The Babysitters

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They are Back

“No no no no no,” I went behind Trystan, “You’re kidding, right?”

He pulled his face in a blank expression and said, “Do I look like I am in a mood to joke?”

“But I can’t do it alone,” I whispered, staring at the kitchen.

“Now sweetheart,” he smirked, “Take this as a lesson that you will never ask someone to ride their bike.”

I looked at him with annoyance and anger. My hands curled up in a fist. Slowly but hardly, I punched his jaw. But he dodged it and pulled me through my fist.

“I saw that coming. You need to improve your tactics, sunshine,” he whispered, his face close to mine.

“You are a shame to chivalry,” I hissed, and pushed him away.

“Have fun doing it alone. Me and Tiffany are going on a walk,” he yelled from behind, as I was walking to the kitchen.

“OK, you can do it Sam,” I muttered to myself.

Picking up a mop, I frowned. Soon I heard the door being closed which meant Trystan and Tiffany were gone.

“You are definitely gonna pay for this, Trystan,” I whispered.

I poured sanitizer on the mop’s handle and started cleaning the floor. Then I wiped the counter, thrice. Keeping back all the stuffs at their place and rearranging them thrice, I finally took a deep sigh of relief.

When I looked at the clock it was already seven, which meant Dylan could be back anytime. I went upstairs to clean myself. I entered the first room that came in my way. It was huge with white curtains and a big bed in the middle. I walked towards the bathroom, but then something caught my attention.

A picture.

A picture of Dylan and some other girl. I looked at it carefully, taking in the appearance of the girl.

I wiggled my brows, looking at the picture. She looks familiar.

Thinking where I had seen the girl, I entered the bathroom. Soon a fragrance of lavender filled my nose. Enjoying the smell, I poured water on my face and rubbed it gently.

I was relishing the feel of cold water on my face, when I heard the door of the room being opened.

Panicked, I peeked through the door. There, making out with some girl, was the owner of the house- Dylan.

“Get a room,” I shouted without thinking.

“No, actually you already have a room. So, continue,” once again, I shouted.

And when I realized what I just did, my jaw dropped, hands making their way to my mouth.

I immediately hopped under the bathtub which, to my luck, was empty. I knew Dylan had heard my voice as his footsteps were nearing towards me.

“Uh-huh, if you think the voice came from the bathroom, you’re totally wrong,” I said again, instantly clutching my mouth and hoping he did not hear me.

Finally the door of the bathroom clicked open, and I shut my eyes tight.

“Sam, is it you?” Dylan asked.

“Pfft, no I am Professor Dumbledore,” I scoffed, inwardly scolding myself for being sarcastic at the moment.

He came near me and poked my back. I looked up and gave him a goofy smile.

“Why are you hiding in the bathtub?” he gave me a confused look.

“I-I,” I stuttered, searching for an excuse, “I was having a pep talk with it.”

“A pep talk with a non living thing?” he asked, looking more confused now.

I took a deep breath, “You know, that’s the problem with we humans. We treat non living things like they are non living. But no...” I took a step closer to Dylan, “...they have feelings too, Dylan.”

“Uh,” he opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again.

“What are you doing inside, babe?” the girl, who Dylan was making out with, asked with confusion.

“Joe, I think you should leave,” he walked back to the girl, giving me a weird look. I heard the girl complain, and then steps walking out of the room.

I exhaled the breath I was holding and face palmed myself.

“Non living things have feelings,” I muttered, looking at the bath tub, “You are such a dumb quack, Sam.”

Wiping my face with a towel, I walked outside the bathroom. Once again I looked at the picture, trying to remember the girl.

“She’s Lorraine,” Dylan’s voice made me turn towards him. He was leaning on the door, a smile on his face.

“Girlfriend?” I asked, not wanting to hear the reply.

“Ex girlfriend,” he smiled.

I grinned at his reply, and immediately covered it with a cough.

“She looks familiar to me,” I frowned.

Dylan came and stood beside me.

“She is Tiffany’s mom,” he said, his voice sounding broken.

Then it dawned upon me. She looked familiar because she looks just like Tiffany. I mean, Tiffany just looks like her. It was as if I was looking at the grown up version of Tiffany.

“Where is she now?” I asked

“YALE,” he looked at me with pain in his eyes, “She left us. Me and Tiffany.”

“But why?” I asked, my voice coming out as a whisper.

“Not everyone can put their families first, Samantha,” he said, wandering his hand on the picture of the girl, “She wanted to study more. Have a career.”

“You never tried to contact her?” I questioned him, my curiosity hitting in.

“Contact someone who left me in the middle of nowhere?” he gave out a bitter laugh, “I think I’ll pass.”

I said nothing, just looked at him. His deep blue eyes were blurred with tears, his face depicting hurt.

“I won’t leave you,” I said. He turned his head at me, an unknown expression on his face.

“I-I mean, I won’t leave you and Tiffany,” I coughed, “A-And this job. After all, you p-pay so well.”

He was about to say something, when Trystan’s voice broke our moment.

“We are back,” he shouted from downstairs.

Ugh, this scarecrow has the worst timing ever.

“I-I should go downstairs,” I said, avoiding eye contacts with him.

He stepped closer to me and tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear. I shivered at his touch, a giddy feeling engulfing me.

“You’re cute,” he said and kissed my cheek, leaving me flabbergasted.

“Uh, uh, I need a sanitizer,” I blurted and rushed out of his room, without looking at his reaction. Though, I heard him chuckle.

I ran with full speed, astonished with what just happened.

While I was running down the stairs, my focus on Dylan and our moment, I slipped on the last stair.

I closed my eyes, waiting for the impact of the ground hitting my face. But nothing happened. Instead, I felt a soft hand holding me by my waist.

I opened one of my eye and looked at Trystan. “Whoops!” I exclaimed.

He helped me get back my balance and then smirked, “Your knight in the shining armor is always there to save you.”

I rolled my eyes at him and slapped his hand, which was still on my waist.

“By the way, you’re welcome,” he winked. I ignored him and took out a face wipe from my bag to rub it on the spot Dylan kissed me.

Don’t take me wrong. I really liked that feeling, his lips on my cheeks. But, at the same time, I am scared of germs.

“Why are your cheeks so pink?” Trystan asked me, “Were you having a wet dream about me, Samantha?”

“Actually yes,” I glared at him, and his smirk turned into a grin, “I was dreaming of drowning you in the water.”

A gasp escaped my mouth as I recollected what I said. My breathing paced fast.

Trystan pouted at me, “You sound like a slayer, right now.”

I panicked and my breathing became uneven. I held tightly on Trystan for support. The playfulness on his face was replaced by worry.

“Sunshine, are you okay?” he asked me with concern.

I tried to speak but no words came out of my mouth. This was for the first time it was happening after my sophomore year. I thought I was improving. But they were back, and I was back. At square one.

“Samantha?” he patted my face. My eyes were slowly closing. I clutched his T-Shirt tighter, as if it would stop me from going into nausea.

“Dylan, come here. I need your help,” I heard Trystan shouting, as he picked me up bridal style.

And, after that, black and blur engulfed me.

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