The Babysitters

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“Wake up, Samantha!”

“Mhmm, your eyes make me go all dizzy,” I murmured in my sleep.

I heard a gasp from the person. Ignoring it, I plunged my head deeper into the pillow. A lazy smile formed its way to my lip.

“And I hate to admit but your lips are so pink,” I continued sleep talking, “Almost kissable. Your bad that I am scared of kissing.”

“Samantha, wake up right now,” someone started shaking me. I giggled and began to wave my hands on the anonymous person’s face.

I frowned and poked the person’s cheek, “Last time I checked you did not had a beard as piercing as a cactus.”

“SAMANTHA HARRIS, IF YOU DON’T WAKE UP THIS INSTANT I’LL BE THROWING YOU OUT OF MY HOUSE,” anonymous man lost his temper. I groaned and woke up, rubbing my eyes.

“What do you want, Try-” the words died in the pit of my stomach as soon as I saw the person. “DAD!” I yelled in panic.

Dad was fuming with anger. His face was so red that if I didn’t know better, I would have thought he was blushing.

“I can’t believe you have that B thing in your life, and you never told me?” he said, befuddled.

“That B thing is called a boyfriend, dad,” I said, standing up from the bad, “And no, I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“Then who were you dreaming about?” he asked, suspiciously.

I started walking here amd there, to avoid his question.

“Fine,” dad said with a huff, “but I will be dropping you to school today.”

I opened my mouth to argue but he just gave me a serious look and left the room.

I groaned, hiding my face in my hands, “D-Did I just dream about Trystan and his lips?”

My nose scrunched up at the thought and I rushed into the bathroom to freshen up. I brushed at least four times because everytime I felt there was need to brush more. After doing my morning business, I quickly took a bath and got ready for school.

It took me ten minutes to accompany dad for breakfast. Mom had left early for her bakery. She has been doing this since forever, to avoid breakfast with me.

“Wow! Pancakes,” I grinned at the chocolate pancakes dripped in strawberry syrup, kept at the dining table.

Dad gave me a nod, “Mind telling me why did you come home late, yesterday?”

“T-Tiffany was not feeling well,” I said, fiddling with my food.

“I don’t understand why are you doing this job, Samantha?” Dad said with a sigh.

“Dad, don’t go all grumpy on me in the morning,” I pouted.

He rolled his eyes and started reading the newspaper.

I slowly and patiently devoured each bite of the pancake. Finally, when we were done with our breakfast, we both got ready to leave.

“Are you sure you want to drop me?” I asked dad, hopping on the passenger seat.

“Positive,” he said, starting the car.

I pulled out my tongue at him and avoided dad and his country music throughout the ride. Sitting entirely, I made a plan- as soon as dad stops the car, I will climb out of it and run straight, without giving him a second glance.

Easy, right?

So, when dad stopped his car near my school building, I cautiously went into my ninja zone. I held my backpack tighter and was about to jump when dad pulled me back with the strap of my bag.

“Not so easily,” he said in a sing song way. I gave him a stink eye.

“What? Now don’t tell me you will accompany me to my class, as well?” I asked with annoyance.

“Not if I meet that B thing of yours,” he said, searching around.

“Dad, there is no B thin-” I was cut off by someone calling my name.

“Ketchup girl,”

Oh no. Please not him.

“A beautiful morning is always incomplete without hugging beautiful people,” Evan grinned and pulled me into a bear hug.

Duck quack! Quack Duck

I swallowed a gulp of saliva and peeked at dad through the hug. He was holding the expression which a person has when planning a murder. I squeezed my eyes tight and prayed for Evan’s life.

“H-hey, Evan,” I coughed, breaking the hug.

“Hello, milady,” he smirked and I slapped him thrice in my head.

After all this time, Evan had to choose this moment to flirt with me. Applehole!

“So you are that B thing,” dad said, joining our conversation.

“Uh, what?” Evan gave him a confused look.

“Listen young man, I am a black belt and I certainly have a six-shooter at my home,” dad said, pulling him by his collar, “So if you love your life even a bit, stay away from my daughter.”

Evan looked at me, then at dad. His face went pale as he opened his mouth to say something. But nothing came out of it.

“Goodbye, Sammy boo!” Dad chirped and happily drove off, as if he never threatened anyone.

Once he was gone, I started whimpering and banging my head on Evan’s shoulder.

“Please tell me they are my foster parents,” I said, still whimpering like a kid.

“Was he your dad or a gang leader?” Evan whisper-asked, his face still pale with terror.

I cried harder in response, and made my way towards my class. Evan followed me behind.

We went directly to our first class, which was Calculus. I saw Gabby playing with Chase’s hair and Jenny and Trystan bickering over something.

“Sam,” Jenny hugged me as soon as she saw me, “Trystan called me a hobo.”

“No, I called you a fugly hobo,” Trystan smirked and Jenny went to attack him.

“Oh stop it you,” Gabby pulled Jenny back, “I did your manicure yesterday, it’ll get ruined.”

“Guys,” I said with a frown, “Dad thinks Evan is my boyfriend.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, the boys shouted in unison, “WHAT?”

Trystan was shocked, Evan looked scared and Chase was gagging at my statement.

Gabby and Jenny were another story. They looked at me with wide eyes, then gave Evan a sympathetic look.

“Oh Evan,” Jenny patted his face, “Even though I hate you, I promise I’ll attend your funeral.”

Evan gave her a confusing look. Before I or Gabby could elaborate it, Professor Simons entered the class and we all settled down.

I took a seat with Gabby. Jenny was unfortunately sitting with Trystan, which left Evan and Chase to pair up.

The professor greeted the class and started scribbling something on the board.

“Psst!” Evan whispered, “What do you mean by my funeral?”

Gabby rolled her eyes and whispered back, “Sam’s dad hates any guy who dates his daughter. Trust me when I say, no guy will ever wish to be in Aaron’s bad list.”

“Shh!” Professor Simon gave us a warning look and we all became quiet.

After two-three minutes, Trystan spoke, “But Evan is not dating her?”

“Yeah, but dad thinks otherwise,” I pouted.

All of a sudden Chase started laughing hysterically, ” Awe bro, how could anyone date such ugly duckling? She is not even a banging material.”

There was a silence in the class, before it got filled with ‘oohs’ and ‘burns’.

I gasped and glared at him, “Stop speaking Chase, your mouth throws STD’s instead of words.”

“Fight! Fight!” Everyone in the class started whistling and hooting.

“What did you just say, Miss Harris?” Professor Simons gasped at me and Chase.

“Are you deaf, old man? She said it loud and clear,” Trystan smirked, totally enjoying the show.

Gabby and Evan high-fived each other. While Jenny was hyperventilating.

“Nobody asked you to speak, Mr Ryder,” Professor Simons hissed at Trystan.

“As if we need your permission for anything,” Evan muttered, earning a smirk from Chase and Trystan.

Gabby started laughing, “Burn you, professor.”

“I cannot believe you people,” Professor Simons muttered, his face red with anger and embarrassment.

“What? That stupid guy just insulted me and you won’t say a thing to him?” I hissed at the professor.

“I only spoke the truth,” Chase gave me a stink eye.

I was about to leap on him when Trystan held me, “Easy there, tiger. We’ll deal with him later.”

“This is my last warning to all five of you. If yo-”

“F*ck off, man!” Trystan cut professor Simons with a roll of eyes.

Gabby and I gawked, while Chase and Evan suppressed a laugh.


She was breathing heavily once she finished. I and Gabby gave her a flabbergasted look.

When did our Jenny get the courage to speak in the middle of the class?

Chase and Trystan were looking at her with wide eyes, shocked with her outburst. On the other hand, Evan opened his mouth to speak-

“SHUT UP,” Jenny shouted again, stopping him from speaking.

“Er, Miss Williams,” Professor Simons cleared his throat, “I think this is my j-”

“I SAID, SHU-” She stopped mid way when she realized what she has just done.

And that was it. That was the breaking point for Professor Simons. He was fuming so much that I thought if I spoke anything at the moment, his face will burst out with anger.

“Six of you,” he pointed his finger at us, “Detention after school.”

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