The Babysitters

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Chase in Insecure

“Stop tapping your fingers,” I frowned at Jenny.

She immediately stopped knocking her fingers on the desk. Her face was pale with fear, and she was sweating like anything. I really felt bad for her.

“Chill out, Jenny! It’s just a detention,” Gabby squeezed her shoulder.

“And there is nothing to fear about. We just have to sit here for half an hour,” I gave her a reassuring smile.

She gulped down her saliva, “This is my first detention ever.”

“Stop whining like a baby,” suddenly, Trystan snapped at her, “This is the third time you are saying that.”

I glared at him and squeezed Jenny’s hands in order to assure her. She just gave me a nervous smile and, once again, began to tap her fingers on the desk.

I looked around the room. Trystan was staring at the wall, Chase was giving me a stink eye, and Evan was snoring at the last bench. Apart from us, there were two other people in the room.

I frowned looking at Jenny. She was actually at the verge of fainting. A pinch of guilt wrapped me. If Chase and I did not fight in the middle of the class, we would have not got this detention. I think it was my fault.

“It was all your fault,” Chase spat, as if he just read my mind.

“Excuse me?” I snorted, “As far as I remember, you were the one who started the fight.”

Of course, I was feeling guilty. But Chase doesn’t need to know that.

“I did not start anything,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Uh, actually you did,” Gabby muttered, and Jenny nodded her head in agreement.

I gave him a victory look.

Hah! Take this! Nobody is supporting you.

“Obviously you guys will take her side. She is your friend, after all,” he rolled his eyes.

“Even your friends will take my side,” I stated, confidently.

He glared at me and then threw a piece of paper at Evan, waking him up in the process.

“Bro, swear on the boxer you borrowed from me today,” he asked with seriousness, “do you really think it was my fault?”

I, Jenny and Gabby scrunched our noses. Trystan chuckled slightly and Evan exactly mirrored our expression.

“Dude, these are my boxers which you borrowed a week ago. I just borrowed them back,” he said, waving his hands in the air.

“Uh, whatever! It wasn’t my fault, right?” Chase asked again. Evan just showed him his middle finger and went back to sleep.

I suppressed a laugh at Chase’s expression.

“Trystan, my brooo,” he jumped from his seat and went to sit beside Trystan, “At least you are gonna take my side.”

Trystan rolled his eyes and pulled Chase through his shirt.

“I am wasting my time on a stupid detention, instead of giving someone a heaven ride. You really think I’ll take your side?” he said, leaving the grip of his shirt.

I gave him an annoyed look. Seriously? Even now he is thinking of banging a girl?

“And I really think you were mean to Sam,” as soon as Trystan said those words, my eyes went wide.

Trystan Ryder is defending me?

“She deserves it,” Chase glared at him.

“No she doesn’t,” Gabby said sharply. Jenny and I gave her a proud look. This is the first time Gabby has snapped at Chase.

“In fact, in this whole room, you are the only person who deserves this detention,” Jenny said, adjusting her glasses.

“Will you all let me sleep?” Evan looked up from the bench, his eyes swollen from sleep.

“You owe her an apology, bro,” Trystan said, ignoring Evan.

Chase frowned, “I can’t believe you are teaming up with the girls.”

“I am not teaming up, dude. I am just telling you the right thing,” Trystan sighed.

“Which is that you should apologize to me,” I added with a smirk, “You know, A-P-O-L-O-G-I-Z-E.”

Chase glared at me, before pouting at Gabby, “Gabby bear, at least you should be with me on this.”

She gave him a flabbergasted look and her cheeks went a shade of pink.

“G-Gabby bear?” she asked him with a blush.

“Yeah, that is my couple name for you,” he gave her a breathtaking smile.

I and Jenny huffed at the same time.

“Gabby don’t listen to him. He is just luring you,” Jenny said, and I covered her ears.

“You teenagers are so dramatic,” Our detention teacher gave us a disapproving look, and went back to doing his work.

“C’mon Chase, just apologize. It’s not that big of a thing,” Trystan assured his friend with a smile.

“Exactly dude. Just do it and stop speaking. This hot hunk here needs some sleep,” Evan spoke and went back to bending his head on the desk.

Chase looked at me, then at Trystan. Gabby was trying to lip read him, as I was still covering her ears.

When he did not speak anything for a few minutes, Jenny sighed, “This is why research says male ego is like a fourteen year old girl.”

“FINE,” he gave us all a death glare, and then turned towards me.

“I am sorry,” he said, not sounding sorry at all.

“Well, I was looking for a better apology. But I think that will do,” I gave him a satisfied smile.

“Just so you know I hate you more now,” he said with a blank face.

I was about to reply him when Trystan cut me off-

“What did she do to you?” he asked, confused.

I was confused too. There is nothing I did which made him hate me so much. I mean, we barely talk, dude.

“Isn’t that obvious?” Chase replied, looking at Trystan.

He shook his head which made Chase roll his eyes.

“She keeps you busy. It is like, you prioritize her before us,” he finally said, staring at me.

“What?” I asked, quizzically.

“Don’t act innocent,” he spat, “Trystan has stopped hanging out with us because of that stupid job.”

“Hey! That’s not true. I attended Jason’s party with you, last month,” Trystan tried to defend himself.

“Last month,” Chase air quoted the words, rolling his eyes.

“Awe! They are having a bromance,” Gabby cooed. I and Jenny chuckled, giving her a high five.

“Okay, I have been busy these days,” Trystan pouted, “but it’s not her fault.”

I looked at his adorable figure. A feeling of whirling sensation trapped me.

‘I always misinterpreted him, right?’ I asked myself, inwardly.

“She is the reason you are so busy,” Chase’s accusation made me snap to reality.

“No, the job is the reason I am busy,” Trystan, explained him with patience.

“But you spend more time with her than me,” Chase muttered, looking at the floor.

“Seriously? You are acting like his girlfriend,” the teacher said, not looking up from the papers he was checking.

“And you guys are talking as if I am not even there,” I muttered, irritated with the conversation. But, obviously, they both ignored me.

“Look, I’m sorry,” Trystan said, squeezing his shoulders, “I promise I will try to give you guys more time.”

“So, you will crash a college party with Evan and I?” Chase asked, hope dangling in his eyes.

Trystan nodded, “I swear on your socks that I borrowed.”

Chase’s eyes lit up with the reply. He was really acting like a kid waiting for a tooth fairy.

“Ew! I don’t even want to know what else have they borrowed from each other,” I scrunched my nose.

Jenny and Gabby nodded their head in agreement, mirroring my expression.

“And what about drinking till we get high?” he asked, again.

“I am bringing the beers,” Trystan grinned.

“Evan! Our boy is back!” Chase shouted, pulling Trystan into a smothering hug.

“I’ll join you guys once I wake up,” Evan muttered, half asleep.

I looked at them and realized how adorable they were acting, right now. Slowly, I took out my phone and started clicking some snaps of them.

“OK, enough with the drama,” the teacher said, packing his stuffs, “the bell has gone. You guys are dismissed.”

“Hey, I am yet not complete with my sleep,” Evan protested with a yawn.

We all ignored him and took a deep sigh of relief.

Everyone started leaving, including me. But then, I remembered something and turned back.

“Thank you for defending me,” I said to Trystan, who was walking just behind me.

“Anything for my sunshine,” he winked, giving me an Eskimo kiss.

The one which left me frozen on the spot.

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