams which had made way out of her mouth were living proof that her heart was also bleeding and screaming. Something which I didn’t want her to suffer alone.

She is mine and I am hers. Whatever she suffers, I suffer with her. As simple as that.

I picked her up, placing her on my lap till she was straddling me. I took off my shirt as it was a bit hot after that hot kissing session when she just looked at my eight pack abs and started tracing them lightly with her fingers. She traced every lining of my muscle when I pulled her closer taking off her shirt and discarding it somewhere with mine’s. She was wearing a black lace bra which immediately made me hard but I knew that she was on her period and hence we couldn’t. I cupped her face till she looked at me when I whispered, “You want me to talk to you and let my inner pains out, Sofie now I want you to talk to me and let your inner pains out. Please talk to me and tell me what happened?”

She kept looking into my eyes when tears filled her own as she whispered, “I love these grey irises of yours Ashton.”

Okay, she was definitely going through something a lot if she started off like this. I know my girl. Whenever she is facing some less of an intense situation, she will directly state what the problem is, talk it out and get over with it but when she is facing some gruesome, bad moment, always more than the defined emotional parameters she held, she always started like this.

I kissed her cleavage and looked at her, “I love those blue irises equally as much angel. So tell me,” I pulled her closer till her breast was touching my chest, “what is troubling my girl?”

Her chin wobbled and her voice quivered, “I read a book.”


“Please don’t laugh at me when I tell you the reason I’m crying.”

“I promise I wouldn’t laugh baby. Please tell me.”

“The main hero died and the author made me love him so much. He he he......”

“He what baby?”

“He was just like,” and her voice thinned as she rubbed my chin lightly, “my Ashton.”

All of my breath left my body when she nodded, “He loved the girl just like you love me. He provided for her just like you do for me, is always there for her, compliments her, kisses her, hugs her, tolerates her annoying habits and still finds himself helplessly falling in love with her. He makes her feel special, feel loved, important, mattered, not a burden and the girl is so happy to have him. She cannot even think of anytime living without him, the thought alone breaks her, crushes her soul, darkens her life like no other thing can. She daily wakes up to first just see him lying down beside her, hugging her to himself and she smiles, her heart dancing with the thousand coloured butterflies, the strings of her heart playing a fine romantic tune like on a guitar and she squeals to realize that she has him. She looks at him and admires his looks, his beauty, his handsomeness and is so happy to have him as her husband. She daily runs into his arms and he daily twirls her around, kisses her, laughs with her,” Sophia looked down as more tears started to flow down her cheeks and her voice started to thin, “plays the piano for her, always keeps her before him, always looks out for her before him, always takes care of her before him, he even keeps his girl before him in his thoughts, in his dreams, in his ambitions............” she looked at me when my heart broke just to see that Sophia was broke when she tucked her hair behind her ears and she looked so cute with her red nose, red lips and red eyes from crying hard when she raised her arms and let them fall again, shuddering, “They both loved each other so much Ashton. They both couldn’t live without each other and both were ready to sacrifice their life for each other too.”

These words were beautiful, pleasing and touched the deepest musical cords of my heart but her next words? Her next words knocked all air out of me as they were so goddamn prepossessing when she nodded and whispered, “He was the Ashton to his Sophia.”

As soon as these words left her mouth I just bent forward and kissed her. I pulled her closer and took her plump red lips in mine sucking on her lips and just kissing her when she wrapped her arms around my waist and tilted her neck, diving deeper into the kiss. With one arm around her waist and with the other hand wiping away the tears on her face, I just kissed my Sophia as these words.....................they would never ever leave my sanity. Not until my last breath. Even if dementia is ever to take over me, these words would never ever leave my mind. He was the Ashton to his Sophia.


So fucking beautiful.

I kissed her pouring out all of my love I had for her when she moved back and looked at me, “The husband died later on.”

My heart physically felt pain and that’s when I understood why Sophia was crying. That’s when I understood why despite her normal routine of crying randomly during periods, she cried a lot this time, because-

“I don’t want you to leave me ever.”

-because she feared me dying.

My lips stretched into a small, sad smile when I laid both of my hands on the side of her head and brought her face closer, kissing her forehead. My eyes closed when I could feel her eyes closing as well when I just laid my lips against her forehead and kissed the spot feeling euphoria rush through my body. Moving away she looked at me when she cupped my cheek and rubbed her thumb softly with as much love as she could, as softly as fearing breaking a glass, when her voice broke, “Ashton it would kill me if I lose you one day. The death of her husband did move me a lot and yes I did cry for her loss and her pain as I felt it too but what triggered me more was that I cannot imagine losing you. I cannot imagine to be alive for the day where I’ll be craving your hugs, your lips, your voice, your sweet words, your sweet gestures, your goofy smile and your funny comebacks and just your scent with my mind daily telling me, daily killing me, daily draining my blood and sending me into a series of incurable screams and pains and a cave of despair and loss that you are not coming back, that you will never come back to me and hug me. That you will never come back and tell me how beautiful I look and how much you love me and how much I mean to you. I cannot live with my brain constantly telling me that you are gone for good,” her face scrunched up as more tears flowed down her cheeks as she hiccuped and continued, her hold on my face hardening as she shook her head, “I can’t.”

She took my hand, wrapping hers around it and placed it on her heart when I could feel her rapid heartbeat as she rasped out, “My heart can’t.”

And then she placed my hand on her cheeks and curled her fingers with mine, “My sanity can’t.”

I kept on breaking and breaking looking at her condition when she said, “I can’t stay sane if one day someone comes up to me and tells me that you are no more. I can’t live up to the moment where people will daily come to hold me and daily tell me to have a grip on myself by telling me that you will never come back. That you are gone, somewhere so far away, somewhere in some other world where I can never reach you ever. No matter how hard I try. I. Just. Can’t.” She clutched her heart and bent down till her head was touching my thighs as her body shook with tears with her constantly whispering, “I can’t I can’t I can’ttttt.”

I exhaled, a wave of sadness washing over me like flood not over the fact that I would die someday and leave everything behind, never coming back, but on the fact that Sophia was crying and I couldn’t see her in this state. I whispered, “Sofie-”

She immediately brought her head up, her eyes widening when she grabbed my face and shook it, looking into my eyes, “Thisss. This Ashton this. I want to hear you say this name till the last of my breaths. I want to hear you say these words before I die Ashton, I just want to keep hearing you, keep listening to you talk and say anything you want, just.......just-just.......-” I cut her off midway, “Sophia relax. Take in a deep breath honey.”

I reached over to her side table and poured her a glass of water from the jug she always kept and I insisted for her to keep it especially during her period since the amount of blood she lost used to be great and I didn’t want her fainting or suffering from dehydration. I poured water and gave the glass to her. She was hesitant when I brought it till her lips, “Drink it. Quickly my love.”

She drank the water, when I could see her calming down the way her body posture changed. She drank the whole glass when I asked, “Do you want some more?”

She shook her head a no when I placed the glass aside and held her face, “I love you Sophia. I love you so goddamn much-”

She held my hands which were holding my face and dropped her head bending forward and touched her forehead to mine when she whispered, “Promise me.”

“Promise you what amore?”

“Promise me if circumstance ever come in the mafia life, promise me you will always run for your safety first-”

My eyes widened as this was obviously ridiculous and never happening in a million goddamn years, “Sophia-”

“Promise me that you will never ever take a bullet for me.” She brought her head up, tears clouding her eyes when she cupped my face in the soft hands of hers, “Promise me that Ashton, please fucking promise me.”

I smiled a sad smile and shook my head, “I will always take a bullet for you. I’ll take even a hundred bullets for you angel.”


“You’re so fucking worth it Sophia, you’re so fucking worth it. You want my happiness and this will be my happiness, dying knowing that I died protecting my queen, my angel and the love of my life.”

Her eyes squinted in pain, “Ashton-”

“My love you just need rest. Lie down with me, come on.”

I took off my pants and slid inside the covers when I pulled Sophia along and made her lie on top of me when she looked up, “But I’m on my period.”


“Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable? What if my pad leaks?”

I rolled my eyes and cuddled her more closer, “Nothing about your monthly makes me uncomfortable or disgusts me. I can never be disgusted by you, plussssss,” I looked down and smirked wiggling my eyebrows, something I usually did before telling a sexual joke, “your period is necessary for a future mini Sashton or future mini Sashtonsssss running around this house and turning every furniture upside down. Can’t wait to throw Massimo off his mafia duties and give him nanny duties.”

She giggled and asked after a while, “How many babies do you want?”

“Four or five. What about you?”

“Aren’t three enough?”

“No. I hate odd numbers. But I start loving odd numbers after four. Only in the case of babies that my Sophia will give me.”

She laughed hitting my chest and laid her head on my chest again when after a few seconds she pressed her head harder and fisted her hand lying on my naked chest when she whispered, “I love to hear your heartbeat.”

I kissed her head and pulled her closer, “I love you angelo. Ti amo tanto.” and she snuggled closer whispering it back to me when I rocked the sleeping beauty to sleep.(translation: I love you so much.)


It had been one and a half week since that incident and Sophia’s period had finished when I took her to the nearby private island I owned. She was dressed beautifully in a black dress, a long slit in her right side of the leg, letting me see it making me hard. The dress had a deep V-neck ending lower than her breasts letting me see her cleavage when I wanted to do nothing but stop the car and take her there and then but I had plans. She had her makeup done perfectly with a smoky eye which I always loved as it gave off bad mafia queen vibes which she so definitely was, no doubt about that. She always loved less jewellery and not very heavy one which was another quality of hers that I secretly admired. Not that my money is being saved, I could care less about that when it came to my family, especially Sophia but I just generally loved her quality of dressing simple and elegant. Not heavy makeup and looking like a plastic female. No. And I did not like this version of her of being simple, I fucking loved it. She was wearing a choker necklace with a silver necklace I had bought for her dangling down as she never took it off whether it matched the dress or not and it made me smile as she kept my presents to heart. She also had the promise ring on her finger that I had gotten her when I asked her to be my girlfriend. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other on her exposed leg, I drove to the island when Sophia gasped as I parked the car in front of it, “Oh my god Ashton this is so beautifullllll.”

I took off my seatbelt looking at her and smiling, “Never more beautiful than you.”

She blushed when I went to her side and opened the door, holding my hand out when the queen gracefully placed hers in mine and got out of the car. Locking it behind and making sure the gun was still in the waistband of my jeans I turned Sophia around holding her waist when I pulled her close to me. I bent and kissed her neck when I whispered, “You have the knives strapped around your thigh right Mrs.future Romanno or do I need to teach you basic fucking rules again?”

She held my shirt in her fist and pulled me close rubbing herself against me when I moaned as she brought her mouth till my ear and whispered, “A queen is always armed and ready especially when her trainer is a king Mr.Romanno. And the trainer who even knows how she tastes.” She suddenly raised her right leg and hit her right knee exactly at my private area faster than my immediate reflexes at that time when I buckled and hissed as she pulled me closer, biting my earlobe when she whispered, “You are too naughty for me Mr.Romanno.” She nudged her nose with my ear when I straightened up after the hit and roamed my hands down her back agonizingly slowly, feeling each and every curve of her when I squeezed her ass kissing her earlobe as well, “Well done then Ms.Greene. I would love to show you all sides of mine because the present I’m about to give you is definitely a place where you can scream and no one will ever hear you mafia queen.” I pressed myself further against her when her breathing shallowed and I smirked as I whispered in her ear, making sure my voice sounded hoarse, “Spankings.” I flicked the earring on her other ear as she curled her fingers of the hand that was resting against my chest. “Belt spankings.” I placed my finger on her exposed neck and softly moved it down till her breast. “Handcuffs.” I squeezed her breast and bit her earlobe. “Me fucking you hard till you’re raw and can never move a muscle? Darling no one will even hear you so yes, let your trainer do the training okay?”

She shivered when I held out my hand after that hot encounter when she parted her legs a bit and placed her hand in mine when I smirked to know that she had squeezed her legs while I was...............speaking hot profanities in her ear. We both started walking together towards where I wanted to take her, her black outfit totally matching my all black outfit. She was also wearing black heels matching my black dress shoes and I? I felt fucking powerful with a strong woman by my side as recently, Sophia had been getting a bit too good at combats. We had to intercept a Russian shipment coming and Sophia wanted to go along when as always I was hell bent on saying no and she was hell bent on going when I finally did take her along, but was adamant to keep six hidden trackers, one inside her bra, attached to her clothes, hidden inside her hair, attached to her scalp and what not when I did take her along reluctantly.

Because I was damn scared for her as these missions were always fucking dangerous. And Sophia meant a lot to me.

Anyways we went there, I kept Sophia by my side all the damn time and when we came back home after successfuly intercepting and stealing the shipment and killing all the men...............Massimo came to me wide eyed and he whispered, “She sure is a female Ashton huh.”

I smiled and nodded feeling so goddamn proud, “I trained that fox better than anyone can even train me.”

Sophia fought just like me, her reflexes were damn fast and strong as lightning. Her kills? One after the other, one after the other as bodies just kept dropping onto the floor, blood pooling around them as she made her kills. I was so goddamn proud of her when my girl managed to kill fifty four men under a span of five minutes and without any scratch on her. I killed a hundred and eighty-five but Sophia had to be praised more since this was her first mission and she was a damn queen.

Since then, I took Sophia to every mission of mine, included her in every meeting held for the mafia business as she ruled alongside me, stood alongside me and gave orders alongside me. I knew my girl would be the first ever lady to arise as the most goddamn powerful mafia queen and I couldn’t have been more proud to one day get to listen to people talking that here comes the husband and the wife, the two great mafia leaders to ever exist. Yes dangers come alongside this but I will train my girl for all those time. I was so happy to have her with me and nothing could beat that happiness.

Except ofcourse, our babies.

We turned around a corner till a large ship came into view. It was a matte grey coloured ship, the colour looking so beautiful just like pencil charcoal grey, with atleast five floors, fifty rooms with ten rooms on each floor. A separate club was also inside, a bar and even a swimming pool was situated on the ground floor. There was a proper roof on the top with seating arrangements and all. There were so many other things as the rooms inside were itself lavish with a jacuzzi in each washroom and what not. I knew this all since I had myself had made the blueprint of the ship which I wanted for Sophia. We went closer with Sophia’s hand in mine when I squeezed it. She looked at me and gave me her dollarssssss worth of a smile when we stood in front of the ship.

Her eyes raked over it, her mouth slightly open when I stood behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her body into mine and kissed her cheek, “This ship is yours my love.”

Her eyes widened when she looked back at me and I nodded, smacking her ass loudly, loving the sound that echoed after it, “I got this made just and just for you because I believe,” I left her side when I stood in front of her and widened my arms, my black Raybans blocking the direct sunlight, as I spoke with a light edge to my voice, as if I was talking to a crowd full of people, “that the mafia life isn’t always everything. Shooting, mass murder, blood, torture, cells..........this isn’t always everything my love. I believe that the strongest mafia don can lead both lives side by side. Difficult, yes, dangerous, hell yes but what’s life without risk? What’s life without a bit of fun and what’s life without,” I smirked and moved closer to Sophia as she was trying hard to control her smile with her arms wrapped together when I circled my arms around her waist and pulled her in close kissing her cheek bone and making my way till her ear when I whispered, “having a bit of,” I squeezed her ass, “fun with my kitten.”

She shifted on her feet when I felt satisfied for the effect I had on her when I moved back after rubbing her waist, feeling her soft curves, “So yes, I got this ship as I would love to go places with you on this. We have had planes, jets, cars.........but never a ship.”

I started walking towards the boat when I looked back at her, “Stay here and stay alarmed and keep an eye on me.”

She nodded when I went on it and moved towards the end, standing on the high stage, moving the wheel till the ship started to turn to the left. I turned towards Sophia, waiting for her reaction, my senses always on alarm and my gun always ready for any attack when the ship finally turned and Sophia gasped looking at the front. A smile stretched across my face when I came back down and stood next to her but she never moved, her eyes glued to the front. I wrapped my arms around her by standing behind and placed my chin in the crook of her neck, touching the side of my head with hers looking at the front of the boat too when I whispered, “I love you my angel.”

At the front of the boat, in the most beautiful cursive font was written the most beautiful word and blessing of my life.


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