The Past Is Here

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"Hey loser,firstly, never call a girl bitch and secondly learn how to say sorry whenever you bump into someone" and with these words I poured the remaining content of the Spritzer on his body,pushed the bottle into his arms and wiggled past his bodyguards that stood like statues at his back.

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Day One At Canyon Crest Academy


I sighed as I took the first step into my new school. My mum thought relocating from Florida to California was going to help. I'm not really sure about that. But I hope to start a new beginning and put my past behind me if its ever possible. My dreams are always haunted by him. I could no longer close my eyes to take a nap. Whenever I close my eyes,I see him mouthing,"I'll come back for you".

I walked into the homeroom and since I got to school 12 minutes earlier,I decided to tour the surroundings of the school. It was so big so I familiarized myself with the cafeteria and labs. At least that's what I'll be needing for now.

I walked to my locker,packed my books and walked to my first class only to find out the class has been locked. I knocked lightly on it.
Woah,who locks the class two minutes before the bell is rung?

I was snapped out of my thoughts when the door opened revealing a tall woman with strawberry-blonde hair and big glasses.

"You're Miss.....?",she said before I cut her short.
"Alexis Young", I said.
She parted and allowed me to enter the class.
"Now,Miss Alexis Young,I'll give you the rules of my class".
She opened a file and handed a printed script that has a RULES TO MS.HALL'S CLASS" heading to me.
"Go sit at the back and open your textbook to page 23",she said.
I made my way to the back before a random guy bumped into me.
"I wasn't looking",he said half smirking still standing in my way.
"Get out of my way,loser",I said
"Oh,feisty. I see. I'll find something to do about that",he said and sat down back. The rest of the class giggled.
I looked down and walked straight to the back. I brought my English textbook out and opened to page 23.


The class finally ended and I packed my things and headed straight to my locker. I packed the things I needed for my second and third period because the trip to my locker wasn't an easy one. As I closed my locker and turned around,someone bumped into me spilling Spritzer on me. The bottle flew but I caught it.
I looked at the person that bumped into me. It was the same guy that bumped into me in class but he was with three other guys.
"Bitch,why do you always bump into me?",he asked angrily.
"Hey loser,firstly, never call a girl a bitch and secondly learn how to say sorry whenever you bump into someone" and with these words I poured the remaining content of the Spritzer on his body,pushed the bottle into his arms and wiggled past his bodyguards that stood like statues at his back. It was then I noticed that remaining students in the homeroom had their attentions on us. I hissed and walked to the restroom to wash my face.
I finished and looked into the mirror only to find a girl standing at my back. I quickly turned around to face her. She smiled and extended her hand for an handshake.
"I'm Kylie",she said.
"Alexis",I took her hand and answered.
"I already know,we were in English class together".
"Oh",that was all I could say.
"You're really brave. You stood up to the one and only Ezra of CCA",she half-screamed. Just then the bell rang for class.
"I'll see you during lunch",she said as we ran out

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