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Nixor’s Chronicles

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The life of Ryan Zafron changes drastically when he is enrolled in Nixors, a private school for the wealthy and spoiled, Ryan's life is shifted from ordinary life to being classmates with the kids of Drug lords and Cartel owners, Mafia dons, and Yakuza bosses.

Humor / Romance
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Chapter 1

This is the first chapter for Nixor’s Chronicles, I hope you enjoy and please let me know for grammatical mistakes or faults in my style, I'm not a professional and feedback will be greatly appreciated, let me know if I should write more. Enjoy the chapter

My name is Ryan, and this year I enrolled in “Nixors” the Academy for the gifted, and by gifted I mean people with heavy pockets and no souls. The Academy was offering a scholarship this year and somehow I managed to get in.

I was excited about school for the first time In my life, I wanted to see how the privileged folk born into riches and prestige live their lives.
Although I was greatly irritated about the studying part.

On the first day, a cab dropped me off in the vast parking lot of the Academy, as I was walking towards the main building I felt like I had come to an exotic car show, a normal car was a rare sight in the nixors parking lot, I was just thankful nobody was around to see me hop out of a cab.

I entered the building and the hallway was a sight to behold, every boy was wearing an overall black formal suit with a small Nixors logo on the left side of their chest, I checked my phone for the schedule that was emailed to me by the academy.
My first class was linguistics with Ms. Adams in VI-B Classroom, I was looking to find where my classroom was and also appreciating the extremely sharp and good-looking students, it was certainly a place for the elite.

At last, I found the room with Ms.Adams in it, Ms.Adams was a beautiful woman in her early 30s, she had dark black hair and a pale face with elegant features, she was wearing dark brown dress pants and a white shirt, the outfit was not tight or revealing but it complimented her godly figure nicely.

“Good morning ma'am,” I said
“Goor morning,” she replied.

“You're new here right? What's your name?”
“Yes, it’s my first day, I’m Ryan,” I replied with a smile.

she returned the smile and said “Alright, nice to meet you, Ryan, I hope you enjoy your time here”

“I hope so too,” I said

I took a seat near the window and waited for the class to start, groups of students started to come in, all very loud and without manners.
As the class was about to start, a man wearing a black suit knocked on the door, he looked in his late 50s.

“Sir, can I help you with something?” Ms.Adams said.

He looked around the room, scanning everyone's faces into his memory, and finally, he stopped at my face.

“If it is fine with you Ms. Adams, the principal Sir. Newgate would like to have a word with Ryan” he said while maintaining eye contact with me.
“No problem, Ryan follow this gentleman, he will take you there,” said Ms. Adams.
Apologies for interrupting,” the gentleman said with a cold smile.

I stood up from my seat and followed this well-mannered corpse outside, he walked quickly and didn't look behind to check if I was still following him, at last, he pointed me to a door and said, Sir. Newgate is waiting, I walked up to the door and as I knocked on it, a deep voice said “come in”.

I walked inside and Mr. Newgate was smoking a fat cigar, as our eyes met I said “Good morning sir,”

“Morning” he replied. Pointed to the chair and I took a seat. I sit there for a few minutes and he continued smoking his cigar.
“If you had to choose between being the oppressor or the oppressed, what would be your choice,” he said catching me off-guard.
I was confused thinking who the fuck starts a conversation with a student like that, the only logical conclusion was that our dear principal must think he's in a movie of some sort, as I looked towards him he was waiting for my answer,
“I rather not choose at all, if those are my only options” I managed to say.
He smiled, he found my answer childish I suppose, what a creepy fuck, he probably thinks he's cool, I thought to myself.
“That is not how it works, you have to choose,” he said while still smoking the cigar.
“Oppressor, why be oppressed and when you can be the oppressor, not saying I would enjoy it but it's better than being oppressed, “ I told him.

“an honest answer, I like that”

“Thank you?” I said.

“If you had lied, or your answer was ‘oppressed’ I would have revoked your scholarship right this moment, Nixor births no Oppressed, but if the moment calls, we will be the oppressors, the villains, the sinners for the greater good.”

At that moment something clicked in my mind, I had discovered something very significant, I was overwhelmed by what Mr. Newgate had just told me, my heart was beating fast, the world was shaking, and as I came to my senses a single tear was dripping down my cheek (both Ryan and the author )

The thing Ryan and The author had realized was writing stories for teenagers with Cliche
Sittings just so they can upload it to an app called Inkitt was not my forte

All these emotions and acknowledgments took seconds yet it was a long time for Ryan.

“Man Shut the fuck up!” said Ryan.
“Pardon?” Newgate replied utterly lost.

“Yeah, I'm talking to you, looking like a whole bitch with your dumb philosophies, and can you put the cigar down, please? You have been on it like it's a big black cock” replied Ryan with the tear of realization still running down his cheek.

Without saying a thing, Sir Newgate gave Ryan a confused smile and he put down his Cigar.

“I'm sorry if I'm overstepping my bounds but were your eyes always that far apart Sir?” Ryan asked with genuine skepticism.

Sir Newgate didn't reply he just looked outside his window at the beautiful scenery.

“Again if I'm overstepping my boundaries, but sir your Drip is alarmingly dreadful, seeing your tie has ruined my day. Also, I heard that your wife cheated on you with a Gardener, but now as I have seen you in person, I can't say I blame her, I'm just astounded how you persuaded someone to tie the knot with you, considering the way your face looks, and how you dress. Nevertheless, at least your gardener got a hold of two hoes on a single day. Am I right? I laughed. Sorry, that was amateurish.”

Sir Newgate looked at me with a warm smile and sparkling eyes, “Do you mind leaving so I can cry, or would u rather have me cry and moan in front of you?”

“Certainly, I'm not a monster to demand that of you, cry to your heart content, dear sir.”

As I walked out and closed the door of Sir Newgate's office, inhuman and sickening howls and cries of Mr. Newgate started to sink in my ears.

As I was walking back to Ms. Adams class, a group of students was having a roasting battle, I walked over there to observe.

“How the fuck are you going to roast me john, didn't your little brother die while playing with sockets? I can not blame him, your gloomy house would make a grown man put his fingers in an electric socket” said a young promising gentleman named Jim, as he looked over his shoulders for his companion's support.

I was looking for someone crying in the crowd thinking it would be john, but I couldn't have been more wrong.

“Your mom must be an electric socket Jim, with the number of people that are putting fingers and dicks in her on onlyfans, wasn't her account on sale this Friday? Only 93 bucks for everything, I have seen where you came out of little Jim, quite frankly, a disgusting and fishy place. “ replied John.

The crowd went nuts, and speaking of nuts, Jim's mother swallowed it.

I was thinking of how dumb Jim was, why would you stand within 100 Meter Radius of a roasting battle if your mother dear has an onlyfans.

And that was my first day in Nixor’s Academy
of the gifted.
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