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Barney and the Stooges

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On Going Ghost Universe...MV-( (x^2-2x= √90214) Where x=16.3596 x=-18.3596)

Humor / Fantasy
David Estrada?
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Barney and the Stooges


Paul Kemp built my Faraday Cage

(it’s a love affair just me and my faraday cage)

David Estrada

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons living or dead, events, or locations are coincidental.

Barney and the Stooges


Paul Kemp built my Faraday Cage

(it’s a love affair just me and my faraday cage)

Copyright 2022 David Estrada All Rights


That this work may pay homage to the Blessed Trinity and for the benefit of all life…

Someone told me that nothing is impossible because the word impossible says: I’m Possible to which I replied; ‘Equality is Possible’.

…for My Family

1. Family Resemblances…Louis Feinberg and Giorgio A. Tsoukalos?

“I love you, you love me

We’re a happy family

With a great big hug

And a kiss from me to you

Won’t you say you love me too?

I love you, you love me

We’re best friends like friends should be

With a great big hug

And a kiss from me to you

Won’t you say you love me too?” Plays as Barney walks off the stage. Barney is a ‘Grey’ Alien, named thusly because of their encounter suits and the ‘Grace’ type ‘Grey’ aliens. BJ, Baby Bop, and Riff are Pixies albeit a bit overweight…no one bothers them about their weight.

David Joyner and humans who act as though they are the actor inside a purple dinosaur suit are paid by the production company under the guise that the actual actors want their privacy not that the dinosaurs are ‘Grey’ Aliens without their signature encounter suits.

The ‘Grey’ Aliens began this endeavor into children’s television not as a project to control humankind through education provided on Public Television but out of the kindness of their hearts. There were no ulterior motives…some of the ‘Greys’ actually love humanity…

Saratuhese…is the official name of our species. It’s a human word in Sanskrit because we gave humans the mother language as in the precursor of Greek, Latin, and Sanskrit…at least in the Indo-European language family. Contact with the people of the Indian sub-content spread this language. The brightest copies are languages in Europe and India and the other Indigenous peoples of Asia, Africa, and the Americas can be thought of as making a xerox copy of a xerox copy… except for Euskara, this language was organically developed by the descendants of Modern Humans and Neanderthal Humans…a language existing since the stone age.

The aliens known as the Reptilians are from another universe.

In ninety-nine percent of the universes within the multi-verse, Earth is the home planet to the species with the highest level of intelligence. Saratuhese are from multi-Verse designation MV-1…MV-One…since we are the first species to develop multi-versal travel and the Jesus-on-the-Dashboard technology.

It’s without understanding where the image of the human or any human came from that we use as the pattern for our miniature automatons. We were surprised when we found MV-( (x^2-2x= √90214) Where x=16.3596 x=-18.3596). Surprisingly, this is the shortest most efficient way to designate this universe. So, Earth-( (x^2-2x= √90214) Where x=16.3596 x=-18.3596) is where one of my fellow Saratuhese Barneys hosts a children’s television show.

There is a neighborhood on Earth-MV in MV-101 where Princess Tim Owen rules an Earth full of clones of himself. There is a bit of colorful topography that makes one neighbors’ home need a retaining wall so that erosion doesn’t work its magic and another neighbors’ yard comes tumbling into their backyard. Everyone on Earth-101 is a clone of Princess Tim. One backyard is fifteen feet high than his neighbor’s backyard. Tim Owen’s home’s backyard is enclosed with a wooden fence around ninety-nine percent of the property, except for an eight- or nine-foot portion of the chain-link fence that looks into not only the neighbors’ backyard but also their underage daughter’s, Tim Owen’s, bedroom but only when the sun is at a certain point in the sky on its east to west daily progression. Tim Owen is pushing forty and remembers what it is like to be young…and although he loves his wife, Tim Owen, who is very attractive for having celebrated her thirtieth birthday last week, he found an eight-year-old Tim Owen in her backyard, alone. Tim Owen encouraged the eight-year-old Tim Owen to show him her naughty bits…and touch herself…while her parents are out of the house and she is the only girl at home but alone in the backyard…happy that the neighbor Tim Owen is paying attention to her.

But in this home, there is a five-year-old Tim Owen younger adopted brother and before he reaches the portion of the backyard both Tim Owens play like someone will reprimand the other with a spanking or giving a call to her parents, Tim and Tim Owen, about the urinating in the backyard…

“Tim Owen, thinks I was peeing in the backyard…” the eight-year-old Tim Owen says.

Chubby Buddy lives in the same universe but another planetary system. He likes to clone people and play sex games and in one of his scenarios the clones of the actual people play out the same event on Tim Owen’s Earth…Tim would rather see himself…in a situation like that.

All these events are stored in the Saratuhese, or Grey database of the known Multi-Verse. I can stream them like one can stream Netflix or cable on-demand, at the push of a button. To be honest, I’m the Barney who sold many of these scenes to Chubby Buddy and Princess Tim Owen before he was overthrown on Earth-101, genetic and biological human diversity were returned to normal for Earth-101, and then the dethroned Princess went to live with Chubby Buddy. There was a time on Earth-101 when everyone was the clone of Princess Tim Owen. Princess Tim Owen is not to be confused with Tim Nolan…they are different people, entirely.

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