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Have you ever had a call that changed your life for good?? Well Sam Evens is about to anyways. Follow her to her journey of self discovery, solving mystery and meeting new people.

Humor / Mystery
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Chapter 1


I woke up to a loud bang on my door " Samantha Earth Evens !! YOU BETTER BE AWAKE OTHER WISE YOU WILL HAVE COLD WATER AS YOUR ALARM!!! "my mom yells at me as i begin to wake up . " i am awake now! No need to pour cold water on me today momma" mumbling about as i walk down stares thekitchen where i find my mom making my favorite morning breakfast which are pancakes.

" look at you walking around the kitchen looking like a homeless person on drugs with a breath that smells like it should have been labeled as a biological weapon.....hahaha!!!" The twins say at the same time. Sometimes i think it's creepy.
" Quite you two other wise this wooden spoon will be a weapon to use to make you behave boys!" My mom scolds them as she waving the wooden spoon in the faces . I laughed at the twins because they look very scared now. My mom turns me and my laugh vanishes in thin air as she scolds me " Earth!! , what did i tell you about entering the kitchen without a bath???!! Go and get ready for work!". I run up stares as i realized that i was late again!!! Oohh my goodness!! I am soo late.

Ohhh i forgot to introduce myself . My name is Samantha Earth Evens and i am eldest out of my two siblings who are the twins who are turning 10 years old this weekend. I am 18 years old turning 19 two weeks after the twins. Let me introduce to you my family. Ruth Ocean Evens is my mom and she works as a criminal lawyer. She defendes the innocent people in court and she has her own firm where she is her own boss , knowing how busy she is she still makes time for us . She is my best friend and we tell each other everything so i have nothing to hide other then i have a tattoo on my back with a small heart of which i got from a dare i did with my friends at our senior farewells. To answer your next question yes i did had one too many drinks and ended up with a cute little tattoo on my back. She will be very unhappy about it if she finds out.

Then there's the twins, the trouble maker's. I swear, i don't know where do they find soo much energy to be running around the house doing pranks for which i was there main victim. Jackson River Evens who is the eldest by 5minutes and there is Rain Storm Evens who is the most loved by our dear mom as he is the youngest. Our father Jack Hunter Evens died a year after my mom had the twins.
We are mixed race. Our is black and our father was an Italian. They met in a restaurant where my mom accidentally fell over our dad and split coffee on him and the became inseparable from then.

The three of us have our mother's light brown skin complexion and her brown blonde- ish curly hair. The three of us have green eyes we got from our father while my mom has chocolate brown eyes. I mostly look like my mother while the twins has our fathers features. I know we have weird names i am being to think that my mom was a hippie before she become a Christian.
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