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Being a Villainess is No Joke

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Adailia de Perinius, the prettiest and bitchiest person of the novel, 'A Lovely Girl' and the main villainess. Being madly in love with the male protagonist, the Crown Prince, she becomes super possessive and did not let any woman come near him. But as in any novel, the male protagonist, Raashid, falls in love with Seanna, the female protagonist and Adailia's 'minion' who was bullied everyday. But Adailia being Adailia, tries to kill her and take Prince all for herself. Finally being tired of this daily torture, the Crown prince, when was announced the Emperor on his 19 th birthday, altered some laws that enabled him to executed Adailia. A befitting end for the villainess. But there's a slight ... wait.... a whole lotta big problem. Cause somehow, I, Choi Haeun, has become Adailia de Perinius. But well, I know how it ends so there's no way I'm gonna die. I just need to get in the Prince's good books and move out of their way. That's gonna be easy. But the luck wasn't with me and the story took some awkward turns. But well, if luck was with me I wouldn't have become Adailia in the first place, would I? *Cover photo not mine* A/N: This is my original work and not a translation of any novel

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1. Is this Heaven?!?

I opened my eyes to stare at an unfamiliar ceiling which had angels and Cupids painted on it.

Is this supposed to be Heaven?

Cause I'm pretty sure I died.

I lived a pretty nice life and the day of my death was a pretty nice day too, cause I didn't have to work that day.

It would've been devastating to work at the office for nine hours staright and then travel in the overly packed subway, only to end up getting squashed by a truck on the way to home.

I would've definitely become a ghost and haunt my boss for the rest of his life.

If I was going to die anyway, why go to the office? I'd rather chill that day.

Luckily it was a holiday and I did what I do on every holiday I get.

Read comics, internet novels and watch k-dramas with a bowl full of instant ramen.

So I was just chilling on the bed thinking which internet novel I should read next when that certain novel piqued my interest.

'A Lovely Girl'

It was a fine story. Besides I got to bitch about Adailia, the living (well not exactly living) definition of a bitch and the main villainess of the novel.

She was an overly spoiled brat who only liked to harass people (especially my poor baby Raashid:( )

I would get agitated and angry whenever her name was mentioned and she would do something absurd. And to show this agitation I would randomly comment like


Or sometimes sympathize with Seanna, the poor child stuck with Adalia, commenting, ' Seanna doesn't deserve this shit!!!' or something along the lines.

When I was on chapter 15 or so I realized that I've already read this story. I had its paperback edition during highschool. The plot was very similar. I actually kinda remembered it cause even though the book was interesting in its first half, it's ending was pretty messed up.

After the male protagonist Raashid falls in love with Seanna, Adailia goes all killer mode, tries to kill Seanna. But as soon as the crown prince became the emperor he changed some laws and executed Adailia publicly.

It would've been nice if the author would've just stopped here and added 'and then they lived happily ever after' but no!

Adailia being the daughter of the archduke and the richest man of the empire, he initiated a war.

The war was devastating and the empire got ruined and the entire archduke's family with most of the nobles died in the war.

Leaving Raashid and Seanna to start a new common life in someplace new.



Just because of a stupid bitch's death an entire empire suffered.

But nonetheless, I decided to continue reading it cause I didn't have anything else to read.

Around a minute later, my mom texted me telling me to bring some gift for Eunah. My sweet little sister was having her first piano concert so of course, I had to go.

Eunah and I had a pretty nice relationship and I would die for her.

I quickly shut my phone pulled on a jacket took my wallet and walked out of my apartment locking it.

I lived alone in Seoul while mom, dad and Eunah lived in our house back in the countryside.

I was standing at the signal to cross the road when I thought about continuing reading the story I pulled out my phone and started reading. I noticed the lights turning green, so I walked still reading.

Well, that was a mistake. But you can't blame me. I never thought that I would get run over by a truck whose driver seemed to be screaming something like, 'THE BRAKES ARE BROKEN!!"

Well, I'm not gonna give any graphic details about my death, but it was painful and before everything went black, I remember seeing a person who had white hair. And that wasn't unique though (I've seen quite a few people dye their hair white in Korea, especially idols), he had red eyes. Or maybe that was just a trick my eyes played after getting hit by the truck.

Anyway, back to the present. Where exactly am I ?

I got up and sat on the very very extremely soft bed (unlike the one I have at home) and looked around. It was a very nice, chic and classy place. The room was twice the size as my entire apartment. It had another four doors, two of them side by side in front of the bed while one big door was on the right and the other on the left of the bed, a dressing table and a study table (and big fat bed of course). There was one flaw though, everything was pink.

I thought about getting up when I noticed some locks of pink hair on the clothes that I seemed to be wearing.

What the....??

I touched the long strand and tried to pull it.

"Oww!" I whined. This hair seemed to be attached to my head.




Wasn't I supposed to be dead? Then why is my hair pink???

Did I got drunk yesterday and did some stupid shit and imagine all the accident??

No. The accident was too real (and painful) and I wouldn't dye my hair pink even if I was drunk.

I got up to see my myself in front of the mirror.

And the sight was shocking.

"Who the fuck is this??" I exclaimed and so the person in the mirror.

I scowled. And so did the person in the mirror.

I slapped myself and so did the person in the mirror.

Okay, that hurt.

"So it seems like a normal mirror." I muttered to myself, examining my new self in the mirror.

Light soft pink hair, pale fair skin, emerald green eyes, rose pink lips and a beauty that couldn't be described.

Yes..... That sort of a beautiful person..... Somehow..... Was me.

But the description..... Was familiar.

It was almost like I was, Adailia de Perinius, the bitch.

Lol. I don't even know how that's possible-

"Lady Adailia, are you awake?" Came a female voice from outside.

Holy shit!

Is Adailia here?

Why is she here?

Why am I here?

And why do I look like Adailia?

"Lady Adailia?" Called the female voice from outside.

What am I supposed to do?

"I'm coming in lady, please forgive me."

The door slowly opened and I gulped unconsciously.

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