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Hyderabadi Dhamaka

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Vizarat Rasool Khan. It all happened when Vizarat conspired to finally set things right between his sons by making them and their children live under the very same roof. What could possibly go wrong with a team of hot heads rivaling against each other living under the very same roof? Apparently everything!

Humor / Romance
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First things first, Ramadan Mubarak everyone!! I hope everyone's doing great and if not, then patiently wait for Allah to solve the matters for you!

I had stopped uploading here mainly because I was lazy (hehe) but then I came across a review of a loyal reader of mine (She must be smiling like crazy reading this right now) and it was absolutely adorable which made me get back up and upload another stories of mine. So here I am with another exciting story!! *fireworks*

FYI this isn't a pakistani story, as the name suggests a Hyderabadi Story this time! Get ready to learn fluent Hyderabadi ma loyal readers!
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