The Babysitters

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We Lost Her

“You look like a grumpy old man,” I giggled.

Trystan ignored me again for the umpteenth time and moved to the other shelf.

Presently, we were roaming in Wal-Mart. We had already bought the toys, blankets, and food. The only thing left were some socks that fit Tiffany.

“With that face, nobody is ever gonna marry you,” I commented on Trystan’s foul expression, yet again.

He threw a glare at me and started walking ahead with the trolley and Tiffany.

I went near Tiffany and bent down at her height.

“Hey mollycoddle,” I smiled, poking her cheeks, “Can you tell your favourite person that I did not mean to offend him? And I am feeling really sorry?”

I could feel Trystan’s eyes on me but he did not speak a word. Taking that as an approval to speak ahead, I continued.

“In fact, I think his blush is the cutest thing about him,” I whispered. Tiffany blinked at me for a moment, then she started pulling Trystan by his shirt.

He too bent down at her level. Picking her up in his arms, he made her sit on his lap. Tiffany gave him a toothless smile and started tapping his cheeks.

Jesus! I cannot tell you how much of a turn on it is to see him playing with Tiffany.

“Hold back your hormones, lady!” I scolded myself for the unholy thoughts going through my mind.

“What do you think? We should forgive her?” he asked Tiffany. She looked at me with a blank face, then back at Trystan.

“Whoops! My angel doesn’t want me to forgive you,” Trystan smirked. I shook my head and rushed towards the little devil on his laps.

“C’mon mollycoddle. You can’t do this to me,” I made the worst pout ever, and looked at Tiffany with hope.

She again gave me a blank look. Then after a second, she started giggling and moving her head up and down.

“Is it a yes?” Trystan and I asked her in unison.

She began clapping her hands, looking at both of us. I gave a winning smirk to Trystan. He rolled his eyes, in response.

“Fine, you’re forgiven,” he gave me a smug look, and once again put Tiffany in the trolley.

I happily linked my arms with him, “Now you better stop moving ahead of me.”

“Sometimes you really act like my girlfriend,” he chuckled.

“Get used to this hot and happening girlfriend, Ryder,” I said in a husky voice. For a second, lust crossed his eyes. But he soon covered it up with another chuckle.

Oh, so I am not the only one having unholy thoughts here.

After that we exchanged no words, and kept looking at different stalls. My arms were still linked with Trystan, and he was pulling Tiffany’s trolley.

Finally, we found the shelf having baby socks. We placed the trolley on the side and started searching for some cool socks.

“Look at this one,” Trystan grinned, picking up a pair of pink socks, “This will look perfect on her.

“Just because she is a girl, doesn’t mean pink is a perfect color for her,” I snatched the socks from him and put them back on their place.

“This one,” I picked up a yellow one, “Bright and beautiful. Perfect combination.”

“But yellow should be your color,” Trystan pouted, “There is a reason I call you sunshine.”

“That is no-” I halted mid sentence, “Wait! You call me that for a reason?”

He rolled his eyes, “Why else will I give a random girl any dub?”

“But,” I could not even complete my sentence. I had no clue he always had a reason behind that name.

Before I could inquire any further, an old looking lady passed by us, giving us a glare.

I looked at her in confusion. But when her eyes did not leave mine, I replied with my own glare. A harder one.

“What? Stop having a staring competition with an old Santa Clause,” Trystan waved his hands in the air.

I chuckled and broke the glare.

“She started it,” I said with innocence.

He shook his head and started looking for another pair of socks.

“What is happening to this generation, John!” I heard the same lady complain to her hubby.

“Teenagers and pregnant,” she pointed at Tiffany, “Somebody should teach them how to control their hormones,”

Oldy-Goldy says WHAAAT?

“Who the hufflepuff she thinks she is,” I growled, walking towards her.

“Sunshine, no,” Trystan held my wrist, and pulled me, “Avoid her.”

I was about to shout at him too. But our position held me back. I was standing way too close to him. Everytime he breathed, I could feel the hairs on my back standing. It was just too sensual.

I heard a gasp from the old lady and, suddenly, an evil plan hit my mind. I moved a bit closer to Trystan and pushed him towards the shelves.

I could see the old lady intently watching us through my peripheral view.

Oh hun, it’s show time!

“What are you doing?” Trystan asked me suspiciously. But I did not reply him with words. Instead, I moved closer to him.

“Go with the flow,” I whispered, my hands moving up and down his body. Slowly, I started unbuttoning his shirt.

“F*ck,” he cursed, mouth wide open. It took a lot of control in me to not punch the life out of him for cursing.

“S-Sam, what are you doing?” he asked me again.

“Shh,” I whispered, my fingers on his lips, “I am just teaching toothless oldy a lesson.”

He gave me a confused look, then looked at the old woman. Her jaw was dropped and she looked like she would pass out any second.

“Oohkaay,” Trystan smirked, finally understanding my plan.

“Baby not here!” he said in a loud voice, “lets go home first.”

“But baby,” I joined the drama, “What if I cannot control my hormones till then?”

Trystan pulled me by my waist and hid his face in the crook of my neck, nibbling my soft spot.

A moan escaped my mouth, and I felt his grip tightening on my waist.

Not wanting to satisfy him, I pushed him again, “Think of it baby. Tiffany really needs a sibling.”

“And I can’t wait to make more babies with you,” Trystan smirked, picking me up by my thighs. I knew my cheeks were the darkest shade of red. But I continued, anyway.

“Let’s go somewhere more private, babe,” I said, looking at the old woman. She was at the verge of passing out.

“Mhmm,” he moaned, taking me towards the girls lavatory.

I slowly pecked his nose, before ripping his shirt off his body.

“JESUS CHRIST,” the old lady screeched and ran away from the spot faster than I could blink. Her husband followed her behind, not before winking at us.

Finally when the two were out of sight, Trystan put me back on the ground.

“Whoa!” he took a deep breathe.

“Whoa!” I grinned. What just happened?

“That was something,” he looked at me with adoration.

I played with my hairs, not knowing what to say.

I can’t believe it. A minute before we were making out in the middle of the Wal-Mart, and now I don’t even know what to say to him.

And so I said the only thing that could save me from this awkward situation-

“Lets go back to Tiffany.”

His smirk was replaced by disappointment. It was obvious from his face that he wanted to talk about what we just did. But I was not ready.

I was not only shaken by our almost make out session, but also by the fact that how much he has began to control my OCD.

It’s like I am becoming better and better since the day I’ve met him.

Pushing aside the thoughts, I went back to where Tiffany was. A frown appeared on my face when there was no sight of her trolley.

“Are we in the right section?” I asked Trystan.

“Yup,” he said, “this is the exact shelf where you attacked me like a hungry cat,”

I gave him a death glare. I searched around for Tiffany but she was nowhere to be found.

“Okay, on a serious note,” I panicked, “Where is Tiffany?”

“I don’t know,” Trystan frowned.

“What do you mean, you don’t know?” I shouted at him.

“Hey! She was your responsibility too,” he shouted back.

I looked around once again. And when we could not find her, I felt my heartbeat fastening.

With tears in my eyes, I muttered to Trystan, “I can’t believe we lost her.”

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