The Babysitters

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Talks and Bickering

Dad examined my hand and then, shook his head in disappointment.

“I am fine dad. I promise,” I said with a puppy face.

I wasn’t lying, after all. There were no severe injuries, just a few scratches on my legs and a sprained right hand. Dad was worrying without any reason.

“Why, on earth, were you trying to climb the tree?” Dad frowned.

Uh, okay. Maybe I did lie a bit. If dad would come to know that I fell from a bike which belonged to a guy, he’d be right there at his house with his revolver.

So yeah, I saved Trystan and blamed an innocent tree.

Mother nature will never forgive me.

“I-I told you, right? I wanted to catch a bird,” I avoided eye contact with him.

“Kids these days,” Dad muttered, “When I was of your age, I climbed umpteenth trees without falling down.”

“Falling is the first step towards success, dad,” I said with a straight face.

“It’s Failure, Samantha,” Dad rolled his eyes, “Now, how are you going to school? Clearly you cannot drive with a broken hand.”

“Talking about it, let me ask Gabby to pick me up,” I took out my phone from my pocket.

Before I could dial a number, I heard a hooter. I peeked outside from my window, only to see an unfamiliar car waiting at my doorstep.

“Uh, I think Gabby is here. Bye dad,” I kissed his cheek and rushed outside.

“I have kept my homemade sandwiches for lunch, in your bag,” he shouted from behind.

I groaned and went near the car to have a look at the uninvited driver.

“I am going to kill Trystan if I got a tan,” Chase huffed.

“What are you doing here, man-whore?” I asked with a glare.

“I am here to pick you, dimwit,” he gave me a ‘you are so dumb’ look.

I rolled my eyes, getting inside the car, “Wow, I couldn’t have guessed it on my own. Although, I expected Gabby.”

“Trust me, I am a better company,” Chase stated, “You should be lucky I’m picking you up.”

“Are all three of you like this?” I asked with annoyance.

“Like what?” he questioned.

“You know, full of yourself,” a snort escaped my nose.

Chase chuckled at my reaction, “We just speak the truth, babe.”

I decided to remain silent, avoiding the urge to slap him for calling me babe.

Chase turned on the radio, which was currently playing Stacy’s Mom. I laughed at the lyrics. Chase chuckled too.

“There was a girl in my neighbor with the same name. Trystan, Evan and I sang the same song in her balcony, loudly for a week. Next thing we know, her mother calling us for a one night stand,” he laughed.

I looked at him with wide eyes, “Please don’t tell me you guys took the offer?”

“Well, opportunities never knock twice at your door,” he smirked.

“Goodness!” I started laughing hard, “You guys could put any porn star to a shame.”

He wiggled his brows proudly. Soon we, reached the school. I hopped out of the car happily.

“The ride was fun. But you are still a man-whore. And I still hate you,” I said, putting a blank face.

“I hate you too, ugly duckling,” he grinned, parking his car.

I rolled my eyes and decided to make my way towards the homeroom. My eyes wandered in search of a particular brown-eyed beauty, every now and then.

I entered the homeroom and smiled at my friends. Jenny was giving me a huge smile while Gabby’s face was flushed with embarrassment. I sat in between them.

“Sam, Can you believe it? Chase picked me up in his arms and dropped me home,” Gabby gave me a baffled look.

“I know, Gabby. I was there to witness it,” I smiled at her.

“I can’t believe I fainted. What will I tell my kids? That their mom went into nausea when their father attempted to kiss her?” she hyperventilated.

“And I can’t believe that you are already planning to have babies with that perv,” Jenny scoffed.

“Besides, he never tried to kiss you,” I added.

“Oh shush, you two,” Gabby glared at us, and went back to her hyperventilating zone.

After the attendance was done. We all started moving for our particular classes. Gabby had Home Economics, while me and Jenny had AP English.

“The bet is still on,” Jenny giggled, as we entered our class.

I pulled out my tongue at her and started searching for an empty seat. There were two seats in the middle row, so I pulled Jenny with me. Before she could sit, someone pulled the chair away from her and sat on it.

“Oops! The seat is already taken, eensy-weensy,” Trystan smirked at Jenny.

“Hey you,” Jenny growled, “get up from my seat.”

“Your seat?” Trystan raised his brows, “I don’t see a dweeb written here,” he pointed at the seat.

“I always sit with Sam,” She whined.

I looked at her. Then at Trystan. And finally decided to remain silent and enjoy the bickering.

“But now I am sitting with her,” Trystan grinned, obviously trying to annoy Jenny.

“GET UP,” Jenny started shaking his chair. All her attempt going in vain, because Trystan did not even move a bit.

Suddenly, she was pulled back.

“Easy there, Only Jenny,” Evan picked her up through her waist.

“It’s Jenny, J-E-N-N-Y,” she hollered at Evan.

“Whatever you say, J-E-N-N-Y,” He smirked.

“You are a jerk,” she whispered to Evan, before turning at Trystan, “And you are the biggest a**hole ever.”

I shut my eyes tight. Why can’t they live without speaking profanities?

Once Evan and Jenny took a seat beside Trystan, I glared at him.

“What?” he asked, innocently.

“Stop messing with my friends,” I threatened him.

“I can’t help if your friends are such cry babies,” he rolled his eyes.

“I am not a cry baby,” Jenny glared at him, from the next seat.

“Yeah, dude. In fact, she is the next aspiring author,” Evan grinned.

“An author who writes ghost porn,” Trystan muttered.

“The ones with make out sessions over a fan,” Evan started laughing hysterically, earning a high-five from Trystan.

I knew Jenny was giving me threatening looks, so I avoided her eyes.

I was about to warn them to not gang up on my friend, but stopped when the teacher arrived.

He greeted the class and began with his lecture. Finally, all of us concentrated on it. Thus, stopping the fight. The lecture was a tit-bit long and I could feel my eyes closing with sleep, no matter how hard I tried to keep them open.

“How’s your hand?” Trystan asked, pulling me out of my sleep.

“Much better,” I yawned, “Thanks for asking Chase to pick me up.”

He smirked, “You know, Cady is still with the mechanic. So, don’t feel thankful so soon.”

I face-palmed myself. How could I forget? I still have to pay for hurting his lifeline.

“I-I could pay you,” I stuttered, not sure how much will it cost me to pay for the damage.

“Neh, that’s not my style, sunshine,” he said, his smirk never leaving his face.

Truth be told, it made me a little nervous. But definitely I was not going to let him know this.

“What do you mean?” I asked him with a fake confidence.

Before he could reply, the bell rang and everyone started leaving.

Trystan too picked up his backpack and walked off to the door with Evan.

A frown appeared on my face, thinking about what he could possibly ask me to do?

Jenny waved a hand near my face, bringing me back to reality. I smiled at her and picked up my stuffs.

I decided not to think much about Trystan and whatever he meant. But just then, he turned and looked at me with a smirk-

“I’ll wait for you at Dylan’s place,”

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