The Book - SEASON 1

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A group of friends live in Turkey and begin travelling around the world for clues to look for the Mysterious book.

Episode 1 - Pilot


Toby tries to force Lounis to leave Qatar and to look for the book with him by travelling around the world together.

LOUNIS: (YAWNS) Being lazy for the entire summer was something good. On top of that, I'm not even tired!

Doorbell rings...

LOUNIS: Already?! But I'm exhausted!

Doorbell rings...

Lounis gets up...

Doorbell rings again...

LOUNIS: (YELLING) Ring that damn bell again and I'll make your ears ring.

Lounis opens the door...

TOBY: Hi! I'm Toby Yetson!

LOUNIS: Hello random stranger who told his name to me for no random reason!

Both stare at each other quietly for a few seconds...

LOUNIS: Goodbye!

TOBY: Wait, wait! I heard you're Lounis Matar!

LOUNIS: Yes, a very not famous man you're stalking.

TOBY: Listen! You're the same guy who was looking for the book!

LOUNIS: Yeah Mr. Stalker, you missed the part where I stopped searching for it 2 years ago!

Toby comes in...

LOUNIS: Please come in! Random strangers coming in without any permission is actually the way I invite!

TOBY: Woah, you're place is great!

LOUNIS: This is Qatar. What place isn't great?

LOUNIS: (SIGHS) Alright, what do you want?

TOBY: I'm searching for a book that nobody knows!

LOUNIS: Was I really this stupid a few years back...?

TOBY: I did so much research, and you're the only one who has been searching for the book!

LOUNIS: But I gave up. And it doesn't exist.

TOBY: But-

LOUNIS KICKING TOBY OUT: Sorry! I'm busy! Find some other!

TOBY: But all you did was sit on your ass for the rest of the summer!

LOUNIS: Tip of advice if you want that book... quit stalking me.

TOBY: But-

LOUNIS: Goodbye!

Lounis shuts the door...

Later on...

Lounis is on his phone...

Somebody knocks on the door...

LOUNIS: Pizza's here!

Lounis opens the door and sees Toby...

LOUNIS: You?! I don't wanna see you!

TOBY: Funny, that's what my ex-girlfriend said to me a few weeks back...

LOUNIS: Get in...

Toby gets in...

LOUNIS: Okay kid look. I know you want that book. I know you're trying to find the mystery of it, but I don't wanna look for it!

TOBY: Actually I just came to ask if you wanna hang out.

LOUNIS: Oh... want a drink?

TOBY: What do you have?

LOUNIS: Pepsi.

TOBY: I kinda prefer Cola...

LOUNIS: Pepsi it is.

Lounis gets 2 bottles of Pepsi out of the fridge...

LOUNIS: So, why'd you wanna hang out with me all of a sudden? I literally kicked you out of my apartment.

LOUNIS: Literally...

TOBY: Well... I don't know anybody in this country. How is this even possible?

LOUNIS: Where are you from?

TOBY: Peru.

LOUNIS: And you're wondering?!

TOBY: What about you?

LOUNIS: Bahrain.

TOBY: Cool! Our country flags are red and white! We're like mushrooms!

Lounis stares at Toby for a few seconds...

LOUNIS: Drink your drink... and don't ever say that again...

Doorbell rings...

Lounis opens the door...

PIZZA DELIVERY GUY: Here's your pizza!

LOUNIS: Thanks.

Lounis pays and closes the door...

LOUNIS: Staying? Gonna watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

TOBY: It's 2022...

LOUNIS: Your point?

Toby shrugs and sits on the couch...

TOBY: So, why'd you give up on that book?

LOUNIS: Cause it doesn't exist. An entire year I'm never getting back over a headache.

TOBY: Where did you stop?

LOUNIS: What is this an interview? I'm watching the game, not getting a job!

Lounis drinks...

TOBY: I just wanna know!

LOUNIS: No! Look, I am done with that book! And I'm gonna tell you this politely man. Shut up and watch the damn game!

TOBY: Fine! At least I have a life.

LOUNIS: You're looking for a book that'll take years to find. How do you have a life?


Lounis sees Toby not being impressed...

TOBY: All he did was score a goal...

LOUNIS: Yeah, all you did was look for a book...

Later on tonight...

Lounis is sleeping on the couch with some popcorn...

Somebody knocks on the door...

LOUNIS: Who's asking to get killed?

Somebody knocks on the door again...

Lounis gets up...

Somebody knocks on the door again...

LOUNIS: (YELLING) Knock the damn door again, and I'll knock you out!

Lounis opens the door and sees Toby...

LOUNIS: Okay how do I start this...? Quit bothering me.

TOBY: So, are you ready to look for the book?

LOUNIS: It's 3 o'clock in the morning, and you're asking this?!

TOBY: I know you gave up on it, but we could still find it!

LOUNIS: "We"? By that, I hope you found some other cause... if you meant me, I'll just happily shut the door.

TOBY: Come on man! We have no idea what could be in it!

LOUNIS: That's the thing! You don't know what's in every book!

TOBY: It's untitled, the author is unknown, so this is different!

LOUNIS: Kid you literally walked in a stranger's home and began talking nonsense!

TOBY: I have evidence!

LOUNIS: Am I interested?!

TOBY: Are you?!


TOBY COMING IN: So a few days ago...

Lounis closes the door...

TOBY: And I've found a clue in Peru.

TOBY: The clue is "O - A - D - H."

LOUNIS: That's not a clue!

LOUNIS: That's a puzzle! "O - A - D - H" is a puzzle that leads you to Doha!

TOBY: It's a clue if it's written in a piece of paper!

Lounis hits the desk 3 times...

TOBY: (LAUGHS) You're fun!

LOUNIS: Kid! I don't want to look! I am retired!

TOBY: But-

LOUNIS: No man! Let me be happy in Qatar where I don't give a damn about anything! That's life...

TOBY: Come on man! We're buddies! Let's do it!

LOUNIS: "Buddies"?

TOBY: Well... we won't be if you say it like that...

LOUNIS: You kick a guy, you yell at him, and suddenly... we're "buddies"?

TOBY: Exactly!

LOUNIS: Get out.

Toby walks out the door...

Lounis closes the door...

LOUNIS: Freak...


LOUNIS: (YELLING) Am I lying?!

The next day...

Lounis waw watching TV...

Doorbell rings...

LOUNIS GETTING UP: (YELLING) No! No! Listen you! I am not going to...

Lounis opens the door and sees the pizza delivery guy...


LOUNIS: Oh... thanks.

Lounis pays and was about to close the door...

TOBY WALKING IN: So there's something I didn't say from last night...

Lounis gets frustrated and closes the door...

TOBY: When I showed you the puzzle, there was a sentence that says "May the next clue be in a popular reading place."

LOUNIS: I have a clue for you: Library!

TOBY: You're right! I completely forgot libraries exist.

LOUNIS: Yeah well, it'll probably be better for me if I forget you and that stupid book exist...

TOBY: So you admit it exists!

LOUNIS: No, I just said that to irritate you. Yes, I admit it exists.

TOBY: So why'd you say it doesn't?!

LOUNIS: Because I thought I could stop you from looking for the book!

LOUNIS: But I admit. With all the clues, of course it exists.

TOBY: So you'll help!

LOUNIS: Hell no! I've never met somebody as annoying as you kid...

TOBY: I'm 20...

LOUNIS: 21 here and you're a kid.

TOBY: You're just a year older...

LOUNIS: Are you gonna look for the stupid thing or not?

TOBY: Why are you always angry?

LOUNIS: Why are you always annoying...

Later on at the Qatar National Library...

Toby: I knew you'd join in!

LOUNIS: The deal was if I find that stupid clue you want, you'll leave me alone.

LOUNIS: And that's worth wasting time on.

TOBY: Hey! Get this book! There might be a clue in it!

Lounis takes out the book...

LOUNIS: The Three Little Pigs?

Toby feels embarrassed...

LOUNIS: Hey Toby I've seen some Tom & Jerry comic books, I wonder if the clue is in one of these books?

TOBY: This library is so huge!

LOUNIS: It's the most popular one so it makes sense.

Toby thinks for a few seconds...

TOBY: Nah, I don't think that's it.

LOUNIS: Let's just ask one of the workers.

Both Lounis and Toby head to the librarian...

TOBY: Let me take care of this.

TOBY: Hello good sir! We are looking for a book that has one little clue in it! Mind showing us the clue?


LOUNIS: (SARCASTICALLY LAUGHS) We're not in an English country genius!

LOUNIS: You take a step back, and let me take care of this.

LOUNIS: (IN ARABIC) We are looking for a book that has one little clue, that could lead us to another clue to find the unknown book that nobody knows about.

The librarian takes out a history book...

THE LIBRARIAN: (IN ARABIC) The clue is in this book. You two are the only ones who actually have found it.


THE LIBRARIAN: (IN ARABIC) Yes! I know many people looked for that clue... but nobody ever found it and gave up on it.

The librarian gives Lounis the history book.

LOUNIS: (IN ARABIC) Thank you.


Later on back at Lounis's apartment...

TOBY: Alright. The next clue is somewhere in one of the pages.


TOBY: So let's go through each page and...

Lounis opens the book upside down, and a small paper falls down...

TOBY: Or we could just do that, that works.

Lounis opens the paper...

LOUNIS: The Ottoman Empire 156.

LOUNIS: That's it?

TOBY: Wait a minute, that's a history book that we just got!

TOBY: What if there are some pages of The Ottoman Empire that could lead us to another clue?

LOUNIS: Go to page 156.

Toby opens the book and turns to page 156...

TOBY: The word "Istanbul" is highlighted. Wait, I know where that is!

LOUNIS: Same here.

TOBY: It's a city in Qatar right?!

Lounis frustratingly face palms...

LOUNIS: That's Turkey man...

TOBY: You wanna have Turkey?

LOUNIS: No! The country man! Istanbul is a city in Turkey!

TOBY: So our next clue is in Turkey! I better get going!

LOUNIS: Easy tiger. You can't just rush to Istanbul like that. On top of that, you don't know where the next clue is.

TOBY: So what now?

LOUNIS: Well, the two bimbos are missing a clue.

LOUNIS: And that's not the worst part.

TOBY: What is?

LOUNIS: That clue could lead you to where you need to be in Istanbul.

TOBY: Didn't know you'd care so much for me to be in Istanbul... that's nice man...

LOUNIS: Care? Worst part is if we don't find that clue, you're not in Turkey. Where you're far away from me.

TOBY: So who could have the clue that we need?!

LOUNIS: Elves. Dwarfs. Astronauts. Scuba divers.

TOBY: Is that really the time for jokes?

LOUNIS: Hey if you're not in Turkey, I gotta make fun of you to entertain myself.

TOBY: Wait, what if we go back to the library?

LOUNIS: No use. We go back, we'll head to a dead end.

TOBY: What if we do have to go to Istanbul?

LOUNIS: Do you not listen to anything I say?

TOBY: Do you have any better ideas?

LOUNIS: Yeah shut up and let me think.

LOUNIS: I got it!

TOBY: What?!

LOUNIS: First clue stood for Doha. Second clue was the number 156. What if it's not just a page?

TOBY: Where are you getting at?

LOUNIS: 156 could be either a hotel room in Doha or just an address!

TOBY: Dude... you might be psychic!

LOUNIS: C'mon let's go!

Later on at the Katara Hotel...

LOUNIS: It has to be the Katara Hotel! The most famous hotel in Qatar!

TOBY: So what will we do? Just ask the random person to snoop in the room? (LAUGHS)

LOUNIS: Good idea!

TOBY: No wait-

Lounis knocks on the door...

MAN: Can I help you?

LOUNIS: We're housekeepers.

MAN: Where are your name tags?

LOUNIS: It's our day off.

MAN: Well why are you here?

LOUNIS: What are you a detective? Just let us in.

Lounis and Toby get in the room...

LOUNIS: Why are you here? We're cleaning.

Lounis pushes the man out and closes the door...

LOUNIS: Alright let's wreck the place.

TOBY: So, where do you think the clue will be?

Toby looks around the room...

LOUNIS: It would probably be placed someplace that would be, the last thing on our minds...

TOBY: So under the table!

Toby looks under the table...

LOUNIS: Less obvious Toby. Less. Very.

LOUNIS: Alright, look behind every picture on the wall...

Toby takes out a few...

TOBY: I've found a sealed note taped between the frames!

Toby takes the note out...

TOBY: "15 July Martyrs Bridge".

TOBY: Is that a place in Istanbul?

LOUNIS: One way. Go to Istanbul. There's probably a place there you can go to and get the next clue.

TOBY: That's great! Now I know what's my next step to getting the clue...

TOBY: Thank you. I wouldn't have found these clues without you.

LOUNIS: No problem. Now go get that book!

TOBY: I will! Thank you!

LOUNIS: No problem.

TOBY: Thank you!

LOUNIS: Are you done?!

Toby leaves the room...

Later on back at Lounis's apartment...

Lounis opens the door and sees Toby...

TOBY: I can't do it.


LOUNIS: What do you mean you can't do it?

TOBY: Lounis, without you I really wouldn't have found these clues.

TOBY: So... why don't you come with me to Turkey?

LOUNIS: I'm not coming to Turkey with you man.

TOBY SMILING: You know you want to...


TOBY: Come on man, it will be fun! Me... and you... seeing each other everyday...

LOUNIS: You're describing torture not "fun".

TOBY: Fun!

LOUNIS: Torture!

TOBY: Fun!

LOUNIS: Torture!

Lounis rapidly saying "fun", and Toby rapidly saying "torture"...


TOBY: Torture!

Lounis laughs and Toby groans...


LOUNIS: This is fun actually. Torturing you is fun.

TOBY: So... will you?


TOBY: But why?!

LOUNIS: Because there is no Dunkin' Donuts!

TOBY: So you'll live in a country where there's Dunkin' Donuts?!


LOUNIS: Look man, I'll always stay in Qatar! And that's for one reason only...

TOBY: It's Dunkin' Donuts isn't...?

LOUNIS: They're so good!

TOBY: You can't live in one place for your entire life over a favourite place.

LOUNIS: Yes I can!

TOBY: No you can't!

Lounis sighs...

TOBY: You need to have a better life man! Staying in Qatar and being lazy 24/7 is...

TOBY: Actually I'd relate.


TOBY: But that's not the point. You need to experience more!


TOBY: We'll have great adventures! We could even make some friends!


TOBY: You even had fun! You had fun solving mysteries the way you have back in the days!


Toby stops talking...

LOUNIS: I am not gonna say this again. I am not leaving Qatar over a book that could not exist.

TOBY: Fine. I'll come by tomorrow as one last visit.

LOUNIS: Alright.

Toby walks out the door...

TOBY: By the way, here's a joke! Knock knock...

Lounis shuts the door and walks away...

TOBY: You were supposed to say "who's there?"!

The next day...

Toby comes to Lounis's door and knocks once...


TOBY: Were you standing there this entire time?

LOUNIS: You are so annoying with doors...

LOUNIS: Come in.

TOBY: So, changed your mind?

LOUNIS: Toby I've been thinking and my answer is...

TOBY: A yes?!

LOUNIS: No. It's no all the way.

TOBY: But I don't get it, what's wrong with looking for the book?!

LOUNIS: It's a waste of time.

TOBY: So is sitting on your ass all summer doing nothing.

LOUNIS: Dude, come on.

TOBY: Alright I'd relate...

TOBY: Okay okay, maybe you want us to get to know more about each other!

LOUNIS: No all the way! Definitely no! The sinister 6 of no's!

TOBY: You got money problems?

LOUNIS: If I had money problems, would I really be in this great apartment?

TOBY: You got somebody pregnant!

LOUNIS: Ran out of guesses?

TOBY: Yes.

TOBY: So why is it a no?

LOUNIS: Because I see my life in Qatar.

TOBY: What about the book?

LOUNIS: Then I'd see my life in a fairytale the way you do.

TOBY: Quit it with the sarcasm!

LOUNIS: Quit it with the annoyance!

TOBY: How am I annoying?! I haven't done anything wrong!

LOUNIS: You're trying to force me to get out of a country over a book. A book!

LOUNIS: And you never leave me alone!

TOBY: But I can't leave you alone!

LOUNIS: What are we married?!

TOBY: Now you're being annoying!

Both Lounis and Toby yell at each other...

TOBY: How do we solve our problem?

LOUNIS: Are you seriously asking that question? That question?

TOBY: We have to work it out!

LOUNIS: Toby, I might end up leaving the country to a bigger country where I can lose you easily!

TOBY: You wouldn't know which country you'd wanna go to first!

LOUNIS: Egypt, Ireland, Japan...

TOBY: (SARCASTICALLY CLAPS) Bravo, you can name countries.

LOUNIS: What even is the point of all of this?

TOBY: What's the point of the book?

LOUNIS: No what's the point of a pizza box being a square, if the pizza is a circle, and the slices are a triangle...

LOUNIS: Yes, what's the point of the book!

TOBY: The point is to discover huge mysteries around the world!

LOUNIS: Toby, I am not coming with you.

TOBY: Come on man! When you were helping, you've actually done a lot more than me! You were like an expert! You didn't know where the clues were, but founded them in under an hour!

LOUNIS: Look kid, I may be great at this, but I don't wanna! I'm not gonna waste any more years for some book.

TOBY: This isn't just "some book". It's a mysterious book. We find it... we solve the mystery of the unknown book many people were looking for!

LOUNIS: Toby, I'm happy where I am right now and-

TOBY: No you're not! When I first met you, you were grumpy and lazy!

LOUNIS: I'm always grumpy!

TOBY: But today you did so much excersice that even gotten you excited!

TOBY: Don't you think... you missed looking for that book?

Lounis takes a few steps towards Toby...

LOUNIS: That book has led me to nothing but family problems. And because of that damn book, I haven't seen them in 2 years.

LOUNIS: So no Toby, I don't miss it. I sure miss the excitement, but I don't miss it.

TOBY: Don't you think that... you're just scared man?

TOBY: That once you look for it again... you're scared that it might or might not exist?

LOUNIS: I just can't take anymore chances of losing. Don't you get it Toby? I'm a loser!

LOUNIS: For my entire life, I haven't accomplished anything. I thought I could accomplish by finding one of the biggest mysteries ever, ended up giving up.

LOUNIS: Toby... go to Turkey. Alone. I don't know who else is looking for the book. But if they do, you could ask them.

LOUNIS: Make some friends man. Don't be me.

Toby feeling upset for Lounis walks out the door...

Later on...

LOUNIS ON THE PHONE: Yeah look, I'd like some pepperoni on them and...

LOUNIS: Well of course Pepsi, what else?!

Lounis realises he is wasting time ordering pizza and not trying to accomplish what he started...

LOUNIS: You know what? Cancel that order.

Lounis hangs up...

LOUNIS: Damn it, how will I find the stalker again?

Somebody knocks on the door...

Lounis opens the door and sees Toby...

LOUNIS: (WHISPERING) How did that just...

LOUNIS: Come in.

Toby comes in and Lounis closes the door...

LOUNIS: Toby you gotta listen.

TOBY: No you gotta listen! I am not taking a no for an answer! Lounis, you're no loser! Yes you wasted 2 years, but these 2 years, you did something! Just like yesterday!

LOUNIS: Toby stop talking before I glue your mouth.

LOUNIS: I was thinking today and... are you still up partnering up together?

TOBY: Yes! Yes yes, yes! I knew you'd come around!

TOBY: What made you change your mind?

LOUNIS: So I was ordering pizza...

TOBY: Pizza changed your mind?

LOUNIS: No some idiot yelled at me to come along.

TOBY SMILING: You know who that idiot is...

LOUNIS: Did you seriously just call yourself an idiot?

TOBY: You called me an idiot and-

LOUNIS: And you call yourself a genius damn it!

TOBY: So... are you in?

LOUNIS: I'm in alright. But for one condition!

TOBY: Money? Help packing? You name it!

Later on both Lounis and Toby are at Dunkin' Donuts having some donuts...

TOBY: You're condition was to have Dunkin' Donuts before you leave Qatar?

LOUNIS: There is no Dunkin' Donuts in Turkey now is there?

They both continue on eating at Dunkin' Donuts...


Written by: SalemSTORYART

Written in: Sweden

Lounis Matar
Toby Yetson

[STARTED]: 24th November 2021

[ENDED]: 26th December 2021

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