The Babysitters

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Trystan opened his mouth and closed it again. He repeated the process thrice and when everything dawned upon him, he started hyperventilating.

“B-but she was right here a minute ago,” he said in panic.

“I don’t know,” I sobbed, collapsing on the floor.

Trystan started pacing around, messing his hairs with his hands every now and then. I was constantly sobbing. There was still a part in my mind which refused to believe all this. How could we be so careless?

“We have to find her,” Trystan announced, pulling me up from the floor.

“H-how?” I asked with watery eyes.

“I’ll search the ground and the first floor, you go on the other floors,” he explained, “After twenty minutes we will meet back over here.”

I nodded my hand in understanding. After that we both went our way. I reached the upper floor and started searching all the places where Tiffany could possibly be.

“Tiffany?” I shouted. Everyone turned around and gave me a worried look. But I kept shouting her name, hoping she would hear me and start clapping her hands like always.

But everytime I called her name, I met with faces - faces that were not identical to me.

“Where are you, mollycoddle?” I whispered.

Twenty minutes passed soon, still there was no sign of her. Defeated, I went back to the spot where Trystan asked me to meet. He was not there yet. A ray of hope enveloped me. But it was soon gone when I saw him coming. Alone.

“Where is she?” I asked, looking around him.

He took a deep sigh and shook his head in disappointment. And that was my breaking point.

“I always knew I was bad luck,” I sobbed, “I should have never taken up this job. Everytime someone gets close to me, I land them up in trouble.”

“Hey! Shut up, okay?” Trystan took me in a homely hug, “I am equally responsible for losing her. So, stop blaming yourself.”

I was about to reply him when we both heard a giggle. A very familiar one. I looked at Trystan with wide eyes. He was mirroring my expression. He motioned me to be quiet and follow him. We slowly followed the giggle with hope.

We crossed the food section and stopped near a nutella jar tripped on the floor. There was a baby sitting beside it and laughing at the broken jar.

“Tiffany?” I whispered to myself, before shouting out loud, “Tiffany?”

Hearing my voice the baby turned around. To our huge relief, it was our mollycoddle who was now smiling at me. The most adorable toothless smile.

“Thank god!” Trystan sighed and ran towards her.

He picked her up in his arms and started cleaning her dress, which was covered with Nutella.

“I am so sorry, Tiffany,” I whispered, taking her from Trystan.

“You really scared us, sweetheart,” Trystan gave out a nervous smile. He embraced her in a protective hug. Tiffany was still laughing, not realizing how much of a heart attack she has caused us.

“Awe! They make such an adorable family,” I heard a woman in her early thirties coo at us.

I frowned. Why does everyone thinks we are a family?

“Probably because we look like one,” Trystan replied to my inner thoughts.

I rolled my eyes and started walking ahead, with Tiffany in a tight grip. I cannot afford to lose her again.

“I think we should head back home,” I said. Trystan nodded his head in agreement.

We went to the counter for the billing. Once the bill was paid, we left the store and walked back to my car. Trystan took the driving seat and once again, against my will, I was left with the passenger seat.

“I can actually ride well,” I glared at him. He ignored me and continued his driving. Annoyed, I started the radio which was playing Photograph by Ed Sheeran. Trystan made a puking face and changed the channel to Stitches by Shawn Mendes.

Not giving up, I changed the channel again. He replied by changing it back, yet again.

“I HATE YOU, RYDER,” I shouted in his ears, giving up the fight.

“And I love the way you hate me,” he smirked.

I huffed and turned my head towards the window. Trystan is just too complicated to understand. One moment, he will act like the sweetest guy in the world. And the next moment, he is back to his annoying self. Sometimes I wonder which side of Trystan I can tolerate more.

We did not exchange any word until we reached back at Dylan’s. As soon as we reached there, I quickly hopped out of the car. Trystan too moved out.

I picked up Tiffany in my arms and started walking inside, leaving Trystan to bring inside the shopping bags.

“What the hell!” he shouted, “I am not picking them all.”

“And why not?” I asked, raising my brows.

“They are heavy,” he pouted like a three year old.

No! Please not that pout. It’s just too... UGHH!!

“Fine,” I frowned, “Let me help you.”

I adjusted Tiffany in her go-cart and went to help Trystan, who was giving me a victorious smile.

“Never again pout in front of me,” I gave him a serious look, “Never.”

He smirked, before pouting again, “But why so, Samantha?”

I gave him a hard glare and stomped on his foot.

“Ow!” he growled. I smiled with satisfaction.

Picking up half of the bags, I made my way back to Tiffany and stomped at his foot again.

“Geez! When will you learn to be a little gentle?” he yelled at me with irritation.

I did not find it necessary to reply him, and walked inside.

“Dylan, we are back!” I grinned, entering the living room.

“Don’t you think he would be at work, right now,” Trystan said, entering behind me.

“Oh yeah! I so forgot that,” I gave a goofy smile. He shook his head and started arranging the stuffs we bought.

I looked out of the window. It was time for the sun to set. Slowly the yellow color was turning into deep orange. Suddenly, I remembered something.

“Hey Trystan!” I turned towards him, “You said you call me sunshine for a reason.”

“Umm.. So?” he gave me a confused look.

“So what is that reason?” I asked, my excitement reaching it’s peak.

“Oh yeah! I call you that becau--” he was interrupted by a new murmuring voice.

“Meet? You think I wanna meet you?” the voice shouted.

Trystan and I gave each other a worried look, and followed the voice. We stopped at the window near the entrance. Dylan was standing outside the door, talking to someone over the phone.

“You don’t deserve meeting her. So please, quit the fake concern,” he shouted again. The hatred in his voice made me shake with terror. I never knew it was possible to hate someone so much.

I was worried for Dylan. But there was a curious part of me which wanted to know who was on the other side of the phone.

Both my brain and heart were telling me it was not someone I would like to hear about. But I was curious and I wanted to know. And, to my luck, my curiosity was answered soon.

“This is the last time I am telling you. Never call me again, Raine!” Dylan shouted over the phone, and threw it away with full force.

I looked at Trystan who was holding a concerned expression. The worry on his face told me he knew who Dylan was talking to.

But I was left with only one question-

Who is this Raine?

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